Full Moon in Capricorn 9th July - 10 Ways To Stay Cool like Cappy!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

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You have probably felt it building for the last month, due to quite a few planetary aspects that have been working hard for us to dig deep, exposing what our long repressed needs are, and calling for us to face the truth and stand firm in our boundaries.

The question we have been posed with is..."how do I love or serve another without cutting my arm of in the process?"

This Full Moon in Capricorn finally brings all of this to the surface. The truth ain't easy, but facing it will definitely and ultimately set us free.

The aim of this blog is not to go into the ins and outs of the planetary aspects - as that may just add to any feelings of overwhelm we're experiencing. We have an astrological heatwave on our hands - not too dissimilar from April 2014, and we have a choice:

1. Our old wounds are reactivated and act out from our old repressed unmet inner child needs, increasing our sense of being downtrodden and broken.


2. We learn from the past and we see ourselves as a strong and mature human being that is capable of moving mountains...in time.

The journey of a mountainous climb starts with a single step, and if we can take each step with a slow sure-footed manner then we can learn to enjoy the journey along the way.

The biggest message of this moon is to give yourself time.

Father Time, Lord Kronos, Saturn, the hard taskmaster, the lord of karma turns into the lord of dreams - if you take his gift of time.

Not time to sit on your laurels, not time to squander in play or escapism, but the gentle healing power of time. When we have really dug deep to our foundations, what we build from that point onwards will stand firm.

As this Full Moon in Capricorn is Conjunct Pluto and Opposite Mars - we have the equivalent of a pneumatic drill going off inside our heads. Earplugs won't do the trick with this, we are subject to the relentless pounding message of past structures that no longer hold us firm, and to build new ones, the old ones must be broken-down first.

So what do we do?


1. Shout louder, to try and be heard, getting increasingly exhausted, less able to communicate, frustrated beyond belief and driven to destructive actions.


2. Meditate. Yes, I mean it. As fluffy as it might sound we need a bit of fluffiness in this feeling of full on seriousness :)

As Audrey Hepburn said "I don't take life too seriously, but I take what I do in my life seriously"

Let life do its thing, get out of its way, and if you can't escape the noise, just know that it won't last forever, and help yourself whilst it's here by working with it by setting your intention to find peace, and showing yourself you can do it.

Here's How

1. Put in the necessary safeguards around the foundation that's being drilled. Tape it off.

2. Remember the bigger picture - the drill isn't causing unnecessary destruction, it's here to give us what we need from the future.

3. If you feel like you've got caught under the drill of life, know again, that this is only temporary, remove yourself from the situation, look after yourself, love yourself, nurture yourself and you will come through older, wiser and sure as hell stronger.

4. In the process remember to keep true to the vision of you as the strong, capable, older, wiser, mature being, not the voice that says you are broken beyond repair.

The grace to move around obstacles and you will become your own alchemist turning bad luck into good luck.

In the Tarot Capricorn is represented by the card of The Devil, don't listen to the illusionary fears he whispers in your ears, and we will see the light (Lucifer means light bringer). We could be driven to distraction right now, caught between The Devil and The Deep Blue Pneumatic Drill. Do whatever you can to find your little peace of heaven, and if that means staying well away from people and places that trigger you, then that's exactly what you must give yourself permission to do. Now is the time.

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