If Not Now, When?

May 22, 2019

It might surprise you to know that in my early days of being an entrepreneur, I was so stressed about income that I started to suffer from panic attacks, when one of my self-employed friends said this to me: 

“ When you work for yourself you may not have a basic salary but it’s the only job in the world that you can give yourself a raise at any time.”

I’ll never forget that line.

It really did something to my mindset.

Still, I had poverty issues. Coming from a single parent family with my one parent working day and night to keep the roof over our heads will do that to you, so it took 11 years of self-development until I felt the reality of this line kick in.

One day in 2014 I took a leap. I made the biggest investment in myself I had ever done and enrolled in a “design your course and sell it online” intensive program. It gave myself an instant raise in 3 months of 50k! And that kept rolling for a couple of years - finally, EUREKA!

But, a couple of years later I went through something quite strong, didn’t have the proper support in place and I nearly lost EVERYTHING.

During that experience, something interesting occurred….

There was not a job in existence that I could get that would bring in enough to cover my expenses!

Get that!

It’s an important line:

No job in existence could pay me what was business did!

SO there was only one thing for it, to continue thinking outside the box around cashflow until I managed to turn it back around.


I am SO grateful I couldn’t get a job that would pay me enough in that time because every time I looked at one I felt my soul die more than just a little.

The funds were seriously low and the debts were seriously high, but something inside me could not bring myself to work day and night for someone else.

There was only one thing for it.

As long as I could find the cashflow to keep going that was what I was going to do.

I bought myself time on credit until I found the fix. It took three rough years but I kept going, kept raising cashflow and kept investing until I found the answer.

Maybe you are feeling like you can’t live the dream because it’s just not secure enough?

Take a look at the story below, it's a good one for helping you to see something interesting about the so-called security of a job: 

This weekend I went to my local gym to see my coach looking in the duldrums..

“Whats up?”

“We are closing”

“Oh, i’m sorry to hear that, and where one door closes another one opens, I am sure this can lead to something bigger and better for you”

“But I like this job”

“What do you like about it?”

“The people”

“Okay, so it’s not the job it’s the people?”

“Well yes”

“I am sure if you go out on your own and do something they will folllow you”

“Really?” - perks up a bit.

“Yes, you put the most into everyone here out of everyone, and business is relationships”

Smiles and nods for a moment with a glimmer of hope in the eyes , then slumps back into fear and depression…

No job is your security.

It can go in an instant.

Security comes from investing in YOURSELF, your skills, your knowledge, your business, consistently, come what may.

My Physical fitness coach has been trapped in a job that has stopped her from achieving both her own security and freedom.

Now she has an opportunity, if she can adjust her mindset from:

“I’m losing my security” to “OMG! The block to my own abundant business has justbeen removed and now I have a ready made pool of clients that can come directly to me!”

She will have a rip roaring business where she earns way more than she does now - if she knows her worth.

We are trained to stay small to keep the status quo, to fear breaking free. And I get that.

Self employment may show me I value freedom over security, but my first reaction to breaking free is still always...

A projectile vomiting of every reason under the sun why I can’t!

Take yesterday, I was walking down a backstreet lost in my own thoughts, when I became lucidly aware of this thought:

“You need to go on a short retreat that is an intensive course in self development for you”

Instantly the projectile vomiting began to happen:

“That’s just too extravagent”

“What if it doesn’t deliver? That’s a lot of time and money to waste”

Then my eyes caught a poster on the wall - in big letters “IF NOT NOW, WHEN?”

I realised at that moment, i’m never going going to have a consistent daily basic salary. So for as long as I allow there will always be a part of me that says no to what feels like an indulgent experience.

I knew that this thought about going on a self development retreat was not mine, spirit put it there, it wasn't in my stream of consciousness. Spirit interrupted it and put it there! Trust me they do that!

I’ve had enough experience to know :)

NOW: I have no idea what retreat I am supposed to go on!

But WHEN it comes I NOW know what I must do.

AND - it’s not a case of just booking on the first thing that comes along either.

It’s about allowing the retreat that actually fits with what I need to develop to happen.

So perhaps you are resonating with the “IF NOT NOW WHEN?” Message?

If you are, what is the jump for you?

Play along with me :)

I am about to help you see if one of the current three retreats I am offering might be it by giving you 4 statements for each retreat below.

The more you tick on a retreat the more that one is a fit for you:

Are you ready?

Here we go:

The Transformational Truth of AstroTarot Flamenco Retreat - Granada Spain - 23rd - 26th August:

1. The goddess within me feels neglected.

2. The call to activate my Goddess within through Astrology, Tarot, Flamenco and bathing like a goddess in the best hammam in the world fires me up!

3. I am excited to connect with magical lands of ancient power points and the sacred geomtry of the Alhambra palace.

4. I want to learn about me, my purpose is, and how to activate my power and apply this to my life for lasting change when I return home.

Here I Come Granada!

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Diploma and Retreat - Canada - 27th-30th Sept.

 1. I want to learn from Tiffany in person AND perhaps even attend a Tarot conference the weekend before too! Where I get to learn from the top tarot grandmaster's of all time Mary K Greer and Rachel Pollack.

2.I want to expereince a trip of a life time in Canada! (luxury Log Cabin and hot tub amongst miles and miles of trees and lakes). OR: I’ve always wanted to learn from Tiffany in person but she never comes close to where I live in the states/Canada.

3.I want to spend a long weekend with likeminded people, tucked away in a dream location with no distractions. Getting to know myself deeper and working out what changes to make to my life on my return.

4. I would like to an accredited diploma in Tarot AND a whole new much deeper knowledge of HOW to work with Tarot for Transformational purposes

Here I Come Canada!

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Diploma and Retreat - Cornwall - February 28th - 2nd March 2020.

 1. I want to explore the mystical Celtic lands, connecting with ancient stone circles, leylines and elementals with a guide.

2. I want to spend a long weekend with likeminded people, tucked away in a dream location with no distractions. Getting to know myself deeper and working out what changes to make to my life on my return.

3. I would like to an accredited diploma in Tarot AND a whole new much deeper knowledge of HOW to work with Tarot for Transformational purposes

4. I want to learn from Tiffany in person, make new friendships and feel part of a community with the option of continuing if I want. It doesn’t have to end when the retreat does.

Here I Come Cornish Celtic Lands!

So which one is it, and if not now, when?

As I left my gym that day the message on the door said “ In a years time you may wish you had started today”

I hope my PTI reads it and makes a start on her business. And I hope you make the leap for a retreat if you need it, because the longer it’s left, the harder it gets… if not now, when?...


Tiffany! x






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