Does anything Just Happen? How to live the dream when you don’t have money.

Aug 21, 2019

2019 has been amazing for me (and for you too I hope) and the best is yet to come.

It “just happens” that tomorrow I fly out to the magical labyrinth like land of Granada to hold The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat with 8 wonderful women and my dear soul sister Natalie. Who just so happens to have just been named one of the top ten Flamenco teachers in Granada, super excitable!

So let’s look at this “just happens” thing.

Does anything “just happen?”

Did Natalie “just happen” to be named one of the best flamenco teachers in Granada?

She might have felt like it “just happened” but in reality, she made a life-changing leap after getting a message whilst attending my one- day Tarot diploma several years ago(it’s where we first met).

After that Natalie moved her life to Andulucia to study with the best Flamenco teachers around.

Day, day after day, year after year, whilst teaching English to support herself.

Similarly - a year ago today I received my first ever copy of what is now The Gold Awarded Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer.

Did that just happen?


I made a series of leaps, like Natalie. To study hard and perfect my craft. To come out of the mainstream and do the extraordinary.

To make the jump from employment to self -employment, to write books, to teach, and to travel. To live the dream. 

Travel features strongly in both our stories...

Natalie wouldn’t be where she is today by staying in her council flat in South London. And nor would I.

For instance, The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer wouldn’t exist. It was a vision I received in a Temezcal (Mexican Sweat Lodge).

Without my willingness to travel to Canada and India I wouldn’t have an international speaking career.

Without my travels to Canada, The Canadian Retreat and Light and Love Transformational Tarot Summit wouldn’t exist.

Without living in Cornwall for a period of time The Cornish Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat wouldn’t exist.

Without living in Granada for a time The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat wouldn’t exist.

Without Natalie moving to Granada I wouldn’t have lived there either.

And without my travels to Mexico The Transformational Truth of Past Lives and Mayan Astrology Retreat wouldn’t exist either.

It was only last year I was broke beyond compare, dreaming of these experiences, not believing they were possible.

It was bad. So bad all I could envisage happening was bankruptcy and needing to go get a job. Anybody that knows me knows HOW bad that fate would be for me, to give up on my passion would be like giving up on my reason for being here.

I was so stretched by the launch of the game changer it felt like everything was about to break at any given moment.

But then one day something “just happened”

What happened?


Invites to Canada, Spain and Mexico.

Now here’s how it didn’t “just happen”

Usually, when we broke, the last thing we will say yes to is something that will take MORE money, but there’s a quote from Richard Branson that’s always served me well during these times…

“If someone gives you an amazing opportunity you are not sure how you can make it happen, say yes, and work it out later”

Was I was scared as the word yes stumbled out my mouth each time?

Damn right!

Am I pleased I did it?

Damn right!

First, there was David Lacopo, with his invite to speak at The Light and Love Tarot Festival in Montreal.

Was David’s message in alignment with my own?

Damn right!

Do I find that every day?


Did I have the money to make it happen?


Did I show him that?


I smiled and gave him a 110% resounding heartful yes that lit his little face (and mine) right up.

Then I set about making it profitable.

I had Transformational Truth of Tarot students in Canada so it made sense to put on a retreat there for them whilst I was there.

Next, I approached David about launching The Light and Love Transformational Tarot Summit. No brainer! Let's get the message out there - which in return gave people the opportunity to come on!

That one yes I said to David led to putting together my first ever summit and my first ever international retreat in a place I didn’t live.

My business started to boom.

But! The in-between time of saying yes and the boom was EVEN leaner.

In that lean time, Natalie rang me to tell me she was getting married in Spain in four months, and asked if I was I coming. This time I shook even more, I was so stretched. But did I let her know how much I was shaking? No, she’s my soul sister! There is no way on earth I couldn’t be there! I had to find a way to make it happen.

“Natalie, yes! And I know this is crazy as it’s the week before your wedding. But would you be up for hosting a Transformational Truth of AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat with me?"

At the time those words were falling out my mouth i’m shaking my head is going...

“Tiff, you are completely nuts! It's hard enough to fill one retreat in a year and you have two to fill already as it is!”

I get my message back from Natalie…

“AstroTarotFlamenco? With You? Hell, yeah!”

Thing was BOTH of us were skint!

And did we let that stop us?


Being Leonine Lionesses we hunted, prowled, until we found the perfect authentic gorgeous Carmen! A stones’ throw from the Alhambra - and get this - who didn’t want any payment until a few days before the retreat!


The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotFlamenco Retreat was born, selling out within a month, my negative beliefs along with it.

So when I got the next message from a friend in Mexico saying Tiff, when are you coming back?

I found myself saying “January! I’m putting on a Transformational Truth of Past Lives and Mayan Astrology New Year New You Retreat in Tulum!”

And that was HOW my International Retreat business began and how my business “just happened” to bounce back in one day.

But in reality it didn’t just happen.

I ALLOWED it to happen.

How many times does something we want come our way but we tell ourselves we can’t because of this and that, and then we wonder why nothing ever changes?

If I had cowered, and said “I’ll think about it” i’d still be broke on my sofa in the wet rainy UK right now just dreaming of what’s possible.

In six months you can be in an entirely different place to where you are now.

But it doesn’t just happen.

You gotta ALLOW it to happen.

Like so:

1. know what you want so that..

2. When you see something in alignment with it you know you can’t let it pass by.

3. Even if you don’t think it’s possible for you, give yourself, and life the chance to prove you wrong - it’s great when it does.

 Today, I am going to tell you about three amazing opportunities.

All retreats that serve a different purpose in a different place.

With a very clear description so you can see if it is in alignment with what you want and where you see yourself going.

If so a single yes can lead to so many more openings.

For instance, maybe saying yes to one of these retreats means you have to kick start your business? As it meant for mine.

I offer payment plans but every month that goes past, there’s a month less That page turns on 27th of each month.

So even a week from now you may wish you started today.

Here they are, AND if any are in alignment with where you want to be then your life is on the otherside of saying “yes.”

1. The Transformational Truth of Tarot and Diploma Retreat Canada is next month:

If ….

✨You want to learn Tarot in a way that gets you away from the meanings and puts you in touch with the deeply transformative.

✨You want to hold an accredited Diploma in Tarot.

✨You have always wanted to live the Canadian dream

✨ You want to learn from me in person.

✨You’d like to learn from Mary K Greer and Rachel Pollock alongside other tarot greats the weekend before

✨You want to spend a tranquil weekend in a Canadian dream.

✨You want to experience huge connection to the super natural, through lakes, mountains, pines and sacred fires.

✨Click here to make it happen!

2. The Transformational Truth of Past Lives and Mayan Astrology New Year New You Retreat:


✨You want to experience the profound healing of past lives

✨You want to truly feel the peace that happens when you really get it about the divine plan because you’ve seen it.

✨You want to be free from any heart pain, guilt, bitterness or resentments

✨You would like to learn Past Life Regression Therapy to the extent that you are accredited to practice should you wish.

✨If you’d like to learn Mayan Astrology to help you heal and understand your timelines.

✨If you’d like to experience a Mexican Sweat Lodge and Cacao ceremony both to purge and open your mind and heart.

✨If you’d like to spend January in the caribbean on a white sandy beach, swimming in Turquiose sea.

✨If you’d like to visit one of the original wonders of the world “Chichen Itza” along with other sacred Mayan temples and Ceynotes.

✨If you’d like to come back to your life with your heart healed and your head full of peace from truly understanding the bigger picture.


🏝🗿✨Then click here to make it happen!

3. The Transformational Truth of Tarot and Diploma Retreat Cornwall - Feb 28th - 2nd Mar 2020:

If ….

✨You want to learn Tarot in a way that gets you away from the meanings and puts you in touch with the deeply transformative.

✨You want to hold an accredited Diploma in Tarot.

✨You have always wanted to connect with ancient stone circles

✨ You want to learn from me in person.

✨ You want to spend a tranquil weekend in a rainforest fairyland location.

✨You want to experience huge connection to the super natural. The site in Cornwall is surrounded by stone circles, has megaliths in the garden and is on the biggest leyline in the uk.

✨You are in the uk and need a retreat closer to home and your budget.

✨Click here to make it happen!


The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotFlamenco Granada Retreat:


✨You are female

✨You want to activate your feminity

✨You want to identify the goddesses within you through astrology and tarot.

✨You want to transform any unharmonious aspects of your goddess selves through expressive dance

✨You want to fire up your archetypal Goddess through Flamenco.

✨You want to bathe like a Moorish princess in the best Hammam in the world

✨You want to spend a long bank holiday weekend in the Spanish Sun rather than english rain.

✨You want to visit an incredible place like Granada to make some amazing life memories

✨You’d like to visit The Alhambra one of the “new” wonders of the world and learn about the magical melting pot that makes you feel infinetly connected

✨You want to return to your life as an empowered, sexy, feminine goddess.

This retreat sold out within weeks of opening it’s doors so this time, we are opening it first to the people on the waiting list...


✨Click here to get on the waiting list!

Here's to seeing you somewhere in special person in a special place, on the otherside of the screen and the otherside of YES!



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