Gemini New Moon AstroTarot Mantra - June 2017

May 24, 2017

Hello and welcome to the energy of the Gemini New Moon, are you feeling it?

Below are my Top Ten effects The Gemini New Moon could be having on your life, along with your tarot, astrology and positive affirmation for the month - oh and if you want to learn how to read life like thus, then there's an invite for a free lesson too! Just click this link to apply for your free 1:2:1 lesson with me :)


Tiffany x


1. You are tired, but you can't wind down or shut down your browser when you know you should be shutting your eyes.

2. When you sleep you are dreaming for England, or the world!

3. It takes you a while to get your head into some sort of focus in the morning and still....

4. Focus is really hard! All day long!

5. Your head is full of ideas and it's all in a jumble.

6. So you start to write it all out, thinking that will help but now you just feel like you have a multitude of projects on the go.

7. Your head is so all over the place you forget to take a moment to slow down and think and then you start forgetting your appointments.

8. Travel! Travel travel opportunities popping up unexpectedly and all over the place.

9. Talk, talk, talk, all of a sudden there's a lot more communication going on.

10. You are feeling inspired, overwhelmed (and a little away with the fairies!)

Are you hearing me? Are you feeling me?

If so then make the most of it whilst it lasts, there is only one thing that is certain in life and that is change, soon we will be in Cancer, where it's not so social or sparky, so try not to worry about the overwhelm, help yourself by remembering to stop and take time to think regularly and allow the inspiration to flow, be captured on paper and don't feel the pressure to have it signed, sealed and delivered.

That's the general way we can all make the most of this moon and the Gemini energy for the month.

Now lets look at how you can make it work for your specific sign:


Tarot: Ace of Wands

Aries, you must be loving this Gemini energy, it's sparking so much inspiration in you, fanning the flames of your own element (fire) and making them grown tall and strong, it's difficult not to notice you now, well it always is difficult not to notice you, but people can feel a sense of you coming into your own power. New connections, projects, horizons it's all very exciting stuff!

MANTRA: I know myself, my purpose, what I want to create, how I want to shine, and nows the time.


Tarot: King of Pentacles

Taurus! Funnily enough this new moon in Gemini seems to be making you ultra grounded! Maybe you are really having to concentrate on what you are wanting to accomplish right now, it might be challenging you a little - and that is great because when things are too easy then the growth doesn't happen. Now you are growing into the full potential of who you are born to be :) The New Moon is making sure you have your head right when it comes to knowing where you want to be, who you want to be and with who as well as how to make it work. Welcome home!

MANTRA: I'm coming home where I rest, relax and release.


Tarot: King of Wands

Happy birthday Gemini! This moon marks the start of you really honing your identity, you know more than ever now that you are in charge of the creation of your own life, and really feeling empowered by that rather than overwhelmed. Your identity is coming through clearer than ever before, now's the time to make that birthday wish for what you truly want - not for what you think others might want. That's only led to hurt and confusion and no-one getting what they want in the past. Now's your time, go for it!

MANTRA: It's time concentrate on me, what I want and making it happen.

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Tarot: Seven of Swords

Hi Cancer, it seems like the Gemini energy is combining quite powerfully with your sensitive side and the result could be blowing things up out of all proportion and making trouble for yourself. Sure, if you are feeling like something isn't adding up then it probably isn't but watch out for adding 2+2 together and coming up with 6 (hundred!) It feels like things could be feelings quite intense for you emotionally at the moment and the Gemini energy is adding to it mentally. Be gentle with you, now is not the time to push yourself to act on anything that feels uncomfortable unless you really just want to be done with it and you don't care how.

MANTRA: Everytime I get an urge or craving I breathe deep instead.


Tarot: Ace of Pentacles

Hi Leo, at last! We have something really starting to come together! Boy oh boy it's taken some time, it feels as if you have been on an intense course where all the lessons from your past have come up to bite you on the butt all at the same time lately, but as always, this little Lion didn't bite off more than they could chew, although it feels like you've had a mouthful lately, and perhaps more than you thought you could handle, but you are a Leo, you are stronger than you think, and rise again you will, and are :)

MANTRA: I am strong, capable, I can do this, I have before, I can again, I've got this.


Tarot: King of Cups

Hi Virgo, how wonderful to see that you have The King of Cups! This is telling me that all those painful things about why relationships have worked out the way they have is now being washed away as you get a new level of understanding about what others were going through and how it wasn't personal. Interesting that the New Moon is in Gemini, a sign that shares the same ruler as you and therefore may well strengthen you being in the head and not the heart, but not by the looks of things here. Here it's talking about finding the ability to stop going back over things and find compassion and understanding in yourself and for yourself.

MANTRA: Forgiveness sets me free, and to truly forgive I seek to understand.

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Tarot: Three of Wands

Hi Libra, well whose about to set sail then? It's like you've been in a dark cave with a big bolder over the entrance and now that is being removed. It may take some time for your eyes to adjust, and for your body to grow strong, although your mind is excited at all the possibilities that are now at your disposal, don't worry, they aren't going anywhere, and you aren't going back in the cave either. Have fun if you want, explore if you want, but also remember to rest, it's okay, all in good time, you deserve it.

MANTRA: The world is my oyster and freedom at my fingertips.


Tarot: Four of Swords

Hi Scorpio, time out for you if you can, might not be a bad thing. The universe is having a party without you and to be honest I don't think there is anything you want less right now than a party anyway. It's way past your bed time. Your energy is a bit low, and it feels like you've given more of yourself away than usual or than you can handle. Can you book yourself a cabin in the woods somewhere nice like the new forest, where there is lots of trees and nature, and the sea and you can just be? Even if its just for the weekend? You'll feel so much better for it :)

MANTRA: It's okay to retreat for a while and take time out for me.


Tarot: Ten of Pentacles

Hello Sagittarius! Even though this New Moon is happening in your opposite sign (so could leave you feeling a bit flat or funky) it seems to be signalling something you've worked long and hard for in your career really coming through. Some type of ending and beginning. Like a raise, or a promotion, but even if it's an ending (like redundancy) really practice the mindset of bad luck being good luck because it looks like you now have all you need to make your dreams come true.

MANTRA: It's time to finish what I started.

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Tarot: Four of Pentacles

Dear Capricorn, all this hot air in Gemini may be leaving you feeling even more need for slow, steady security than normal. Don't worry, it will pass, you will be fine, the world will continue turning. Just like your opposite sign Cancer, the Gemini moon is shining a light on your deepest insecurities, for Cancer it's emotional for you it's practical. Or at least it seems that way. But what's really going on underneath all that seems like a matter of self esteem. If you held yourself high how would you be running your life now? Would you be conducting life the way you already are? Would you be putting up with the same situations and people?

MANTRA: I am good enough and I am my own best friend and I stand where I want to be only.


Tarot: Justice

Well, well, well Aquarius, you are the only sign that has a Major Arcana card this month! That may mean you feel like you are going through something pretty big when everyone else just seems to be having fun on quite a superficial way. You are going deep and maybe wondering how everyone can just relate so mindlessly! You may be feeling some old karmic wounds coming up around relating and how easy it is to mess everything up and it might feel quite hard to keep your sanity if you resist or fight it. It's coming up and out for a reason and at the end of it all you might just find that deepening of relationships that you've been craving for.

MANTRA: I am just going through a mental, emotional and karmic spring clean, all will be well in the end.


Tarot: The Page of Cups

Dear Pisces, this new moon seems to be leaving you wide open when it comes to relations, and I mean even more than usual. Your empathy could be quite overpowering for you. When you are with others you may get sucked into their world quite strongly and no longer be able to see what is true for you. Its a highly creative time, whether its material for poetry, music, art or books the passion in your soul is palpable. Just be aware of being a little too easily led, make time for you to be passion about your creative ability, rather than about what someone else creates in their life.

MANTRA: What I seek elsewhere is an illusion, where I find it is within.

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