Full Moon in Gemini 19/12/21 - Please Note! New Life Is On The Other Side Of This!

Dec 17, 2021

A channelled message…

Dear blessed evolving creative being, 

You may not feel anything like the above right now, but...

There’s a convergence in the cosmos, a coming together that we’ve been preparing for for a very long time. Astrologers are aware we’ve been prepping all year - but they are only aware of the tip of the iceberg.  

Your life is changing and in a state of flux. 

You are at the end of a number 5 year - a “great” year of change. 

 5 is the year of change, I know it’s been a very “mushy” year for you dear one. 

We know your culture and communities back when the pandemic started thought it would only last a few weeks. 

We know it's been heartbreaking to see the lasting separation effect it had on your human world as it dragged on.

We know the dreams you have had of the day that the bans would suddenly be lifted and the joyous reunion parties you’d throw in the streets. 

It’s been a massive journey of consciousness, so much changing, so fast.

There you go, a message from my guide ( I don’t know who - that doesn’t matter).  

Now I’m back down to earth. I'll talk about the big square off behind the last couple of years that is now ending, and how this Moon can help us come to terms with it. 

Back at the beginning of 2020, we had the first of three Uranus/Saturn square offs.The last one of which is on Christmas Eve. 

Saturn and Uranus are archetypal enemies. Two mighty planets, with long-lasting effects, just on their own. Since the beginning of lockdown, they have clanged together like two almighty gongs echoing throughout space and time. 

Throughout Uranus the planet of change has been in the sign that hates it in Taurus,

Squaring off to the planet that hates change (Saturn)! 

 We have been going through some MAJOR lessons around releasing expectations. Embrace the change, keep breathing it in and out, keep moving forward. We have had an intense lesson about not being able to take the future for granted or even foresee it. 

This Gemini Full Moon can help you glide through it easier being air if you tune into her.   

We have had to learn to live day by day and seize it. 

We have had to learn to live in a perpetual state of uncertainty as none of us knows what is happening from day to day. Gemini thrives on this energy being the master adapter of the zodiac. So if you’ve been struggling, breathe deep in and as you breathe out ask the Gemini Moon to take away your need to control in an uncontrollable world. 

The universal pen is putting a massive full stop and drawing a line under everything that has been happening to us since the beginning of 2020. We may not feel that yet. We may not recognise the changes, partly because they are momentous and they’ll take a while. Partly because we are still wanting to turn the clock back - to reclaim life the way it was before covid and here’s the thing I’m pretty sure of: 

We can’t. Life will never be the same again - and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In the last almost two years we have gone through so much. 

Covid has taken away memories, moments, connection, friends, family, livelihoods, dreams, it’s smashed through it all. We have been forced to look at things in our life that need addressing and address them.  Whether that's a relationship, living or working condition or something else - that  became intolerable. 

And the hard thing about the shift - is that  BEFORE it you are stuck, during it you are unstuck and after it your health can suck!


Before it our ego and judgments keep us clinging to the old life, battling, battling, battling - and for what? All that for something that is disintegrating into nothing?

Now it’s the “final duration” phase, the unstuck phase, the phase where things are shifting and changing, long awaited changes, all finally coming through - all at the same time, it’s electrifying, extreme, exciting and exhausting. 

Coupled with Venus  conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn as it turns retrograde...

This really does feel like the final month of being spread extremely thin when it comes to our resources.

What with Saturn giving us the final build up of repression and Uranus giving us the final vomiting up of it we are at breaking point, and especially if we are hanging on to our old life. 

The old life has you in a regular sleep and work pattern, and there is no regular anymore! 

That’s not to say that it won’t calm down and shift into a newer more stable pattern, it will but right now if  you are waking and working at 3:33am consider it normal! (Yup! Guess the time I’m writing this!) 

Sleep, eat and work when your body tells you, not the clock!  Routine is OUT the window! 

The Gemini Full Moon can be totally eccentric, crazy making and nuts! One moment you’re super high and excited the next moment you are  exhausted and feeling totally traumatised! This too is the process of change. 

But the great thing about the Gemini Full Moon is that it’s a great reprieve from taking things too seriously like we can with the Saturanian energies of the square and Capricorn.

This Gemini Full Moon conjures up a time  of connection - even though we are being threatened with another “Christmas is cancelled” we are finding ways to adapt and connect through it all.

Just like in the war, people found a way to connect even though bombs might be dropping on their head - and it was the power of connection that kept them going. 

That’s what this Gemini Full Moon gives us.

We are all being bundled on a party plane for destination change.

To me I imagine it feels like the celebration of the end of a war. Even though we aren’t seeing any white flags as yet, have faith, and let the Gemini New Moon be a time to connect with your people, however which way you can, we are all in it together, and we all need each other right now. Gemini is a people person, it’s fun, it loves to chat and socialise, and it doesn’t get bogged down. 

Allow yourself to board the Gemini plane.

There’s a whole new life waiting for you on the other side of this Gemini Full Moon.

Give the last couple of years one last go over, step back and look at the bigger picture and you will see what you have been battling out.  It doesn’t have to be a grand final ending, it might be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Gemini might be fast and this might be the final Uranus /Saturn square but Change is a gradual process - even if the universal pen is drawing a line under life as we know it. Allow yourself to change, to move, to be moved, but there’s no need to force anything. 

Gentleness with ourselves and each other is the name of the game.

And if you feel like change is being forced upon you then even more gentleness is needed

It's tough being human! Especially a human on the spiritual path! So why do we do it? 

Because we want to evolve! 

Whether you are on the spiritual path or not, you are here on planet earth to evolve. It’s just some of us are conscious about that, and some of the ones that are unconscious about it are doing better with it than some of the ones that aren’t!

Why is that?! 

Well, for God’s sake don’t think of a pink elephant!

Now, what are you doing? :)

The time is here, now, dear one. 

And here’s the key, harness the air of the Full Moon, breathe deep and...


Are you going to? 

Come 6th January, I’m going to deliver a new 3-month journey inside my inner circle to help you do exactly that - click here to Evolve Blessed Creator.

Wishing you a WONDER-FULL MOON! Solstice and Christmas! 

Thank you for every little bit of support you've shown me this year 

Lots of love, 

Tiff x




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