3 Ways to right a wrong this Gemini Full Moon

Dec 05, 2022

Ever since the New Moon in Sagittarius a couple of weeks ago, things have been relatively fast and furious, have they not? 

The general forecast for that moon was extremely auspicious because Sagittarius's ruler Jupiter was in a harmonious aspect and ending its retrograde.

Jupiter is known as "the major benefic" or the "planet of luck", - but it's a somewhat 2D way to look at a multidimensional universe.

Jupiter expands or speeds up the direction things are going in (like my waistline). Still, even if you still feel restricted or stuck in some areas of your life (not just your trousers), and you can't see things changing around you -I’d be surprised. 

So, just as the new moon in Sagittarius carried the "majorly auspicious" title, the full moon in Gemini is deemed "majorly ominous."

How can that be? If the new moon was so fertile and ripe with promising new possibilities, then how can the harvest of the full moon be rotten? 

Let's take a more profound look than the surface meanings.

The Full Moon on December 8th is precisely conjunct Mars in Gemini.

The Tarot card for Mars in Gemini is the well-feared and revered Nine of Swords - the famous picture of a woman sitting in bed with her head in her hands and nine swords looking like they are piercing her from her head right down to the bottom of her spine.

Couple that with Mars being in Retrograde, and the feelings of torment within are heightened. But The swords aren't really going through her. Instead, they are hanging on the wall behind her.

A picture says a thousand words.

Every moon, I put a playlist together based on the positions of the planets at the time and dance to it with my open circle - it's like receiving a tarot reading whilst you are getting into a divine rhythm with the universe. 

I noticed the last moon was all fire and water - pure steam cleanse.

This moon is all air and earth. There is no room for emotional outbursts. Only mastering a healthy self-love practice so you may communicate logically, factually and practically, and therein lies the change. 

Anger is a great motivator when used creatively.

So how do we keep our heads when all around us seem to be losing theirs? 

1. Become conscious of the story you are telling yourself (or others)

There are likely to be many of those stories right now. This moon squares Neptune, the planet of illusions - are the knives really going through you? 

2. Unhook yourself from the story

The worst thing you can do yourself (or others) as an intuitive is say, "I'm intuitive, so I am right" try "I'm an ass because assumptions make an ass out of you and me." to free your ego instead - The Nine of Swords is all about being caught in the grip of ego. 

3. Look at what you need to work on

Mars is retrograde. It's not pointing at anyone else. It's within you - that's the only real Sword. Harsh as it may be when we do the work on ourselves, it's us that benefits.

For example - this week, emails happened, and I caught myself telling myself a story that I wasn’t good at my job and set to work on releasing myself from the story.

As if to see if I passed the test, the next one had my boss copied in. First, I found myself trigger-typing back; then, I deleted it. An hour or two later, my boss replied to him without asking me for anything, and I felt free.

I had already channelled my energy into doing what I needed to do rather than getting caught in the story, but I let out a big sigh when I saw that email from my boss. 

By the end of the day, I was amazed at what I had achieved.

The demoralising feelings I'd been at the sharp end of all week had alchemised into an equally powerful and brilliant feeling.

Therein lies the magic of the double-edged sword forged in the heat.  

Those that challenge us are helping us become the best versions of ourselves.

And that is the message of this Gemini Full Moon - and oh, did I tell you I was born with Mars in Gemini? Yup, The Nine of Swords is one of my cards, so…

I wouldn't be surprised if you feel the need to scream this Full Moon. 

Impatience and frustration hang thick in the air. But most things start working again if you turn it off, let it rest, and then turn it back on, including you.

So scream it out in your own space and look at the action you need to take. 

To do that, why not join us for the AstroTarotDance/Pray/Heal with us on Wednesday at 7:30 pm here?

You will be glad you did. Click here to give yourself some well-deserved space (for everyone’s sake).  

Wishing you a wonder - full moon.


Tiff x


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