Full Moon in Leo 9th February 2020 -The One You’ve Been Waiting For.

Feb 07, 2020

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have passed the halfway mark (Imbolc 2nd Feb) between the winter and summer spring equinoxes.

The dark nights are decreasing and the light is returning, no wonder it’s this time of year that the Leo Full Moon strikes.

Leo rules the Sun so a full Moon here heralds the full power of the light returning.

This year the Leo Full Moon strikes:

  • Los Angeles @ February 8, 11:33 pm
  • New York @ February 9, 2:33 am
  • London @ February 9, 7:33 am
  • Delhi @ February 9, 1:33 pm
  • Sydney @ February 9, 6:33 pm

The energy builds up and disperses, it is strongest for the day either side, and stirs in your bones for longer, here’s how:

Leo rules creativity.

We are starting to see Mother Earth (Demeter) bloom her new creations. The return of her daughter Persephone visible in the new shoots and buds of nature.

Like anything new, it feels vulnerable and shaky. Whenever a new blossom blooms it has to stick its head above the parapet. But the full Moon in Leo helps us find the courage to do so.

If you can, get in nature this weekend. Bask in the Sun, breathe in the light, see and feel the energy of the new creations and energy around you, let it inspire you to do the same.

The famous inscription above The Temple of Delphi says Know Thyself - and … 

And "adapt to new ways” we are in the time of adapting to new ways.

 We are in the year of The Emperor, 2020 = 4 (his number in the Tarot), and whilst he won’t come into full effect until the Spring equinox we are now only a step away.

What you are seeing in your life now are the first shoots of the new creation that wants to come through this year. But like The Emperor, it can only come through you when there is a clear passageway.

We are in the first stages of creation, and the last stages of “destruction”, this is what The Emperor does first, he clears the way.

It’s time to let go of the old and make way for the new.

It’s time to come back to YOU and in that discover the NEWER version of you.

The one that’s a little older and wiser, but also the one who hasn’t been discovered yet.

The one who is waiting for you to wake up from your winter slumber.

The one who whispers to you all the things you want to be, do and have. Not from a place of lack, fear, greed or pushing .

But from a place of honouring the divine creator you are a manifester and manifestation of. Your desires are the reason you are here, to create heaven on earth, and it can happen if the old you gets out of the way.

So it’s time. Time to let the new rays of creation beam into you and ask for the help to let go of the old you and step into the new you.

On your next walk out in nature find a sunny spot full of the new life. Close your eyes, see the new you walk towards you full of aligned health and happiness, full of all the whispers about your divine self and breathe it in.

Feel your old self fade through the forest floor and breathe in the new you.

Stand up and as you do so, stand in and up for your new self.

It’s time to protect the new you as you would a young babe.

You wouldn’t let it be privy to others opinions or demands, you wouldn’t expect it to people please or work it’s fingers to the bone. It’s only job is to grow into the unique being that it is, and for that to happen the space around it needs to be sacred.

How can you do that as an adult?

You have responsibilities that you need to meet, bills that you need to pay. You are an interdependent being whose existence relies on everyone else’s. These are a natural fact of life, birth, death, taxes and no wo/man is an island, and where would be without it?

Like anything in life, it's a curse, a blessing and it how and what we do that counts.

As the Sunscreen Song says “ Forget the insults, remember the compliments”

And as a client said to me the other day, she has a new mantra “whenever I am criticised, I tell myself I love myself even more”

As I often say - the only real problem in the world is the wounding in our self - esteem. If we all took care of ourselves the whole world would be a place of a healthy self - esteems and no longer operate from a place of lack, greed, fear and pain.

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World” - Gandhi

It's no mistake this Moon falls where Gandhi has his, as did Margaret Thatcher. Love them or hate them, right or wrong they had the courage to stand for themselves, their message, their purpose and that’s all we were ever born to do.

The lifetime lesson for Leo is how to open the heart and empower themselves and others , without having power over others.

"And then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice. It had to do with being real and authentic. Having boundaries. Honouring and respecting my space first, others second. And in this space of self-care, being nice just happened, it flowed… not motivated by fear, but by love."

~ Michelle Olak

Because this Full Moon is also making an important trine to Mars (The Ruler of The Emperor) we have a double dose of courage. Now's the time to clear codependent behaviours of the old self so The Emperor can come in to create.

2020 is the year of The Emperor. If ever there was a year to create this is it. This is the year to rise to the call of creation stirring within and clear yourself of anything that stops you.

When someone first connects with The Emperor they tend to resist, they see him all that’s wrong in society. But once they connect with him they can’t get enough!

Here’s a peek at what is possible when you let The Emperor do his thing:

  • 1. You don’t need coffee!
  • 2. You don’t need an alarm clock.
  • 3. You don’t need a to do list, you just do and accomplish.
  • 4. You don’t need as much sleep!
  • 5. It’s easier to find the energy to exercise and that builds energy.
  • 6. It’s easier to just get on and do.
  • 7. Life and work get busy but also a hell of a lot of fun!
  • 8. You feel accomplished, on top of things and happy.

And why?

The spiritually aligned Emperor is free of cares and concerns about his precious ego, there isn’t the time for such self indulgent luxuries! He was born to forge a new path of creation aligned to his divine purpose, to what he was born to do and live that out on earth.

You have that too.

You have an equally powerful purpose. It might be in the home more than the big wide world. It may not be public but if you have children the legacy will live on for generations.

We create anything and everything in our life.

Creation isn’t banished to the craftshop, it’s in everything we do and in HOW we do it.

I had a powerful start of the year with The Emperor.

I landed in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico on their Fool’s day (Dec 28th), but didn't venture out til 1st Jan ( the build up to New Year is a busy time in this biz!)

I saw speed limit road signs that said “Be Here Now” and “The only limit is yourself!” I kid you not!

And although I had been in this land before there was something I did not see then that was everywhere now. It was everywhere then too, but it wasn’t for me to see before the year of The Emperor.

What did I see?

God after Mayan god, upside down. Carving on temples, street dance displays. Everywhere I turned, people were turning themselves upside down mimicking these upside down Gods, what was that about?

Finally I found out.

The Mayan’s believe the Gods come down to earth, they descend from above to be here in the physical.

This was in alignment with the message I received on New Years Day from The Emperor. Which I broadcast live from the Caribbean here. But in a nutshell was about the need to make sure we are in alignment before we create and as we create anything out there in the world. As always yes, but this year the karmic whack is instant - which actually isn’t a bad thing for being a fast learner!

Let us start as we mean to go on.

We are now in the second month of the year I know, but January was a rehearsal! A time to adjust and align as we digest the message, now it’s time to do the daily practice creating from alignment.

I started the year with an intention to create everything that’s in me by the end of the year .

At the time I thought that was two books, four programs and a couple of events and retreats on top of running my paid and free online groups and some 1:2:1’s.

But my return to Mexico birthed even more creation, just like last time when it birthed The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer.

This time it birthed the app!

Yup! I wasn’t looking for this! Another creation! But hey I am not going to say no!

When I returned my husband urged me to open the box on a Tarot deck I had drawn eight years earlier. I shut the lid on it because I didn’t manage to forget the insults.

This time I opened up to the creation.

I took a picture them on Facebook.

The feedback was phenomenal and very healing (thank you).

The person who is making the app version of the game saw them and said they are great we need them in the app!

So now there’s an app and a deck on top of the rest!

Now I don’t know if all this will come off this year, but I know I am opening to going on the journey of creation like never before this year and I am going to have a lot of fun doing so!

I know this year is the year of creation and how powerful it is when we rise to it, as well as how destructive it can be when we don't.

I got to the end of last year and although it was one of the best years of my life I felt disappointed that I hadn't made a start on creating the things I wanted to.

I don’t want to let another year go past me knowing I have put off all the things I have inside because “life” got in the way, it didn’t, the old me did.

I was lucky to have such a super shamanic start to 2020. It felt like an important passage. Immersed in the "super - natural" elements of the jungle and the sea.

The power of nature was profound and the message about creating from source rather than push was loud and clear.

If the well of creation comes from the source of the divinity in you, the joy of creation will fill you up with life force to serve and it will feel profound. That's when creation feels empowering rather than draining. Create any other way it won't feel right, get that right and then all is possible!

Even if it is hard to know, trust, believe and do, when you return to the "real" world.

It was an important and profound message.

It was like I was there to collect it and bring back to my world, it wasn’t just for me.

So if you, like me, don’t want to go through another year where at the end you haven’t created (or at least haven’t got in the swing of creating).

If you have had enough of the push strive and drive of feeling like there’s not enough time, money or support to do your thing.

If you’d like to transform that into a knowing feeling that you’ve connected with the source of creation.

If you'd like it to spring forth through you not from push and strive but from ease, energy flow and fun, then how about having some fun doing so?

My first creation this year is The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer Emperor Event in none other than the Roman City of Bath.

It consists of a Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer Evening at one of the most prestigious places in Bath, the Royal Crescent.

Here we will get clear and bring forth your creative vision. And in one of the most fun ways possible…

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer - i’m not kidding you, why not come and see why it won the gold award of most visionary product of 2019?!

The next day we work your vision together learning how the art of transformative Tarot can bring it into manifestation (no knowledge needed).

Together we will get clear on the creation of your vision. On what the governing archetype of your vision is, and how to connect with the divinity within it.

You'll come away with a clear vision, the plan and transformative tarot tools to stay in alignment as you go forth and create this year.

The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer Build Your Empire Emperor Event is on the evening of 27th and day of 28th of March.

You can come for one or both - The Earlybird tickets go on sale on 17th and you can only receive it if you ask for it, to do so register below:

✨Click Here To Register for your Exclusive Earlybird! 

Here's to birthing beautifully into the new you, the truer essence of who you are!

One love, 

Tiffany x


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