How To Live Free From Ancestral and Past Life Karma

Oct 29, 2019

Have you ever met someone you clicked with but soon that followed with lots of confusion?

Every 7 years this happens to me. I reckon it’s because Saturn (the Lord of Karma) squares off to my Sun at these times - result? 

It's like I'm hit with something or someone out of the blue whose about to alter my life in a BIG way.

And what about your ancestors?
Do you feel you inherited their gifts but also their “curses”?

 I didn’t know my father, I met him when I was 21. I always felt his presence even though he wasn’t there - his presence was the dark heavy energy of Saturn.

When I met him we were so similar warts and all, it was like I met my shadow, like I was looking at my future self unless I sorted my s*** out.

He died when my first book got published - from Scleroderma - a disease that strangles the internal organs through the growth of hard skin.

Several years earlier I had a past life remembrance of him shaving his skin off into my food - thought I’d imagined it, until that day I read his obituary.
Saturn - rules the skin, teeth, bones, structures of our bodies and in mythology he ate his children too.


Since my father's passing his presence in my life is stronger, more physical than when he was here. 

Like he's desperate to make up for it in some way, but he already has. The gifts he gave me are my strength, resilience, creativity and independence. In fact both my parents gave me that, but I am lucky enough that my mum didn’t abandon me and is still alive.

That said, today lets concentrating on the ancestors that have passed  - we will get back to this.
Bare with me whilst like life, I bring something else to the mix:

 Have you ever felt so confused by a “spiritual experience” that your life turns upside down?

At its worst I can’t sleep, I can’t stop eating to stuff down my feelings, I can’t drive, I can’t function.

I’ve ended businesses, relationships and made myself homeless - all because of feeling so upside down.These confusing times were worst from my early twenties until my late thirties, the strength of these experiences would knock me for six.

But after 18 years of learning through experience and searching for the answers life is finally calm, happy and stable.I can sleep at night, my weight is ever decreasing, I can function enough to run a business successfully - and enjoy every moment of it!

And I'm happily married  - even when the 7 year itch happens!

In 2018 Distinct Markers showed I am on a different path than that of my ancestral karma: 

1. My mum's relationship with her step daughter (who has the same birthday as my own step adult :)) mirrored mine, right down to exactly the same defining crescendo in 2015. In 2018 this turned around for me. My step adult not only started talking to me again, but showed the love, and acceptance they struggled to before.

2. The pounds! They piled on me and out of the bank! I had hit the big 4 0 - the year my father piled on the weight, lost his business and went bankrupt. I felt trapped in his dark shadow, but I broke through and I’ve lost nearly 3 stone since April and it’s been the best business year since 2016.

What about you? Is there something unexplained you are struggling with?

 Me? Now at 42 can I hand on heart say i’m there?

I'm happy and if nothing ever changed i'd still be happy. And there’s always a destination, the next stone, the next bank balance, the next program, the next, the next, the next… as long as it leads you to where you are going :)

Am I 100% free?

I am my ancestors, their shadows, their karma, their gifts and their curses, I honour them now, I no longer resist them and through that my life is no longer victim to playing out inherited automatic patterns.

 Does my life fall apart when something karmic happens?

It’s a gentle rustle through my branches than a full on chaotic storm that brings down the houses.
And that means I can get on with my strange, quirky, unique lil life that fills me up no end - the one that the usual world thinks is crazy and unsustainable :)

 So back to you:

If I could show you the ancestral karma and how to heal it for your ancestors, yourself and your future generations, would you want to know?

If I could show you the past life karma that's affecting you in the present and how to find the key to fast track your evolution, would you want to know?

And no it won’t take years to change it either. 

 It takes 10 days of a couple of hours a day.

Watch what’s coming up for you now? Is it you don’t have the time? Is it that you don’t have the money? Is it that you’ll do it next time?

I haven’t even spoken of the price, but sometimes I hear this from people EVEN before speaking of the price!

This speaks volumes, can you afford time, money or relationship wise not to do this?

Who says there will be a next time? For you or for me? 
All I know is that a year ago today you may wish you'd made the decision to fast track today. 

There’s less than 48 hours left until The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression starts, are you in?

Embrace and live and Enchanted life, 

Tiffany x


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