Happy Full Moon in Scorpio - 4 Ways to Turn Bad Luck into Good Luck with Full Moon Manifesting

May 11, 2017
Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Well, it was two days ago actually! :)

But there’s been sooo much going on I’ve just had to keep on keeping on and this was the soonest I could get this out to you. Full Moon Magic lasts a few days either side, so no big deal…Oh! And it kinda takes six months to manifest as today’s story will help you see.

Scorpio likes to dig deep and excavate, so if everything feels a tad messy in your life right now, take heart, the messier it feels, the more of a purpose it's likely to be serving.

Today I'm going to share a really amazing and magical story that demonstrates this to a tee - and gives you four ways to help yourself keep calm during the chaos...

Once upon a time, there was a fired up red-head with a full on Leo heart and a MASSIVE EGO that just wanted to control everything and everyone she came into contact with :)

Her life was full of an endless cycle of stress, drama and chaos that just perpetuated more and more of the same.

So what happened?

Well sooner or later more and more of the same turned into one big mess (well many big messes actually!) and life forced me (yes it’s me incase you didn’t already realise :) ) to deal with it.

In fact, that’s exactly right where I am now - but interestingly enough it was one of those “big messes” that has prompted me to write this...I’ll share the story with you after showing you the formula for turning “bad luck” into good luck, which hinges on The Four Cardinal (meaning hinge) Virtues, that come from the great Greek Philosophers, Plato and Socrates.

The Four Way Formula For Turning Bad Luck Into Good Luck

1. Strength:

Find The Courage To Let Go.


Anytime you feel yourself holding on to something - actively work to let it go. You’ll know when you’re there, because your energy will feel free, light and expansive, rather than closed, heavy and constricted. Make it a habit to scan for what you are holding on to and consistently make decisions to face the fear and let it go, you’ll still survive, it won’t be the end of the world, I promise, in fact, it will be the start of a brand new one :)

2. Prudence: 

Have Patience.


Nurture yourself first and foremost, release self-judgment and recrimination and remember there's no such thing as a mistake, only things to learn. Write down all your challenges and the things you can learn from them.

3. Justice: 

See The Divine Plan In The Chaos.


Find the peace and stillness in the storm through seeing yourself as an observer, flying high above the picture and counting the things that are going right, see the tapestry of dark (bad luck) and light (good luck), what is it creating?

4. Temperance: 

Go With It.


Trust that the universe has a master plan, and although you cannot see the outcome of it yet, or understand its workings, you are not going to cause more pain for yourself by getting in its way.

When you practice cultivating:

1.Strength: calmness rather than control

2. Prudence: the ability to wait for all to come clear

3. Justice: the ability to be honest with oneself and one another

Then you will automatically end up with:

4.Temperance: The grace to move around obstacles and you will become your own alchemist turning bad luck into good luck.

Here’s the story of how that just happened to me, which happens to tie in with a story about manifesting with the Moon too…

It all began on a Full Moon in Aries six months ago (16th October).

I’d just landed in Andalucia, Spain and was staying at a friends whilst I looked for somewhere to live. I had just found a place, but being Spain nothing was straightforward and as the Moon got fuller and fuller my sleep got less and less and my visions more and more radical.

What was I doing looking for a flat to rent, so I could live and carry on working online?

What if, that was the old life that the UK had for me, and what if, Spain wanted something different?

So I let go…

And as I let go, grand visions of having a retreat here and my friends and loved ones being the team poured in.

It was radical.

I wasn’t ready to rush into something so big.

That’s Aries for ya!

So, I even began looking for big properties….

Then my flat got confirmed.

It’s times like these we can think we’ve gone barking mad, but I’ve learnt that things come round and as Einstein says - your imagination is a preview of your life’s forthcoming attractions…

Now let’s go to December, I ended up chatting to a client I hadn’t had contact with for about 4 years. Being a typical Aries - she has her barnet a shockingly bright pink!

“Tiffany, I want to do a retreat with you in Spain for my birthday on 18th April, I could even do the catering”

My response was “hmm, well I'm sure we could do a little mini-retreat, you know just you and me and then we won’t need catering”

Things were taking a long time to settle in Spain and I know the amount of work a big retreat takes, which is why I knew I wasn’t ready….

My phone rang - just as I finished off talking with Pink Haired Aries Number 1.

Another Aries with bright red hair “Tiffany, I want to do a retreat with you in Spain on April 18th."

Now, I only run retreats as part of a six month package at the moment, because there’s just not enough of me to be promoting everything separately...but the synchronicity was making me wonder if I was being judgmental or sensible at the amount of resistance I was feeling.

I concluded, I was being sensible - and then the curious 'what if' part of me took hold anyway and against my better judgment I decided I was in!

By the end of the day we had secured a luxury villa just down the road for me and oh my god - what a fast manifestation!

The date was set for Easter and this was Christmas, we had our work cut out, and it was tough going. Too tough for the two others who pulled out, within the timeframe that we could cancel, like we agreed we would - but I was the only one with two clients booked on and I didn’t feel I could cancel.

So there I was, left with this grand top notch luxury Villa - and a bill to match.

The Aries had done their jobs perfectly, started a plan and handed it to a Leo to create.

By the time the day came round, I had doubled the participants and enrolled more help, but I was so exhausted that I came down with a virus the night before. I’d never felt so dizzy in all my life. It was all I could do to hold my own space, let alone hold space for others.

There was challenge after challenge, one of which being the manager who decided he couldn’t be bothered to show us how the house worked (he just wanted to give the maids a lift!).

Now I'm not talking a normal house here, I’m talking a high tech “intuitive” house, you know the kind? The kind that has no buttons or controls, but tests your telepathy and manifesting ability and leaves you with that same feeling of when you've “put something in a safe place”.

Imagine that on dizzy head virus!

The infinity pool had a leak - we weren’t informed of that, so whilst I was sat in a car I couldn’t start (for the same reason as the house we couldn’t start), I summoned the manager back - and he quit on the spot!

All this palaver meant I wasn’t around for the beginning of my own retreat and I nearly had to check out of it and completely take to my bed.

By the time the weekend was through nerves were frayed, friendships were strained, I’d cut my hand deeply on a glass, and hadn’t slept a wink. Lessons were learnt and some counselling on PTSD was needed - and that was supposed to be a retreat?

It’s not the first I have run a retreat, but it definitely was the most uncontrollable. However, the amount that we had all been forced to look at ourselves was truly, maybe more than we had bargained for. Yet we all went away in self-reflection, admitting we had learnt a hell of a lot about ourselves - staff as well as participants. Nothing went as planned, nothing was controllable, but there was a feeling of flow in the chaos and a very big master plan behind it all...

I was running on so much adrenalin I still couldn’t sleep.

I took to my bed - which collapsed as I did!

The very next day - April 18th was my Aries co-facilitator's birthday, he had kindly stepped into help, and we spent it doing just about nothing!


Another Aries friend of mine who had stepped into help (and who I was staying with during the Aries New Moon 6 months earlier) had landed the job as manager! We were all so over the moon because he is a very talented and generous man who hadn't been employed since the crisis hit Spain.

The owner of the villa was coming up trumps as a decent man, and my friend and the owner had been in contact by phone all weekend trying to support us from afar. He even gave me 50% refund - which meant I finally broke even! Woohoo!

I was so pleased that something so good, had come out of something so challenging, it made it all worth it.

Oh! And by the way, my imagination back on the Aries New Moon in October saw this friend as the manager of a retreat.

Then, my friend told me they were trying to get rid of the beds in the villa because there were too many, so what do I have now? Not one, but two top notch luxury beds worth £1700 each - given to me - WOW! What you put out, you really do get back threefold.

Then…work opportunities started to arise for my husband through the contacts at the villa, making it a possibility for him to be with me in Spain.

And finally not just for him, but for me too!

Yup, meet your very in-house tarot consultant, reiki healer, past life regressionist, astrologer, coach and teacher in all of the above!

It’s a powerful place! That can’t be denied.

My other retreat is in Cornwall and is like The Pentacles of the Tarot - Earthed, Grounded, Nurturing, Slow, Humble, Still...it’s still powerful, in a very otherworldly way.

This one here in Spain is like The Swords of the Tarot. It’s clean, crisp, minimal glass type design, stands tall in the mountain. It’s razor sharp, it brings everything up to the surface to be cleared one way or another!

If you feel like the Cornish Retreat is where it’s at for you, or if you really are up for the fast and powerful in your face deal with it, suspend judgment and learn manifesting magic of Silverfield. Or if the sky isn’t the limit for you and you need some humbleness and nurture you can do a 1:2:1 tailor made retreat with me in my humble abode instead :) Just fill in the form mentioning what you need, and where you want to do it and I’ll be in touch.

Learn More About The Dream Retreat

P.S) Next time you think you might be going barking mad (like I did a few times from the Aries Full Moon in October, then all the way through this crazy story), but you keep on keeping on, despite yourself and everyone thinking you are mad for doing so, then consider that perhaps there’s a reason for it - that you just don’t know yet, and you won’t know, if you don’t follow it though.

I guess I am glad I chose my curious nature after all...



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