Jul 07, 2020


To journey with the Tarot means to live it, breathe it and walk the path of getting to know thyself with great vulnerability and the courage of open - heart surgery - Well, at least with the Swords!

A suit that is tainted with a gruesome reputation for being merciless! So what is it like to take Tarot out of the box and step into it, rather than look at it?

What is it like to LIVE it?

Especially those SO CALLED SCARY CARDS?

If you ever wondered what it was like to face The Swords in the Tarot full frontal then here you go! 


It all started when I got out of the wrong side of the bed. I should have just got back in it.

Bathroom clashes, the scales went up despite dieting, communication issues, tech breakdowns... Stood up by a prospective client (twice - no longer a prospective client) not the best news from my accountant, and finally losing it at my hubby because he’d shut me in the heat without a drink  (unknowingly).

I felt like I was spiralling backwards from everything I’ve been climbing towards.

The saving grace was knowing that journeying with the tarot will bring up where you are out of alignment, it’s like it has to clear the c*** first (especially the swords) so I decided to stick with the ace for another day.

This morning I woke up and wow what a difference!

✨No clashes for the bathroom! I managed to get my well-needed shower! We are in the 30’s in the uk!! 

✨My kitty was cuddly rather than wanting to eat my face for breakfast.

✨ First call of a day came to my rescue - I’ve been in Facebook ad funnel funk for months  but today the clarity I’ve been praying for months arrived.

✨2 more calls with clients who I deeply value and vice versa - one said on the call “I deeply appreciate you” with so much integrity it resounded right through me.

✨I even found 10 minutes to meditate for the first time in months.

Sat there with two rods of selenite was the moment I realised the ace had done its job and I’d moved on to the two of swords βš”οΈ


A total day of polarity! That's the two for you!

Blessed with a glorious day for a walk, myself and my husband had the day off to spend "two-gether" so off we trundled to the oldest church in Bath.

Nestled high in the hilltops of Charlcombe is the gorgeous lil sanctuary of St Mary’s, a tiny church with a big peaceful presence, gorgeous graveyard garden, sacred spring - and a view to die for.

"yes I could die here" I stated peacefully to Rich as two crows flew over us. "I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful city surrounded rich countryside"

And then...

Bedtime struck, feeling generous I gave our kitty Minerva 🐱 a second chance to sleep with us ,she was good, for the first few hours. At 3am the two crows turned into two 🐾 pawsful of awful clawsful.

I got up to give her breakfast but struggled to go back to sleep.

Soon enough the Sun started streaming through the windows and the heat was rising - inside and out, (I’m entering my crone years).

For a moment my gratitude for Bath went out the window (because the only place I could cool down was in the Bath πŸ›€) replaced with nostalgia for my days in the other city love of my life - Granada...

Where I could pull down the shutters or go, laze on a beach and swim in the sea, here I was in lockdown in a greenhouse with hot flushes to boot.

I just wanted to pull the curtains and binge on the sofa covered in flannels - but I’m actually due on the other side of the TV screen (I feel like I’ve been due on for months - the heat and bloating like a pressure cooker of a never ready meal).

No rest for the wicked - well apart from Minerva 🀣 I’d feel jealous of her lying beside me with her two paws 🐾 over her eyes if she wasn’t so damn cute. 😍

Some binging happened in the evening resulting in feeling even worse and jammed on til the early hours when the meltdown began.


So much for practicing what I preached to my Transformational Truth of Tarot students also doing The Swords this week...

“If there is ever a time to give yourself permission to be unemotional this is it!”

So what got to me?


It’s too late for EVERYTHING!

All the things I sweep under the carpet daily rise like a tsunami 🌊to engulf me.

I dug deep to see what was really going on and instead of finding an immense amount of pain, anger, trauma I found an immense amount of FEAR.

It was ALL founded on FEAR.

Fear, I am in for a hellish initiation into cronehood like my mum had.

Fear it’s too late for me to lose any more weight 🀣

Fear it’s too late for me to use my good looks to get somewhere!

This made me laugh as I never felt I had them enough in the first place, but now it’s like I’m grasping at ghostlike tender-hooks of beauty! Oh my hello vanity! 

Fear it’s too late for me to get anywhere with anything PERIOD. - Scuse the pun!

Fear, I’m going to be a right rabid biatch to my beautiful hubby for the foreseeable or anyone else who gets too close to this fever pitch wild  animal that seems to have taken me over. 

And utter fear of sharing this! Oh FFS! I’ve gone and publicised my deepest inner journey AGAIN! 😬😳

Yup, my poor hubby, I don’t know what’s worse, experiencing it on the inside or outside.

I blew up at bedtime, cried myself to sleep like an over emotional hormonal teen - except I didn’t because of menopausal insomnia, thankfully, as it made me eat humble pie.

Wondering down the stairs like a naughty little girl snivelling away in her nighty - I flung my arms around my poor hubby and boooooooooed 😭

“What’s up babe?”

Pulling my face away from his t-shirt and leaving a trail of bodily fluids...

“I’m a fake!!” I slur...

“What do you mean?”

“Here I am helping others communicate successfully in their relationships and I just spoke to you like utter s*** 😭😭😭”

(What a way to apologise too eh? 🀣)

“I’m sure all mentors feel like that sometimes babe, we are all only human” 😭😭😭😭

Ignoring his response, drowning in self pity I proclaim....“I’m only peri - menopausal this means a decade of hell to come 😭😭😭”

“I love you babe, I’m not going anywhere” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#snivellingwreck


I love how in The Four of Swords in The Lightseers the heart that was ripped apart is stitched together.

It never ceases to amaze me how the pictures play out when journeying with a deck and after really feeling it in the three ( thank you for all your loving messages of support πŸ™πŸ’–) I really welcomed in the Four - nesting was a key factor.

We had a friend round for a socially distanced dinner - he just moved in around the corner after a break up (The Three of Swords) and Minerva took such a shine to him we wondered if she thought she was human - turned out she’d come into heat! 🀣

What a crazy household with a massively young flirty kitty coming of age and a mother going into crone 🀣

The Four seems to be hanging around for a while, it feels deep, like it’s really getting to the heart of a very welcome reset πŸ’–


My day on The Five of Swords felt intermittent.

Like The Four of Swords was still the main backdrop and The Five a strobe or flickering effect upon it. I was relieved - this practicing what you preach stuff takes work!

I have to remember my own words when doing these journeys...

“Don’t fear, judge, resist or try to control the timing of the Tarot!”

“Replace judgment with curiousity!”

“You can’t possibly know how it will play out until you are through the other side and it’s different every time! “

It helps to tell yourself that but feeling it is another thing, I get it!

I really don’t want the headache pictured on this card and I know how the pictures play out, so I’m secretly very relieved it’s just a flickering effect rather than a relentless piercing in your face effect.

It played out through communications with someone whose been in my life for a decade, we now work together and had hit a roadblock where they couldn’t see how to continue and anything I was saying felt like it was landing on deaf ears.

With each defeatist ball that was hit back to me I felt myself shed another layer and speak deeper from the heart πŸ’—

But still nothing shifted it.

It got to the point where I nearly said “okay I accept it, we are done.”

But in a flash I stopped myself, stripped myself bare ( metaphorically speaking) took the last card from under my sleeve that I had in reserve and wasn’t sure whether to play.

"Why not?" I asked myself?

"Self protection" came the answer.

Okay then it was clearly time to play it.

Any rejection I’ll get over easier than the loss of everything that comes with this ending.

So f*** it I played it and boom πŸ’₯ it was heard and very well received, relationship transformed πŸ™Œ to myself and to each other beautifully so 😍


There was no pushing the river along on the Six of Swords.

She had to ask for help, and her prayers were gratefully answered. This was no small thing. S

he’d been trained as a tot to be a needless, wantless anti dependent, so much so that it was only in her late thirties that she realised she had walls, they’d been there the whole time so she never saw them.

But she knew she felt unhappy, broken and broken hearted, misunderstood, disjointed, rejected, alone.

She knew something wasn’t right. She knew something had never been right.
But she couldn’t see the walls. That was just the way the world was.

Yet everything she ever wanted was on the other side of the prison walls, she saw it from the cell window - others building stable fulfilling lives and she wondered why no matter how much she tried it wasn’t that way for her. She’d call out to others but in her desperation she’d scare them away.

Reinforcing the walls, so she learnt to connect to her own wants and needs instead of them taking her over like a crazy possession.

It was a long dark twisted tunnel that she dug with her fingertips alone.
She didn’t feel safe enough, she didn’t trust others wouldn’t let her down, bottom line was she didn’t trust her own discernment. She knew she got the potential of someone mixed up with the reality a lot. It would drop her from a great height and she couldn’t afford to break again, not now whilst she was finding her strength.

Reaching the shores of The Six of Swords says she’s broken out of Alcatraz. She’s connected to her wants and needs and ability to communicate them, the work she’s done on self care and communication means she knows what she needs and can allow herself to ask in a way her prayers are answered.

She’s learning not to do it all alone. She’s learning how to build a competent community and a team of people who have her back and vice versa.

She’s learning how to replace the fear of connection with fun and she’s enjoying the ride. Not only for herself but she teaches others to do this too.


Like a thief in the night.

It’s one of those cards that can bring up anxiety and I was anxious of what may come.

Even though I’ve been journeying for years and know it’s not necessarily going to be “bad” even though I know to release the judgment.

I don’t think we can ever stop judging.

But we can notice when we are doing it and decide to open up and proceed anyway.

That’s what is so powerful about working with Tarot this way.

Despite feeling the fear you go into the heart of it with your hearts wide open, keeping in check the urge to fear, dodge or control the uncontrollable, knowing that whatever happens you will feel so much stronger on the other side.

The journey is SO powerful for realising the strength and magic in you and the universe when you don’t try to control things.

You might want to! But  curb the urge then what happens is truly mind blowing πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠπŸ’

Today wasn’t that mindblowing for me (in a challenging way) which tells me I’m pretty good at the moment on the release of twisted thinking.

Instead I am thinking about strategy more than ever that feels positive.

The only shadow sides I saw today were watching a film called “Where Love Found Me” about a girl who was trafficked, and hearing that my husband’s clients cat did something so horrific (but totally natural for a cat) I can’t bear to repeat it.

Put it this way we are glad Minerva likes Avocado πŸ₯‘ 


You have to Tarot out of the box to read it.

Therefore one of my core teachings is to help myself and my students to see every card is a multifaceted multidimensional being.

When you approach the Tarot that way it’s mindblowing the layers it shows you. 

Yes Tarot has a structure and if you learn tarot you should learn it - or you might as well stick to oracle cards.

But learn the symbolism and do away with the meanings if you want to become a gourmet chef rather than a fast food servant.

When you are a gourmet chef you aren’t bound, you have creative licence and you have far more scope to come into alignment with your purpose and fulfil it.
But I must say with The Eight of Swords I struggle to see the multidimensional being.

Maybe it’s the blindfold but every time I journey with her I get the same experience, and no it’s not mental ( well it might be!) but I actually get searing physical pain in the form of stiffness.

I have an ongoing issue with my hips which means I can’t sit cross legged and have no range, sometimes it flares up into sciatica - I’ve noticed when this happens I’m usually on The Eight of Swords! Go figure!

But I shall endeavour to keep my mind and body flexible anyway πŸ˜‰


But not so deep I lost myself, more like deep enough to find myself.

Mindset was a big part of today.

Things that would normally send me into a nine of swords spin happened, but this time I didn’t spin, I didn’t lose my consciousness, I didn’t buy into a negative mindset.

I had a heart to heart with my step adult who's following their purpose fuelled passion about how necessary it is to have the courage of conviction to live a life “on purpose”.

How the world will throw everything at you and if you let it get to you that’s when defeat is certain, how there’s nothing more important than believing in yourself, backing yourself and protecting your mindset when you are on the path of your purpose.

You can’t just give up when things get hard, you have to walk the walk, talk the talk and push on through, it’s unrealistic to think you aren’t going to get your arse whipped.

Business is one of theee biggest self development and spiritual courses I have ever taken in my life - and I’ve taken a few courses in both in my time.

We spoke about what two words we would utter to our younger selves if we went back in time, mine was “trust yourself” Nic’s was “keep going”.

Notice how neither say “turn back” or “you fool”.

Back in 2016 - 2018  my mindset STANK!

It nearly cost me EVERYTHING. My family, my business, myself.

You can’t afford that. I couldn’t afford that.

Interestingly I was living on Andalucia at the time....

So what happened last night but my family decided we are watching a new series called “Warrior Nun”.

It opens with a dead girl lying in a cathedral in Andalucia.

She was an orphaned crippled epileptic who the nuns proclaimed was possessed by evil.

She was brought back to life by a halo and turned into a superhero.

Just WOW!


In the morning I sat with an unknown tarot card between my hands in meditation and saw a giant hermit commanding me to rise, the ascension command was powerful.

I shared it in a group and instantly got a gift  worth £250 to help me ascend - completing on 11th August, my birthday πŸŽ‚

Take that for magical alignment! πŸ˜‰

And the magic didn’t end there...I’d been blocked with moving forward in a number of areas but today without even trying everything I needed to move forward arrived.

I hadn’t asked for it - interestingly enough, still some work to do there, but the fact I hadn’t asked for it made it all the more magical.

Energetically I was floored,  flatlined, like the traditional rider Waite Ten of Swords.

But on that card he makes the same hand sign as the high priest showing faith in the spiritual - today that was powerful.

All I could do is meditation after meditation as I felt ascension after ascension.

I could feel the “gunk” of centuries lifting off me - just like the Ten of Swords in the Light Seers Tarot.

I bet you are raring to connect with The Ten of Swords now!?

And you never thought you would? 🀣

And the magic of the journey is you’ll never know how it will play out for you.

All I can say is it will give you EXACTLY what you need at the time - and that is always different.

As for me, I’m going straight on to The Cups.

As for you...

Inspired to fire up your intuition? 


Tiff x

Tiffany is a Multi Award-Winning Author, Inner Transformation Specialist and Courage Catalyst who stands for intuitives developing healthy esteem, relationships, and passion fuelled purposes.

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