Full Moon in Libra & The Spring Equinox - Flex Up Your Intuitive Balance

Mar 19, 2019

The Spring Equinox on 20th March & Full Moon in Libra, 21st March 2019, 01:42am GMT 

The pen is mightier than The Sword. I thought as I sat down to write this - blocked.

When I tried to connect with the energies of this time  I became blocked, just like the lady in  Tarot card for this Full Moon decan…. 
 The Two of Swords = Moon in Libra...
I lost the connection with myself because I took my attention from the inside out. 
 I dared to doubt myself and look outside myself for validation. 
 I looked at what other astrologers were saying and I took what they were saying over what I was feeling (which differed) and I became blocked.
It’s a familiar feeling, so much so that now, I know what to do in an instant.
I know to give myself permission to drop the external opinions and return to what I am feeling on the inside. 
So whilst you read this blog about this Full Moon in Libra, I invite you to do the same.

Notice if what I say sits with you or not.

If it doesn’t then remember it’s just my interpretation of the energies.
Its not gospel

You have your own guiding system called “in-tuition” and if you don’t listen to it you’ll know, you’ll feel blocked. 
My intuition was telling me a different interpretation to the astrologers which made me feel uptight and rigid just like The Two of Swords.

Mars squares Venus this Full Moon also making a karmic quincunx with Uranus. The interpretation for such with a Full Moon in Libra is one that causes shake-ups in stability, leaving us all bewitched and betwixt.

But this isn’t what I feel or what I see, or at least it’s not what I am choosing to feel or see.

Then again a quincunx in Uranus is a likely blot out of the blue. And are there warning signs? Yes, tiny ones, if I look for them, but what could I do about that anyway? Other than not give it any energy.

Let it all pass by...

It will, it’s just a (Moon) phase.
An astrology chart is not meant to weave a tangled web to get caught up in. Nor is it meant to be a glass ceiling to hit your head on. See it more instead see it as a trampoline on which to bounce off. When you are aware of what can happen, and get grounded with it, it can propel you further.

So okay, maybe there will be some minor upsets in relationships - and maybe there won’t.

What will be will be.

Really, I want to drill down to what I feel is the key to this Full Moon.


If we are balanced in our heart, our mind, our being, our walk, or talk and our doings then how can anything off balance occur?
The Wheel of Year is turning,  it needs two lots of Two of Swords to do so  (Four Spokes). 

The day before this Full Moon in the sign of the scales, we have the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere). And the Autum Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. A day where the night and day are perfect equilibrium.

This is a great time to reflect on what you’ve seeded in this first quarter of the year, and what you want to bring in fruition for the next quarter.

A good tool to help you do that is The Wheel of Life (middle picture above). 
To do it choose a number between one and ten for each area and then join the dots and you'll see where you are lacking. 

Next think of one action to take you to the next number up.

Notice how you feel when I say this, do you think OOOOOoooo! Or do you become rigid like The Two of Swords?

All wheels give us perfect balance, but when you have been so out of balance it’s hard to get back on the wagon at first.

At the beginning of the year I couldn’t even face the THOUGHT doing The Wheel of Life.

I took one look at it and I knew I was back at zero for almost every area.
I threw it in the bin because I felt sick at the thought of completing it so doing so never became more than a passing phase.

But that thought became an action.

Instead of taking an action to complete the wheel of life I just got on and took action to change my life.

Everything reflection wise went out the window.

My morning pages, my tarot practice, (this is big!) everything and anything reflective was out.
I had swung into to much reflection with not enough action and I couldn’t bare to see what I had become in the mirror.

The mirror of Tarot.

The mirror of writing.

The mirror of The Wheel of Life.

We can get lost in too much reflection and too much action. 

I had to readress the reflection with action, action, action in the first quarter of this year. 

So I didn't look.

Now I can bare to look, just.

And for the last couple of weeks I can bring back my balance with my self reflection, morning pages and Tarot again - because I've upped the action, and I can feel the balance of the two in harmony.

It’s still not where I want to be, but is it better than it was?


So here’s how to reflect on your balance this quarter:
1. Do The Wheel of Life - and if you have a real aversion to doing it, okay, don’t, as long as you take the action to change it then it’s done it’s purpose anyway.

2. Make an inventory of everything you changed in the first quarter.

Here’s mine:

Health - Joined a gym and go 3 to 4 times a week, and eating a balanced diet and dancing once a week.

Business - Closed down one part of my business and transferred it to another which readdressed the crazy hours into more balance. Booked exhibition events for the year to balance online and offline.

Love: Started taking a day off with my husband a week.

Social: Started dancing once a week with friends.

Money: Stripped back on as many expenditures as possible and took in a lodger to up the income.

A lot of us at this time of year look back and go - oh I failed my 90-day plan! And most of us do because when we set an intention magic kicks off. Something we could never have dreamed possible is born instead, and we must train ourselves to recognise that.

I don’t want you to feel trapped in a web.

I don't want you to feel like you are hitting your head on a glass ceiling.

I want you to feel what you have achieved under your feet propelling you higher.

For this to happen look at what you have achieved, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.

For instance - despite going to the gym for 3 or 4 times a week and the changes in my diet my weight has only dropped 3lb in 3 months, but do I feel better in myself?


Do I feel more awake, alert, aware and toned?


Has my muscle increased and fat decreased?


And do I feel that I have the patience for this as a slow but sure lifestyle change rather than a quick fad diet?


And that to me signifies I have made a balanced life change.

I cannot tell you the power each one of the changes in my inventory has had, how each one feeds into the other.

The changes may look insignificant when zoomed in for isolated and instant results, but the way I feel inside is so much better, so different.

We can all so easily look at how much further away we are from where we want to be, and berate oursleves for not being further along than we are. So this Full Moon in Libra/Equinox quarter I urge you to look back and see how far you have come instead.

3. Make a Magic Inventory!

The magic inventory is when you set an intention and it manifests in a way you never saw coming, as an example here’s mine:

Jan: For years Rich and I have dreamed of going to Canada, then at the new year I got invited to speak there at a Tarot Conference in September. And then because I have clients there I decided to put on a retreat there, which is now booking up. I didn't plan Canada, it planned me.

Feb: I got invited to Watkins Publishing in London with The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer! The outcome of which remains yet to be seen but again this happened unplanned, through a Facebook comment!

Feb/Mar: Back in 2011 I invented something called The "AstroTarotDance" which weaves together Tarot with your birth chart and helps you heal an aspect through dancing it out. It has been revealing itself to me gently and slowly over the years, but this month it awakened from it’s slumber, and made it’s power and depth known, since then people are popping up with places to hold AstroTarotDances, one in East Anglia, one in Wales and…

It’s important to listen for the magic and let it happen...

 Mar: One of my soul sisters is getting married in Spain, she moved to Andalucia to follow her passion to become a top Flamenco dancer and teacher and met the love of her life. The invite came the other day, I could not miss her wedding - and then I heard the magic... to hold an  AstroTarotFlamencoDance Retreat in Granada! -Yup! Watch this space - unplanned! 

I lived down the road from her for eighteen months, we did a retreat together when I was there, and I loved working with her, she’s passionate, warm, friendly and fun, a proper Leo! For eighteen months since I moved back to the UK I have been wondering when and how I could possibly get a moment to collect my belongings from Spain - now I know!

Don’t sweat the small stuff, there’s no need to stress and push the things you need to get done, there is a time and place for everything, set your intention and let it flow, it never works out the way you think, that’s the magic, and that’s the balance.

There are of course planned achievements too. The ones you make happen. Where you diagnose, think of an action and take it, and that has an equal place.

What has no place is something that feels pushed.

4. Make a list of what feels pushed and what doesn’t.

Like so:

Actions I took that did not feel pushed:

Booking with:

The Game Expo in the NEC Birmingham

The big Mind body Spirit in Olympia London

The UK Tarot Conference.

Things I often feel pushed about:

Work! House or business :) plus the get my things from get my belongings from Spain thing!

The Two of Swords feeling happens when we decide something has to be done now, something with an imaginary deadline.

I have reclaimed balance by stepping back from the” you must do it now voice” and life has been showing me divine timing instead.

Turn it into an intent and watch for the moment life opens up for you to do in a much more magical and enjoyable way.

Sometimes that means it’s 8 pm or 9 pm at night, but I bet you'll do it far better than if you did it just because it’s 9 am on a Monday morning.

Try it, if just for the day,  tune into your flow, and let the Two of Swords go.

Set the intention, feel into yourself whilst watching, looking and listening for the magic to happen - then take the action.  

In true Full Moon in Libra/ Two of Swords style I am going to give you two options below, so you can practice right now.

See which or even if both feel in the flow below...

Option 1 is to book on to my accredited Tarot Diploma in London, this Sunday.

Its the last one for now.

I have no more dates planned (except for Canada in September).

Accredited One Day Tarot Diploma Course London
Option 2 is another chance to watch my free webinar on how the Tarot can Help You Have Harmonious Relationships.

How The Tarot Helps You Have Harmonious Relations Webinar
Whatever action you may take may it be in beautiful flow.

Wishing you a Wonder- Full Moon. 

Tiffany x


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