In The Closet No More - Here Comes Tarot Pride.

Jul 02, 2019


If you’ve started the journey then it tends to go like this…

You read the books, do the spreads, memorise the meanings - or at least try!

And what have you got?

More of a headache than when you began?

And why did you begin?

Was it because you were looking for answers outside of yourself?

Or was it to find the answers within?

The initial reason people first come to Tarot is to find the answers outside of themselves.
Spreads, meanings, readings, predictions…

I did.

But it doesn’t work that way, does it?

I doubt you’ve done a reading, and it’s told you everything is going to be happy ever after and then it was, was it?

And why ever not?

Because the Tarot is a mirror - it mirrors back to you your hopes and fears.
You want a relationship to work? Hey presto! Prediction says it’s working!

You fear it won’t work? Hey presto Prediction says it won’t work!

Congratulations, you have just arrived at confusion central where you'll soon be scouring around for the next free or not so free reading.

Ringing round the phonelines, jamming up the psychic channels, becoming your local hippy dippy shop's best customer…

Maybe, just maybe the answer is at the flip of the next Tarot card?

But no, - all that lies there is obsession, compulsion and addiction.
No wonder Tarot has such a bad rep!

This doesn’t mean the Tarot doesn’t hold the answers.

It does!

But ONLY because it’s a MIRROR and the answers are WITHIN YOU!

The moment you are looking to it for a prediction you are quite frankly - BUGGERED!

It says “Know Thyself” over The Temple of Delphi for a reason.

Not “cross my palm with silver and i’ll tell you you’ll meet a tall dark handsome stranger!”

As cheesy as it sounds, change starts with the self.

Now, you change your life and your relationships by working with Tarot - but it has to be in a different way…

This I know.

My clients on The Transformational Truth of Tarot have done it time and time again. Saved relationships with their parents, children and spouses.

Well, a few marriages broke up, because it became clear that was the only way to stop the heartbreak in the future.

If you are under the impression that you can’t heal yourself or your relationships with Tarot, think again.

If you think Tarot is only good for reading as a fun, quick fix gimmick, then think again.

That's exactly what its NOT good for.

Tarot is a powerful mirror, and when seen that way, powerful transformations happen.

Treat a mirror with disrespect and it’s likely to break, and if you break it you get?...

7 years bad luck - now where do you think that saying comes from?
It's from the ancient Greek Philosophers who believed that spirit resided in reflective surfaces - therefore if you shatter a mirror into pieces you shatter the soul into pieces.

Also the story of Narcissus, who died pining for his reflection - or in some stories his twin sister's reflection (twin flame).

That's why Tarot that gets you obsessed with the external, someone else, or the terminology of twin flame is bad news.

Tarot that treats the mirror and the soul with respect as a powerful transformational tool however, now that's another thing completely.

Okay, that way of working with Tarot requires you to work on yourself, but it's a lot more fun than endless hours on a therapists couch.

Okay, It’s not going to give you a quick fix “answer”, but it’s also not going to give you the long term pain of making the same mistakes over and over again.

I offer a service.
It's called The Transformational Truth of Tarot, (it's in the title) and yes that costs...

But if you add up all the money you’ve spent on a fallacy that’s left you broke and broken-hearted, then there’s no contest is there?

And it gets better…

You are about to see how you can get some of this transformative tarot magic for free.

But first let me tell you a story which will make you laugh and believe in magic...
Last summer my hubby and I were bombing about the rolling somerset hills around Bath looking for an outdoor theatre performance called “The Tarot Experience”.

Now we have a bit of gender reversal going on between us, in that he has no qualms asking for directions, when I do.

No sooner had I thought this and he was dive bombing the car towards a poor unsuspecting young lad, convinced he...

“looked like the person who would go to such a thing”

He didn’t! Trust me!
Too late, he’s pulled up alongside and buzzing my window down because he is on my side asking me to ask him where The Tarot Experience is.

Thing is if you have been on the recieving end of people’s reactions when you say the “T’ word you'd understand it's not that easy!

Reactions range from recoiling, weird looks, blatantly reacting like they’ve come face to face with a demon to the other end of the spectrum where they treat you like a god. 

And don’t get me started on the big fat bankers that won’t dish out the same legal rights as any other limited company that pays tax should, all because of the “T’ word. 

Heck even when I was on the live Psychic TV we weren’t allowed to say the “T” word - Ofcom would fine the program thousands if anyone as such uttered the “T” word - even though we were “every day I’m shufflin’” on camera 24/7!

So they used to introduce me as the award winning author of The Transformational Truth of something that rhymes with …...MARROW!
And so now, you know WHY when my hubby pulled over to this poor young lad, buzzed my window open and ordered me to ask him, I looked at him rather sheepishly, opened my mouth and said …

“Excuse me, are you looking for …(head goes don’t say T word)…….an experience?”

So all he hears is…

“Excuse me, are you looking for an experience?”

And my husband driving off as fast as he can yelling “she didn’t mean it like it sounds!!”
He gives me a talking to about it. I tell him why. And he replies - and by not accepting who you are you made it all the worse. Yes okay! I know this! I teach this! I have to walk this!

Fast forward to a few days later I was twiddling my thumbs on twitter.

I heard that Twitter was where you get PR, by putting in things like #journorequest followed by your speciality.

Needless to say, with such a niche as Tarot there weren’t any journo requests that didn’t involve prediction.

However - as part of the release for The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer I wanted to find places I could take it.

So I put in #tarot #conference.

And I struck gold!

I could hardly believe what I was looking at…

A page saying....
“Tarot is a tool that is greatly misunderstood and mostly associated with divination, but its true purpose moves far beyond the realm of fortune telling; personal development, spiritual growth and enlightenment are some of the true benefits one can gain from the personal use of Tarot. Being conscious of our health and wellness (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is the undeniable essence which will empower us to make a difference in this world.”

I cannot describe the amouth of downloads I got readin this, like someone had plugged me into an electric fence - a rather pleasant one :)

The first ever Light and Love Tarot Conference was happening over in Canada in a few weeks!

Too short notice for me but I had to reach out to the founder David Lacopo and hear his story.

David’s story is probably not that different to your own if you’ve gone down the Tarot path...

But I bet the way he responded to the story is…
David is an avid meditator who is clearly plugged into spirit, but he could not get the communication and messages at will - he had to just show up and wait. That was until one day he won a pack of Tarot.

He soon realised he didn’t have to wait anymore to get the messages, which in turn fast-tracked his development both spiritually and as a human being.

But, when David came out to the world from the Tarot closet, he experienced what I spoke about above. 

But did David try and fit back in by climbing back in the closet?

Hell no!
He rang the two great-grandmothers of Tarot - Rachel Pollock (78 Degrees of Wisdom) and Mary K Greer (Tarot for Yourself).

He asked if they would support a Tarot conference dedicated to working with Tarot for transformative purposes.

They didn’t hesitate to show their support and The Love and Light Tarot Conference was born.

He took the challenge squarely on and turned it into an opportunity to change his life.

Beginning to change the lives of others and the history of tarot in the process.
How inspirational is this story?

Sometimes you find a certain person or cause that’s in alignment to your own and when you do, you’ll do anything to support it.

Have you seen Pride?

If you haven’t, do see it.

It's the inspirational story behind the challenges the LGBT community had getting their equal rights established in the 80”s.

What it took and what they went through to get it, now look where Pride and LGBT is today.

Equality and diversity are hot on everyone’s lips, whether it’s gender, race, sexual orientation, or faith.

People are becoming seen and respected for being the way they are, with the same opportunities and level of respect as everyone else.

Thing is that isn’t quite the way with Tarot - yet.

It isn’t seen as a faith, or an integral way of being, society doesn’t get that it IS the way we are, or that to discriminate against us for it is just as bad as being sexist, racist or homophobic.

I have a term for it, “tarotphobia”Tarotphobia exists.
Even if you haven’t experienced it yet (although you probably have), know it exists. The darkages are still very much alive and kicking. But now it’s time. Tarot is hot on the heels of the downward dog of the yoga craze that stormed the world a few years ago.

Did you know Yoga was also once seen as the devil’s work?

Yup! You wouldn’t believe that now would you?

When Yoga had it’s ressuregence it sadly lost its balance, the emphasis became who can “strike a pose” in the hottest sauna rather than on the spiritual practice behind it.

NOW… Interest in Tarot is up 200% and this time it’s time to make sure the spiritual understanding of it comes along for the ride.

It’s time for Tarot to be seen for the powerful soul evolutionary map it is, rather than the fortune-telling gimmick it’s been made out to be.

Tarot has been waiting a centuries to have this moment, and me, all my life, which is a snippet but feels long enough.

Can we count on you to stand with us?
To help spread this message David Lacopo and I have brought together eight of the Transformative Tarot speakers from The Light and Love Tarot Reading festival to you, for eight classes on transformative tarot, for free!

If you feel the pain in your life or the life of another through Tarot being used in a predictive way.

If you want to see yourself, another and the tarot truly liberated from the misunderstandings.

If you want development of yourself and tarot knowledge.

If you want to find out and stay true to your purpose and passion.

If you want to Understand your relationships and increasing harmony in your life.

If you want not one but TWO live Transformative teachers live on hand to help you - of course you have to show up live for live help

If you want free ebooks and audios to help you develop further

If you want replays - for when you can't make it live.

And if you want all the other wonderful things Transformative Tarot practice brings to your life through Kabbalah, Numerology, Astrology, and so many other things that improve your spiritual practice and self-development...

And most of all..
If you want the message of transformative tarot to get out there, because you know when Tarot is worked with the transformative way what a healer for self-esteem the Tarot can be - and that if everyone in the world had healthy self-esteem what a wonderful world it would be.

Then nows the time you can:

Stand with us on this, let's make this the next thing to have pride in.

Click here to save your spot and have Tarot Pride!

And please, spread the word, even if you aren’t quite there with plastering it on facebook, can you think of 3 people to send this to and urge them to pay it forward the same way?

If we all do that and don’t break the chain then we really are being the change we wish to see.

That’s how we change the fearful judgmental discriminations and change the course of history.

Thats how we go on this journey together and become #TarotPride.

We do hope you feel our passion to make this world a better place.

And we do thank you for being on this journey with us on this.

Light and Love.

Tiffany, David and The Light and Love Transformational Tarot Summit.


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