Dump the Human and Delegate To The Universe!

Sep 05, 2019

It was Midnight Monday that I touched down on cold hard Bristolian concrete.

Feeling like Dido with the sand in my shoes that was scorching my feet only hours before.

So much so I had to recall from the recess of my mind what I’d learnt when I did a firewalk.

Yes, I’ve landed back in Blighty after 10 days of magical adventures in Andulucia!

Starting with The AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat 💃 and ending with my best friend’s wedding 👰.

The wedding was another retreat in itself, my friend hired a huge country house, and everyone stayed in the estate from Friday until Monday.

Just like the week before, I found myself in a poworful vortex of creative exciting celebratory energy - and I loved every minute of it. Even if I felt I had just held not one, but two retreats back to back!

On both occasions I did not get in a pool, despite it being right there and the temperature being 30+. In fact, I was too busy to eat which was great as I went away and lost weight! When does that ever happen?! BONUS!

I remember telling David Lacopo of The Light and Love Tarot Reading Festival about how I was 6 days in and hadn’t dipped my pinky toe in a pool yet. In his Archetypal Emporer he boomed…


I silently smiled whilst what was running through my head was that is with prioritising it!

So what can we do when so many priorities mean we don’t get a look in?

74% of adults have been so stressed in the last year that they have felt unable to cope. So today I want to share with you what is helping me through what is an insanely busy period.

It hasn’t ended just because I am back, I'm back for 15 days and then flying to Canada for David Lacopo’s three day Tarot Reading Festival. Which means in 15 days I need to write and practice a speech,  co-ordinate 3 days of game changer sessions, organise a retreat itenary, a chef and design another course to launch upon my return.

This "eventful business" is on top of running an online business, so maybe you get why I have been feeling the need to be in many places at once?

Having an online business is paradoxical, it gives you freedom on one hand and takes it away with the other. I'm grateful, without it I would still be stuck working for companies in London, rather than travelling the world.

I love every aspect of my work, the service, the spirituality, the connection, the creativity, the magic. It’s important to me and its important that I show up with the whole of my being.

So when I landed in Andulucia, frazzled from an early morning flight. Scrolling comotosed through my phone trying to catch up with my students in The Transformational Truth of Tarot” I stopped at a quote:


From that moment I knew that was what I needed to do, in order to show up for the amazing Goddesses coming to Granada.

At the same time the fear of letting go online hand me in it's grips. Last time I didn’t have my finger on The Transformational Truth of Tarot pulse just for a few days everything started to crumble. Despite prepping them and getting support staff in. One of which said  “it’s amazing, the energetic thing, when your energy isn’t there it’s so felt”. Followed by a student saying to me “gosh, I missed you so much, just having a little like can make all the difference”

Those comments stayed with me, aware that I needed to change this somehow, but unsure how. I’d prepped them and had two support staff in place, what more could I do?

Now, almost a year on, here I was again, at a time when I needed to be somewhere else. Andulucia is a powerful land - the energy is so huge it feels at times like you are trying to hold space for Mother Earth in labour, no wonder I had to be here now.

There was nothing else for it, I had to let go.

This time, looking at “BE HERE NOW” I delegated my baby, TTT to the universe to oversee.

💃Andulucia is SO powerful it’s taken me a stint of living there and running retreats to even begin to comprehend its power. A historic melting pot of different cultures, no wonder it is the opening scene of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”

The land is “alchemy infused.” ✨🙏

Every experience I have had here, has had an alchemical pinnacle. At some point there is no denying that transformation is occurring. When it does it’s like a volcanic 🌋 ☄️🌪eruption that you cannot hold, you have to let it all descend into breakdown and chaos. At this point it’s crucial to let go of control, connect with the universe, and say “okay i’m getting out of the way, work your magic”. And work the magic it does, much better than we could ever imagine.

So below is what I have come back with from the land of Andulucia yes, but it’s relevant for overwhelm everywhere.

🤝“The Four Agreements of Andulucia”

🙏” Thou shall not underestimate the power in the land”

Wherever I lay my hat that’s my home - just how many people have done that before you where you are now? We don’t tend to consciously take this onboard - but boy, unconsciously we can’t help it.

Andulucia has an incredible amount of history, Kabbalastic, Jewish, Islamic, Catholic and Gypsy to name a few. To walk on this land is to step into many stories 📝. It feels so powerful you can’t help but finally become conscious that you are tuning into energies that aren’t yours.

Before this moment though, overwhelm is huge.

🙏”Thou shall not turn away from ones shadow”

We are so busy we live life skimming the surface and then wonder why everything seems harder, or we are stuck in negative cycles. It can be so hard to get out of this in normal life. This is where a retreat (and particularly in Andulucia) can be really powerful.

Like Temperance in the Tarot, Andulucia will take you to face your shadow if that’s where you need to go. For its only there, deep in the shadow, that Temperance and the other three virtues of Strength, Prudence And Justice can arise. And it’s only when these four are in place that Temperance is born.

All through facing your shadow. Andulucia has a glaring Sun, land here and you will see your shadow. In doing so the Strength, Prudence, Justice and Grace that shine through is just as powerful.

😳”Thou shall not take things personally”

This is one of the original four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz about how everyone is coming from their own story and it truly has nothing to do with you.

Here I’m adding to it by saying what I said above with wherever you lay your hat…

Be conscious of where you are walking, living, breathing, being. Andulucia, is like a magnifying glass. In certain parts when you walk the streets (of Granada for example) you feel your heart crack open 💔. Revealing an endless sea of sadness, grief, exile and loneliness 😭. This vast feeling is not yours alone. This is the land of Flamenco. It’s the stories of the past infused in the streets that your knocking on when you step on them💃. Stories of the Moorish Kings and Queens, Kabbastic Scholars, The Spanish Inquisition and Gypsy Flamenco 💃 .

You cannot step on these streets without invoking the past melting pot of cultures that tried to live together in this land. Granada means pomegranate, and Pomegranate is a symbol for the tree of life, it will plug you into the grid of existence.

Of course it’s connecting to your own stories, awakening and arousing them, this is part of its purpose, this is how it activates your shadow. But when it happens remain aware and that what you are feeling is not all yours, then it won’t become all consuming.

Granada is a teacher, of how this applies everywhere, wherever you are.

😇”Thou shall set your intention, let go of control and surrender to the divine plan”

Let’s look at alchemy - at one point there is “crisis” for there is no alchemy/transformation/magic without it (like I was saying about the volcano)

✨Let’s look at magic - Andalucía is a magical land. Magic never ever happens the way you expect it to, that’s why it’s called “magic” but we can activate it by doing the following:

1. Setting our intention, writing a plan, and doing our best to put it into action.

2. Notice when the plan ignites, once it ignites you have to it let go, if you don’t you’ll create a painful experience and block the very thing you set out to create.

3. Keep an open mind. Fire 🔥 burns fast and makes so many different twists and turns, at a point it might feel too much, too intense, but when it’s done, you’ll arise anew. Like a Phoenix from the ashes. 🦅

👉 This is the power of Andulucia. A place that has become a second home for me. Each time I go I see this alchemical process, so is it any coincidence that I’m seeing more and more “transformational retreats” going there too?

I don’t think so.

The land knows what it is doing, the question is do we?

I know the answer to this....

All the time in Andulucia I heard snippets of the same conversation through different people and scenarios.

“The one thing I wanted this trip was ... I had to let it go... didn’t see how it could happen.... and it happened!”

If you are there thinking what has this got to do with being able to cope with overwhelm? Then this is it:

Set your intention, let go of control and surrender to the divine plan.

When I got back from Andulucia it was time to “BE HERE NOW” for my Transformational Truth of Tarot students. A few of whom appeared to be a bit overwhelmed and lost from my perspective, but nothing compared to last time. So I took them through the Eisenhow Decision Matrix to see where they are at with their day to day life, and Transformational Truth of Tarot practice. Then work with that as a tool to show them also where I thought they were with it and what needed to happen.

As I did the rounds, it turned out that the majority had their coursework in the Urgent box and none of them had it dump or delegate. Phew! Plus, it actually turned out that they were all far more on track than they were before I went to Andulucia!

So the conculsion?

You can use tools to help you manage, like the Eisenhow Decision Matrix, reverse engineering and forward planning. Making lists of priorities, schedules and timetables. But in essence there is nothing more powerful than realising that we aren’t a single entity.

We connect to a huge universal power.

And at times that something is bigger than you the best thing you can do is to recognise that and communicate with it.

There are many stories I could relay to you. Stories about how myself and others have asked another human for something and get the response “impossible”. But after a word with the universe it happens, sometimes as fast as the next day.

Like my TTT student last night who has homeschooled her daughter for so long. She was told the other day there was absolutely no school place for her daughter, - then yesterday there suddenly was.

Or the time I got told by my boss “no-one gives up their Friday slot Tiffany”.

I slumped into my seat and asked the universe…

“If it’s for the highest good of all concerned Universe then i’d really love this to happen!”

The next day a phone call saying did I want the Friday slot as another reader had got a better paying Friday slot elsewhere!

So the key here is:

If you feel like you are in a situation you can’t manage, dump the human head and hand it over to the universal manager.

Or if you want something to happen but you can’t see how, dump the human head and go to the universal manager.

We humans are amazing, because we are a creation of the universal manager, but we tend to forget it in our closed little controlling minds :)

We get overwhelmed because the universe is that - but all we need to do is open to it :)

Don’t forget to ask the universal manager for help!

Maybe you want to come to Andulucia?

Or one of the other 3 magical lands I’m holding retreats at?

But maybe you don’t think it’s possible? 

Dump the human head, set your intention, ask the universe, click on what calls you and see what happens!


✨You are female

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✨You want to visit an incredible place like Granada to make some amazing life memories

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✨You want to return to your life as an empowered, sexy, feminine goddess.

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If ….

✨You want to learn Tarot in a way that gets you away from the meanings and puts you in touch with the deeply transformative.

✨You want to hold an accredited Diploma in Tarot.

✨You have always wanted to connect with ancient stone circles

✨ You want to learn from me in person.

✨ You want to spend a tranquil weekend in a rainforest fairyland location.

✨You want to experience huge connection to the super natural. The site in Cornwall is surrounded by stone circles, has megaliths in the garden and is on the biggest leyline in the uk.

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Here's to seeing you somewhere in person soon!

Warmest wishes, 

Tiffany x







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