Aug 23, 2020

2020, the year of vision and clarity struck us in an Emperonic manner…

2020 deduces to 4 - The Emperor in the Tarot, and he kicks butt. Okay I made up the word “Emperonic” but Coddiwomple is a real word. It means to travel purposefully towards an unknown destination. And whilst The Emperor knows exactly what he is here to do and how, we are in a state of Coddiwomple. 

 In fact even our coddi (new word I just made up for purpose) could be wompling.

But The Emperor isn’t just here to kick butt he is here to catalyse our coddiwomple and Courage.

So how can you find your courage and purpose in times that test them both?

Well, if you know me, you’ll know I have a passion.

That passion is The Fool’s Journey in the Tarot (aka Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey).

Covid is providing a courageous coddiwompling Fool’s / Hero’s Journey for you.

Whether you can or can’t see that, now’s the time to get it super clear and here’s how we are going to do it.

  1. Grab your journal
  2. Grab a pen
  3. Grab a tea
  4. Grab a blanky
  5. Grab a cat

Okay 3 -5 (and especially 5) are optional. But some things in life aren’t optional if you want magic, and writing is one of them.

When I lead a group through the journey in Zero to Hero a common objection I get is…

“I can’t see any magic to write about” And that’s because the Magic only shows up when you write.

There are 3 stages to magic.

  1. Thought
  2. Word
  3. Deed

Right now, you are thinking should I go get a pen and a journal / notepad / back of an envelope or not? But for the magic to appear you gotta do the deed and write the word.What say you?

Ready to write your Fool’s /Hero’s Journey of Lockdown? Got your pen and pad? And cat?

Great! Let’s do this… First of all, answer this question:

What was your call to adventure?

In other words what situation has Covid presented you with?

My Call To Adventure ( The stage of The Fool) started in Mexico - I happened to coddiwomple there on Mexico’s Fool’s day (Dec 28th) - you know, like you do!

On New Years day The Emperor made his presence felt and I knew it was going to be the hardest working year of my life - call it an intuition, a hunch ... a Heros (or Fool’s) Journey.

Even though I had no idea at the time…

I thought that meant a book, a yearbook journal, the recreation of The Transformational Truth of Tarot and a deck- but it actually meant the need for sheer coddiwompling courage.

✍️ What was your call to adventure when 2020 struck?

There’s a second stage to 1, let’s call it 1.5 - Denial of The Call to adventure.

The first step to unblocking meant writing a book i’d sat on for 7 years. It was deeply personal and the resistance and vulnerability felt like a concentrate block, still I decided to chisel away - just write God damn it! Without thinking about what would come of it…

✍️Now its’ your turn… Where are you denying your call? Just write it out God damn it!

Next up is Meeting The Mentor (The Magician)

You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears”?

So who appeared for you? A teacher can be anyone whose can help you cross the threshold (next step).

Here’s mine...

The Magician - Meet The Mentor - My friend spoke to me of a writing accountability going on between her and another - I joined and wrote the autobiography i’d been sitting on for several years in two weeks - like a clucky lil hen!

✍️Who was your mentor and why?

Now we cross the threshold with The High Priestess

If you managed to get past the denial of the call to the adventure and say yes to the mentor you will cross the threshold from your normal world to your unknown world, sounds scary right? That’s why a lot of people (95%) never say yes to the call of adventure - but if you want a meaningful life there is only one way - to cross the threshold. Covid itself has forced the crossing of the normal world into the unknown world, so there is only one way…

Across the threshold we go!

For me... Eeek i’d written now, there it was staring me in the face, I’d birthed the book, there was no going back and that was what I was afraid of. BUT! Then I heard the intuitive voice of the universe (The High Priestess) whisper to me that it was never meant to be a” reveal all of me to all of you book” it was meant to be” a reveal all of you to all of you book” - a workbook and a course - mindblown!

✍️What was the crossing the threshold moment for you?

Helpers - The Empress, Emperor, High Priest

A reliable and funny occurrence happens when you cross the threshold. It’s almost as if the universe conspires to send you the help you need, who was there to help carry you across the threshold? Journal it out and see who appears as you do.

For me I got a group of intuitives together who had a sneak peak of the book and were hungry for more. I asked them if they’d like a 10 day course - Boom! Course created, they snapped it up and it went down a storm! (Now the Activate Your Intuition System).

✍️What about you? Seek and you shall find.

Trials and failure ( The Lovers and Chariot):

Now the real work begins, sure it was tough getting past the denial of the call to action and crossing the threshold, but it was tough because you were anticipating this and the next few stages of the journey. The overwhelm from being in an unknown world and having a lot to learn - which leads to inevitable failure, without that we never get to the next stage but before we get there, what trials and failures have you gone through on your lockdown journey?

✍️I’m giving you permission here to clear the decks and let it all hang out - not that you need my permission, you need yours...

For me it became clear that I needed to do a serious restructure. I had a wobbly journey here - a whole Fool’s/ Hero’s journey in itself that lasted 4 long head down months - a deeply complex rabbit warren where I thought I was going one way and would actually be going another! Crazy making! I had laid out the best made plan but lockdown was not having it!

I often said I felt like I was rebuilding the London Underground) whilst being so drunk my head was spinning but then….

Growth and New Skills (Strength and Hermit) ✍️How have you grown through Covid? What new skills have you acquired?

Next up - Death and Rebirth -The Wheel

The older generations learnt how to get online. Businesses pivoted. Life changed. We mourned for the freedom of dancing with our friends at festivals, of seeing our family in the flesh, of holding them close in a cuddle down the pub and kissing them on a cheek and made do with seeing them through the screen or a mask.

Overnight the world changed, what’s on the macro always affects the micro.

✍️So how did this play out for you?

For me I communicated who I was becoming to my list, rebranded my fb group and pages and I let people know it’s okay if they didn’t resonate with the new me and wish to go (which a lot did).

✍️How did lockdown force you to look at who you are becoming instead of who you have been?

✍️Write it out because then you get...Revelation (Justice, The Hanged Man and Death)!

 Always a pivotal and uncomfortable time, the truth shall set you free, at first it’s like you are hanging in the balance, no longer who you were and not yet who you are becoming, but like that emerging from the chrysalis stage, it’s so worth it.

✍️What did revelation reveal to you?

For me this manifested as radio silence. But luckily I’ve been in the online world long enough to know it’s not always an accurate reflection and anyway, what choice did I have? Once you’ve crossed the threshold there’s no going back (not that you’d want to). It was clear a phase in my life was done, I was no longer who I was, I was who I was becoming.

There’s no holding back the years, for as long as you are alive, even if you deny the call to adventure, change will come to you, and you can either open your arms and welcome it, or be dragged through it.

And so we get to Finally Changes (Temperance) -

What we thought might be a temporary sleight of hand becomes a strong hold as we realise that’s it.

Life will never be as we once knew it to be, as shocking as it may be this is the place where acceptance and adjustment starts to sink in - there’s a keyword I use for Temperance, and I’ll share it with you, it’s “Grace” - Grace keeps me grounded during times of change, it keeps me holy, patient, humble and gives me strength.

✍️So where have you seen the truth, accepted it, adjusted, found patience, sacredness, humility and strength?

For me I crossed the threshold, made it public, and committed to a new way of being, whatever the outcome, and I truly practiced keeping a good conscious mindset throughout, not expecting overnight wonders and being in it for the longhaul - oh and I started doing yoga and walking daily :)

The long haul….

Atonement (The Devil and Tower) -Another reason for the denial of the call to adventure!

Having to face up to the parts of ourselves and our life that we’d rather not, because we fear our inability to make it good. You get me?

✍️How did this play out for you in Lockdown? Maybe it’s the same old Devil?

-For me it’s the same old Devil - All those negative whispers about how I’m delusional, it will ever work, I’m a stupid incompetent fool. Oh yes they came right up - and every day I got right up to them - like that quote “be the kind of woman that in the morn The Devil says shit she’s awake!”

I was determined not to let the negative mindset that nearly cost me my biz in the past happen all over again. Daily I did tasks that revealed to me sadly - just how much baggage there was still - and happily - how flippin outdated it now was. I clearly was no longer that person, and I could clearly see how the problem was all in the mind.

The Devil isn’t called the lightbringer for no reason, just like the next card in the natural order is The Tower - the lightning striking through the crown, releasing you from your own imprisonment.

✍️ So how did atone? Have you atoned? You’ll know when you have because...

It’s only then you…Get the Gift (Star)!

So many people coo at The Star and resist the Tower, not getting that The Star happens because of all the times before you’ve looked The Devil in the eye and embraced The Tower.

✍️Where have you had to face what you fear and make it good?

I’ve had to sober up and look at some cold hard facts, I’ve had to be disciplined, restricted and to grow up (and to be honest lockdown helped with that). I’ve had to look at every way I don’t want to live, and every way I do and find a plan to get there. I have had to walk the fine line between grace and giving up when things haven’t gone to plan and it feels like instead I've dug myself into a deeper hole.

I’m lucky enough to live my purpose each day, but luck is what you make it …

...And it ain’t what you do it's the way that you do it.

Just this week i’ve manifested a call with Russell Brand a TV Producer in New York and a public speaking career in India!

All seemingly out of the blue. I haven’t “atoned” directly for Russell Brand, the Indian opportunity or the TV producer in New York. But I have worked hard for my vision, and stayed true to it when the going gets tough, which is easier to do when you know your guiding star...

✍️ Where’s your guiding Star?

✍️Can you see it?

✍️What is your vision?

✍️If I could gift you a gift what would it be?

✍️Can you see any flickers of receiving it yet?

Journaling on these questions is the gift of priceless gold, write it out and the gift shall appear

Returns Changed (Moon, Sun Judgment)

The dark night of the soul comes first, putting yourself out there when the world thinks you are a lunatic, having the faith in yourself with no gravity to hold you down.

But when you have nothing stable to rely on it’s then the truth of who you really are gets revealed…

The Sun, which reliably comes up after the Moon represents consciousness, strength, purpose and identity, it’s time to release the judgments that keep you stuck, so your world can open up…

This year i’ve cleared away the negative projections that inevitably gather when you are in the spotlight. I might be a Leo Sun, but I have a Cancer Moon too! A tough combo of an ultra sensitive limelight loving soul! That mindset work I spoke of earlier has been a big part of this.

To do so I had to clear the judgments I had on others - I even went out my way to purposely hire them! And you know what? I cleared some sh**! And as I got to know them they transformed from annoying triggering divas into humans with a generous passionate heart for service - the same as me - funnily enough!

✍️ Where have you needed to clear the projections of others on you so you can shine?

✍️What judgments on others do you need to clear and how?

✍️ Perhaps you still need to do this?

Do it! Whatever has come up, take some actions to clear it now!

Because in the Tarot Judgment is ascension, clear it and ascend to the most successful card in the pack ..

- The World… it only opens up for you AFTER Judgment….

The World - The End - or is it?

My FINAL live run of Zero To Hero (where I take you through your own Hero’s / Fool’s Journey) starts on the Pisces Full Moon of 2nd September.

Does the fact that it’s final mean I don’t enjoy doing this journey?

I hope the passion in this blog shows you nothing could be further from the truth!

Lockdown showed me I needed to stop reinventing the wheel (running the same program) as much as I love it. The whole structure of my world has had to return changed.

What about you? Where have you ended up now? And where’s your beginning?

Are you ready to say yes to your final live call to adventure with me as your live guide?!

Do you remember I thought my call to adventure was a book, a deck, a yearbook/diary/journal, and the rebrand of TTT?

Well, we can never see the journey in its entirety and that’s coddiwomple for you!

So here’s how that turned out.,,,

TTT rebranded and ready for doors to open again this Autumn - apply here!

Book and Journal/diary - a blend of both manifested in “ The 10 Transformational Truths (& Symptoms) of Using Your Intuition as “OUT-tuition” workbook - now here!

Oh and a new course that! - Activate Your Intuition System!

The Activate Your Intuition System is part of my new world and Zero To Hero in 22 days (live delivery) is part of my old, and I love both dearly, both hold so much value, that i’ve decided…

I’ll reward you for saying yes to the Call to Adventure by giving you free access to the workbook and 10 lessons in Activate Your Intuition when you book on to the last ever live Zero To Hero - starting this Pisces Full Moon!

(Deck - still a work in progress :))

One more time!

  1. Get your Intuitive Workbook here!
  2. Go to Zero To Hero in 22 days if you want to catch the last live run starting on the Full Moon!
  3. Get both the above? I'll refund you for the workbook and lessons in the Activate Your Intuition System!
  4. Ready for TTT? Apply here!

Wishing you well on your journey and here’s to the possibility of embarking on it together.



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