No Wonder Your World Is Spinning - Welcome To The End Of An Era! December 2021

Nov 27, 2021

If you are reading this, then congratulations! You've survived 2020 and 2021! 

That in itself is a HUGE achievement - and (my guess) is much is changing in your world. No one is coming out untouched, and my intention with this post is that you see how this rite of passage is going to serve you. 

But first, you gotta come back with me…

Where were you when it all began back on New Years Day 2020? 

I landed in the Yucutan a couple of days before - on Mexican Fool's day (December 28th).

Uncanny! Because whenever I travel I start a new Fool's Journey in the Tarot which starts like this: 

Day 1 - The Fool ( Trump number 0)

Day 2 - The Magician (Trump number1)

Day 3 - The High Priestess (Trump number 2)

Day 4 - The Empress ( Trump number 3)

Day 5 - The Emperor (Trump number 4)

This meant I was to land on The Emperor on New Year's day, also uncanny because 2020 deduces to 4 - The number of The Emperor. 

At the time we were also ruled by Trump - Donald ( means "world power") and Trump which means to rank above the rest - gosh! There is so much in a name! 

In Tarot the word Trump refers to "Major Arcana" - the Major sits above the Minor (trumps it) see them as godly puppets pulling the strings of the puppets/ minor) 

For example, my name TIFFANY JANE CROSARA means gracious (Jane) epiphany (Tiffany) through crucifixion! (Crosara) lol! The story of my life! My clients might say that working with me feels like that too! And here I am talking to you about yet another crossroads, but I digress! 

The point is to show you there is HUGE power in a name because if it's there in a name it's there in numbers. 

So 2020 was lockdown year - a number 4 (2+0+2+0 =4 ), and we found ourselves lockdown in 4 walls by our Emperor’s. 

On the first day of 2020, I woke up alone in Mexico and took a taxi to the beach. I sank my feet into hot white sand and connected with the shamanic power I felt in the wind rustling the palm trees and the lapping of the Caribbean sea. 

As I did I received a downloaded message from the archetype of The Emperor, it said: 

“ If humanity doesn’t manage to align itself this year we would have a massive karmic whack” 

I remember thinking “thanks for the advance warning! We are well f**** then!” 

But is it not human nature that we need to learn through experience?

What if you stop for a moment, right now and think back over all the things that have happened to you over the following 3 points in time: 

  1. 2013/14 
  2. 2020 
  3. May/June 2021

And what that means for you now?

  1. Think first about how your life was in 2013/14 because that's where we find ourselves now. The same eclipse axis is here seeing us through to October 2023. Taurus (High Priest - Trump 5) /Scorpio (Death - Trump 13). What similarities are happening now? Whatever was playing out in 2013/14 has a similar bearing. 

For example, someone important has come into my life with the same name as the person who was most important to me then.


  1. 2020 - What happened for you throughout 2020? the year of The Emperor & also the year of Death (number 13 in the Tarot - 1+3 =4) It has two sides just like the eclipse axis. Whenever The Emperor arrives he slays the old to build a new life, and we’ve been going through that literally and figuratively speaking. 

For example, we lost my Mother in Law at the beginning of lockdown 1 and my Grandad between lockdown 1 and 2 - literal death. But it also signified huge changes in our own lives - the end of life as we knew it - on EVERY level. 


  1. What was happening for you in May/June time this year? This was the last eclipse season and things that started then should come to fruition now. 

For example, I was feeling let down, especially by a lot of Geminis - sorry Gemini’s! I love you really! My husband and some of my best clients are Geminis! It just so happened so were the people I felt let down by then (the eclipse axis was in Gemini at the time).

Russell Brand was one of the Geminis.

He cancelled our 1:2:1 an hour before it was due to take place! I'm not up for such short notice by anyone  (just like my message from The Emperor)! Lol!

I have fought with my feelings of these letdowns ever since May/June, and only recently have I felt able to let it go. And of course, it's only when we let go that things come through.

I managed to let it go a month or so ago, but the other night I woke up from a dream about Russell, hmm! 

Ever since then I kept wondering if that ‘wrong” would ever right itself...

And boom! It's come through!

Just a literal wondering, I was okay if it didn't. I had dropped judgment, got into curiosity and that felt good.

We are heading to the end of an epic couple of years, where nothing will ever be the same, and where are you with that now? 

Where are you with the epic losses, crushed dreams and disappointments you will have undoubtedly experienced in this time?

What about all those good intentions that turned to dust? 

Or did they? Even if you think they did?

The other day on social media I asked this question: 

The split was 60/40 - with the majority saying 2 - what about you? 

I will share with you that I sit in the number 2 camp. But I’ve noticed that just because I get the opposite first doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

It means I’ve set an intention and the universe goes “Right! You want that do you? Okay! Here’s your rite of passage to get there!” 

Things are righting themselves in my world from May/June this year, and why? 

Well, it wasn’t through trying to make anyone “realise” or through asking them to take some responsibility! Lol!- yup! I did! Even with Russell! 

It came through me taking “responsibility”

Responsibility! One of those words that make us want to run for the hills. 

“Truth” is another one of those words but in reality, both are friggin awesome once we’ve faced them because it’s only when we have that your world will sit right on its axis once again.

I’ll finish like I started - by congratulating you on surviving two of the biggest transformative years I’ve seen in this lifetime. 

2020 - 4 - structure- Emperor comes to slay and lay a new foundation

2021 - 5 - change - High Priest comes to instal faith and a promise of life after death when all is in meltdown

2022 - 6 - progress - The Lovers (Adam and Eve) come to let us know we have free will. 

But before we get to free will, we have a journey around choice, responsibility, karma etc, and that's where we are now. 

In eclipse season on the run-up to the solstice. It’s the end of an era and big changes are around the corner.

It’s time to clear up those loose ends, not by trying to achieve anything externally but by knowing you’ve done right by yourself for yourself. 

Is that how you would like to wrap up 2021?

If so click here to see my invite to you on seeing this year through to its end in the best way possible. 

Much love and blessings to you, 

Tiff x

If it's yes click here. 



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