The Great Transition - Full Moon in Cancer 17th January 2022

Jan 15, 2022

"When the evening falls...

And the daylight is fading
From within me calls
Could it be I am sleeping?

For a moment I stray
Then it holds me completely
Close to home, I cannot say
Close to home, feeling so far away

As I walk the room, there before me a shadow
From another world, where no other can follow
Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over
Close to home, I cannot say

Close to home, feeling so far away
Forever searching, never right
I am lost in oceans of night
Forever hoping I can find memories
Those memories I left behind

Even though I leave, will I go on believing?
That this time is real, am I lost in this feeling?

Like a child passing through
Never knowing the reason
I am home, I know the way
I am home, feeling oh, so far away"

Enya: "Evening Falls is, believe it or not, a ghost story, and it’s about this lady who had kept dreaming about a particular house. She was in America, and years later she and her husband retire in England, and she comes across the house that she’s been dreaming about. When she goes up to have a look, the maid and the butler are very cold and frightened of her. She asks why, and they say that she has been walking around this house every night as she was dreaming about it…"

How are your dreams right now?

Cancer is The High Priestess in the Tarot, ruled by the Moon, you’d think this is as spooky and psychic as it gets and you'd be right! ( I have my moon here and so do many of my clients).

AND there’s plenty of other planetary comings and goings-on at the time of this Full Moon.

That adds to it too!

Both Mercury and Venus are retrograding, this means our head and hearts are turning inward, it’s very much a time of hibernation and returning home. I’ve always thought it’s a bit nuts goal-setting in one of the coldest, darkest strongest hibernation months of the year.

There's been a lot of change switching up in our skies and lives the last two years, whilst simultaneously feeling very stuck at the same time! That was until the end of 2021 when a lot of planets finally went direct.

But now, the tide has momentarily turned inwards (even though 2022 is the great year of progression as well as transition). Right now isn’t time for making decisions or taking action.

Don’t get me wrong, I take a stand during Mercury retrograde to say:

1. Don’t cower under the duvet!
2. Trust whatever is happening in your life.
3. Don’t get into the cancel culture!
4. Drop the judgment!
5. Embrace curiosity!
6. Live and learn!

And I still stand by that message 100%.

What I am saying is the Cancer Full Moon enhances the internal journey of finding our way home.

It’s sweet, sensitive, shy and deeply introverted. In the dark night of the soul's underworld journey, your mind and heart can get very, VERY distorted. Even without Mercury (the mind) and Venus (the heart) being retrograde.

Just like the character in Enya's evening Falls is confused by people's reactions, things do not make a lot of sense at all.

Just think, if that character hadn't found the courage to ask the Butler and Maid about their reactions. How different the outcome could have been. Internalising the misunderstanding, burying her pain in shame and along with it her dream home.

It was through finding the courage to question that things made sense and healing happened.

Nothing is quite what it seems right now, we only have part of the picture, as it's also a time of great hibernation it's not so easy to ask - but if you can't ask, then question yourself, is the story or assumption you are making about something really true?

This will help you steer away from any courses of self-sabotage, and when you are ready you can say to the person...

"The story I told myself when that happened was ..."

This is a great line I learnt from Brene Brown - by framing it with "the story I told myself" the other person won't feel so defensive and can hear you.

We don’t set out on great journeys at night and now is night. We are at night with a Cancer Full Moon and Venus in her Evening Star mode, not returning to morning star for another couple of weeks.

So for now, curl up and watch an epic on the sofa about old day travellers, see how they look for a place to rest when the Moon is up - and the Moon is UP!

The dark side of The High Priestess is paranoid lunacy, we have to watch that any primal wounds that trigger in the Moon don’t spiral into self-sabotage.

Rest, reflect, watch, observe, feel, journal, eat! You are likely to eat!! Cancer likes to comfort eat!! Don’t worry about it!!

There’s a time for new year resolutions and that's Chinese New Year!

This Moon is VERY strong indeed on its primal instincts - not just because it’s in its own sign but it’s also opposite Pluto.

An opposition is a “challenging aspect” and to understand this further we need to look at the Greek Myth of Persephone.

Persephone, in the Tarot, is none other than The High Priestess.

She is abducted by Hades /Death/ Pluto and taken to the underworld.

She is plunged deep into a terrifying dark unknown world and needs to learn how to tune into her feelings. The more she calms down and accepts where she is at, the more the dark aids her growth into a powerful intuitive.

This is the journey we are on and that’s why I say it’s no time for reactive decision making and action-taking.

If ever there was a time to trust you are where you are right now, it’s now. It's a deeply embryonic time and it can feel very shaky and vulnerable.

It's the place of the Inner Child, so what would you do for a child?

You'd shhh her to sleep, tell her how great she's doing, and how much you love her just for being her, how safe she is and everything is going to be okay.

Even and especially if you didn't have that kind of mothering.

Cancer is the universal mother inviting you to mother yourself.

This is a DEEPLY psychic time, all retrograde journey’s and Full Moon’s are ESPECIALLY a Full Moon in Cancer.

Do listen to your dreams and feelings and write them down, so you can observe them with objectivity rather than reactivity.

Ever had a crazy Full Moon and then woken up feeling so much better? 

With Mercury and Venus retrograde it might take until February - but make no mistake, a longer journey through the underworld is a gift.

Curl up on the sofa, hibernate because any decisions and actions that don't feel 100% ready can wait - along with those new year resolutions!

But if you do eat too much it might be good to move around a bit!…

The Cancer Full Moon peaks at 11:48pm UK on 17th 

In my open circle we have the AstroTarotDance in build up at 7:30 pm UK.

Joining live will help you honour the VERY powerful energy.

“If you are feeling any oppressive energy under this Full Moon, know that the Universe is supporting you to shake it off using the power of movement. Movement can be very healing and we may feel this even more so under the Full Moon. Dancing, running, walking, swimming, or simply standing up and shaking out your entire body from head to toe are all ways to release and free any built-up tension or feelings of restlessness. Releasing emotions through having a good cry, a good laugh, or a good sweat session may come in handy!”
- Tannaz -Forever Consciousness.

"Compulsive behavior, extreme emotional reactions, and a tendency to manipulate and control could result in relationships drama if you don't share your intense and complex feelings"

A way to do this not just safely, but cathartically is through AstroTarotDance.

There will of course be a replay if you really can’t make it (as long as Mercury Retrograde has nothing to do with it!) but if you have nothing else in the diary then take this as the Moon and your guides commanding your attendance and your attention.

EVEN if you think it’s not for you! See Miranda’s “but I don’t dance” story here:

AstroTarotDance happens in my Open Circle where we also do a monthly 10-day journey through the Tarot.

This month it's through the watery self-care Cancer energy of Cups (details here).

I'm interested to see whether you end up floating in this direction this Full Moon!

But wherever you find yourself, trust it.

Wishing you a Wonder - Full Moon!


Tiff xx


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