8 Intuitive Feelings of May 30th's Gemini New Moon (And What's Really Going On)!

May 27, 2022

The New Moon in Gemini on 30th is an excellent time to take stock of the past few weeks and make important decisions about what we want to do.

We're ready to do something new, enterprising, and courageous, especially as this lunation occurs shortly after Mars aligns with Jupiter in Aries.

Nevertheless, Mercury, Gemini's ruler, is still retrograde until June 3rd. So although Gemini prompts us to begin anew, particularly with our communications and mental orientation, things might still be feeling a bit ouch, boom bang!

We are in a time that calls for inner exploration (retrograde), so we can evolve (recent eclipse in Scorpio). Still, we could be feeling a bit Gemini twin bipolar along the way, so let's take a moment to reflect on where we were with the Full Moon Solar Eclipse on 16th…

Your dreams are probably still bat shit crazy, and anxiety is probably a little more than a flutter right now, and sleep? Ain't nobody got time for sleep! Gemini New Moon is a social time, lots of chit chats and travel, busy, busy busy.

Gemini is about communication, learning new things and being open to new experiences. It's about living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest.

Scorpio is about self-reflection, letting go of old patterns that don't serve us anymore, facing our fears and learning how to love ourselves.

It's about taking responsibility for our actions and healing from within. 

So here are 8 symptoms of this powerful cross over time of Scorpio/Gemini:

We feel like:

  1. We need to keep our thoughts to ourselves more than usual (strong thoughts are Gemini, discretion is Scorpio)
  2. We can't talk about our feelings very quickly or that they're too hard to understand (Scorpio)
  3. We might find ourselves getting lost in our thoughts or fantasies (Scorpio)
  4. Ain't nobody got time to care (Gemini)
  5. If we raised things, it would only worsen. (Mercury retrograde, Gemini & Scorpio)
  6. We may feel more anxious or nervous around others' opinions of us (Gemini), especially if we feel misunderstood or exiled (Scorpio)
  7. Instead of people seeing and thanking you for all you do, they only see what you don't get right and criticize (Gemini)
  8. There's disagreement about your work, but that's not necessarily bad news—it can be a good opportunity for learning more about yourself and others (Mercury Retrograde)
  9.  You want to keep a low profile and yourself to yourself, but at the same time, you feel forgotten about (Scorpio)


Beginning back in April 2022, the Eclipse season likely brought change, transformation, and new information to work with. So this first New Moon after the eclipse season is always a crucial time, as it brings a dose of fresh energy and fresh perspective. 

However, with Mercury Retrograde, there is some mentally foggy energy stirring at this time, cautioning us to move slowly and be patient.


We may feel more at ease from the time of the New Moon. However, equally, we could still feel anxious because of being pulled too far in the future by Gemini or regretful about what could have been (Scorpio), so...

A good gratitude practice - or better, "Tada list" should help.

It's impossible to feel anxious or regretful when practising gratitude, but it can still leave you feeling at the whim of the universe - the universe might have your back, but what about you? Do you see how you have your own?

If you have a way of seeing that you do have your own back, then your self-confidence will rise.

I call this the TADA list.

It's like a gratitude list, except you put on it everything that has felt like an achievement or "Tada" that day. It doesn't matter how big or small it is. One day it could be climbing Ben Nevis, the next getting out of bed.

But if you spend a bit of time daily listing everything you've done, your anxiety will go in a poof of smoke and be replaced by badass confidence.

Tip: Keep a notebook and pen with you and get in the habit of noticing and noting every time they happen - in a fast-moving world, this is the best practice of all :)

Also, if you are suffering from a lack of sleep due to anxiety, try counting gratitudes or Tadas instead of sleep, and you'll be snoring in no time!

And, of course, trust:

Whatever manifested, Eclipses always put us where we need to be – even if it doesn't quite feel like it.

Now is a chance for you to change direction and open yourself up to something new. As long as you remember not to panic if things don't go according to plan (because they rarely do), you can fully embrace this opportunity.

This New Moon in Gemini is when you can get a lot done (if you aren't out partying too hard!) so don't be tempted to let things slide and go with the flow— your life will be better if you don't.

Instead, use this energy to look deeply into your inner world of feelings and thoughts to find out what's happening with you.

The Lovers rule Gemini in the Tarot, and The Magician rules Mercury. These two signs are always up to something exciting, whether it's a new relationship or a new business venture. This New Moon is no different: But don't worry. These are not just any old relationships or businesses that need your attention. They're special ones that will change your life for the better if you let them. It's all about learning to balance your mind and heart—and then making it happen.

And when Mercury leaves its shadow period on June 18th?

We'll be able to integrate all these recent lessons of life, learn from them and move forward with our lives.

Until then? Enjoy the ride!

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