Dec 30, 2021

These days I hardly ever do 1:2:1 “readings”, BUT…

This morning I was on a call with a client; when she answered, I saw she was in a hotel room.

A fire officer evacuated her from her home over Christmas because water leaked on some electrics next to her door!

And because she is leasehold, she is being told it’s down to her to sort it - very hard when the leak isn’t coming from her flat (or the one above), and there are 130 flats in her building!

If that wasn’t bad enough, this was another seeming kick from the universe after her dream Christmas holiday got cancelled due to covid.

Who would like Christmas in a Premier Inn, anyone?!

Amazingly, when I was on a call with her, the fire alarm went off, and she had to evacuate from the Inn. You might think that is strange in itself, but what made it even more interesting was that:

On 14th December 2021, I slept in a Premier Inn on ANGEL street.

Whilst being on the Judgment card!

I get rudely awakened at 7 am by a fire alarm going off. I stand like a zombie outside my bedroom door (along with everyone else) until it goes off, and then we all go back to bed again - you know like you do!

Can you see how the picture played out?

Now you might think that’s weird but get this…

She then said to me, “WOW! This Premier Inn is on Angel Street!”

Different town - same street!

So what’s this about? 

Well, she was understandably pissed off!

Her dream Christmas holiday trip is cancelled, and she’s forced out of her home and told she has to sort the mess out by herself!

One thing I do love about readings is that you get to see both sides:

1. How we as humans feel when stuff like this happens

2. What the universe is trying to do.

I tuned into my guides, laid the tarot and got the following message.

“What you know is that you’ve tried to sort out this leak twice - with no help from professionals and that your dream Christmas trip got cancelled. What you don’t know is that we had to move you out now as you were in danger. We are also giving you a chance to have a self-love staycation - the Premier Inn is not where it is at - hence more evacuation! Spoil yourself! We are helping you to get this sorted now and sooner than you think.”

It’s so hard to see that the universe is trying to help us when the short circuit hits the fan. To trust we are being looked after, rather than messed up by the happenings, even with hints like being on Angel street and getting evacuated.

Our judgment gets in the way.

 “I better stay at the cheapest closest place to sort this out; it could be expensive etc…”

Judgement, being number 20, is twice as karmic as the tenth card of The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot (and we've had a double dose of it since 2020).

Covid has ripped through our lives, maybe it locked us down rather than evacuating us, but the lessons have been just as tough. If not at least double as tough to endure and trust.

Judgment is the biggest wake-up call and karmic clearing card there is - it’s so loud, big and powerful that even the dead rise to its "alarm" call.

Judgment turns your evolution on to warp speed - IF you can get past the judgments and open yourself up to the call of the new.

When you do that, the very final card of your karmic evolution can be dealt…

The World.

The World is the final card in the Major Arcana representing successful evolution.

The World is numbered 21 (2021), but the 22nd card as the first card of The Fool is numbered zero.

So the numbers are LITERALLY playing out.

Judgment is Pluto (death and rebirth), and Pluto has been a MAJOR player this Christmas being conjunct Venus (which is retrograde), wait for it - in…


Saturn (restriction) has also been a big player since 2020, with its third and final square off to Uranus (electrics) happening on Christmas eve.

And yes, Saturn is the ruler of wait for it…


So what I am trying to say here is that this is more than the first New Moon of the year.

The fire alarms are sounding off, and it’s time to wake up.

Wherever the challenge is for you, that’s where the evolution is and here’s how you can embrace it.

  1. Remember, there’s a higher bigger reason and picture playing out.
  2. Feel into where you are keeping yourself stuck - who says you need to stay?
  3. What if you change just one thing this first new moon of the year?

It doesn’t have to be a big thing - just one small thing.

Like a crack in a door, so the new life can then come whooshing in.

I got woken up by a fire alarm going off in a Premier Inn on Angel Street on December 14th because the day before, I had my first day in my new life.

A month before, I had stopped clinging to my old life and allowed myself to be evacuated.

I opened the crack in the door. Where was this energy playing out in my life?

Having Saturn conjunct my Sun in my 4th house, the message was clear. If I wanted to continue having a roof over my head, it was time to get a job! Covid had put the final nail in the coffin of my career - at least as it was.

So I opened the crack in the door - just a little part-time top-up will do - needless to say, the universe had other ideas and turned it on its head!

I’m now back in full-time employment for the first time in 18 years, and my first day was the Christmas party!

That’s why I got woken up by the fire alarm on Angel Street and why I walked through a door, like a zombie on judgment day into a whole new day, life and world!

Now, you might be reading this thinking, “poor Tiff having to go back into full-time employment.”

But Judgment breathes new life and opportunity into you the moment you let go.

The whole world becomes your oyster. 

It feels amazing! But don’t get me wrong!

It took me 5 years of struggle and the pandemic to put the final nail in the coffin before I could release judgment and let myself embrace a whole new world.

So be patient with yourself. Nothing happens before it’s time; the divine has got you.

You might need to say goodbye to your home, loved ones, or something else and…

As painful and as tough as that is, the world that’s waiting for you on the other side will breathe new life into you.

Close your eyes and tune into what you are being asked to do.

It takes deep courage to go there.

It’s not about TRYING to make something happen.

It’s about feeling into what in your life feels stressful; whatever that is, it's time to let it go and find another way.

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Tiff  x

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