Capricorn Full Moon 28th June - Be Like Cat (or Cap).

Jun 25, 2018

Once upon a time, a wise man told me to "be like cat".

"Let your cat teach you how to live" his words trailed off as he vanished into the distance.
That was about fourteen years ago now, and maybe, just maybe, I've started to master it...

Let me tell you a little story.

It's Monday afternoon and I finally get a chance to tackle the to-do list I wanted to start first thing. When I realise it's the last day I have to write the Full Moon Blog, eek! Now I sound like a mouse :)

So What Happens?
1. My to-do list goes out the window.
2. My first Boogie Bounce Class that I could get to in three weeks has to be canceled.
3. I now have to work the evening, even though I am already tired after working all weekend and I have to get up at 5:30 am and be out the house by 6:30 for a full on full-day event tomorrow.
And the best thing is? I realise I am okay with that - I'm being like cat :)



I've had a pretty intense time with my back since the week before the new moon in Gemini. It's been an interesting journey path littered with lessons.

At times I have not been able to bend move at all, which resulted in my cat eating my painkillers on the actual day of the Gemini New Moon.

I dropped one and couldn't bend down to pick it up - well I am sure if I had executed every single movement with total consciousness and gave it all the time it needed without shaving a minuscule of a millisecond off then I could have, but my "I can't do this - it's going to take too long if there is any chance of it not being painful" mentality won and I paid a hefty price for it.

Mystic is fine btw! After a lovely vets bill to hang as a souvenir to remind me of my pricey mentality. Although, I have decided to rename her mischief! So thanks Mercurial Moon Cat God of Gemini for possessing my cat!

But hey, I guess her role is to show me how to live right?

And the lessons come round harder everytime right?


You see this occurrence triggered an upsetting memory of when Tomcat died two years ago- I blamed myself, for not giving him enough care, time and attention.

Sat there in the vets the darker twin's voice of the Gemini trickster God had truly got my head wedged in it's vice...

"You aren't fit to have a pet, you killed your last one and you didn't learn the lesson then, and now what if Mystic dies? She's your familiar, your longest soul companion, she's been with you through so much, and this is how you repay her? God! You even killed your own daughter, you aren't fit to look after anything living, even your pot plants die" 

Yup, it was evil!

An hour later and we got Mystic back, she was fine, but as I said I've changed her name to mischief well more like Mystic - Mischief, and I'm changed - hopefully permanently this time.

Once again the animal of cat showed me how to live - the very same lesson...


Slow down and take the time to do whatever is necessary.

Needless to say, it was quite an ordeal getting Mystic Mischief to the vets as I have found myself to be almost entirely housebound. At times I've developed cabin fever, but something really amazing happened from being held hostage to my home.
My life got simpler. 

I realised I didn't need everything I thought I did from the shops, I had to start living without it, and I discovered I could! I didn't need to consume as much as I did either or go to as many exercise classes -because of how much I had consumed! 

My energy output had to be a lot less in my active life and as I curbed it my time and money increased. I had so much more time to create - and that created more as creation does.

Both my husband and I both realised just how tired we were from all that our creations were taking from us, it was obvious to see, the cracks of lack of self-love were becoming apparent in the mirror of marriage.

But instead of being fearful that we were veering off track and getting all dramatic and upset as might have been the case in the past something else happened.

We had a chat, two adults, two mature, self-employed adults, who understood the demands of that life, and what it was like to be tired but not be able to take any time off and we made an agreement.

An agreement to take away the self-imposed limitations of how we must finish work at a certain time to protect our evening and weekends, an agreement to support each other through a full on period, by giving whatever that period demands.

We can do that now due to reaching a level of security and maturity not externally - but internally.

We've needed to get wise about how and where our time is spent and - "ain't nobody got time for that" has reached a whole new level of clarity and a power of its own kind.


Welcome to the Capricorn Full Moon! 28th June, 5:52 GMT 
As that diligent little mountain goat climbs slowly and surely up to its peak we must do the same.
I keep hearing and seeing the same quote this week, that success is to get up one more time than you fail.
It would be very easy this full moon to feel less than, to feel like a failure, to feel serious, weighed down and depressed as our limits are illuminated and we are shown our own humanity and mortality in the cold sobering light of the moon, that the world demands more of us than we can give, things may break, doors might slam shut, leaving us on the floor feeling like we don't have it in us to get back up one more time.

But you do. 

Know you do. 

You owe it to yourself to - and take your time about it.

1. Pace Yourself - The back issue and Mystic (who got possessed by the mercurial God of mischief on the Gemini New Moon) has taught me never to give up and say something is just too hard because the result of that is even more pricey.

2. Be Patient With Yourself - The back issue has taught me that every single task has to be done with complete and utter presence, each task has been allotted its time by the universe and if you try to shortchange it - well God help you escape from the pain incurred! Make sure you know where your energy is best spent.

3. Be Mature - A lovely definition of maturity is that it's when you don't need to hurt someone who has hurt you and I love that.

It's just time to dig a little deeper and - be more like Cat (or Cap).
Warmest wishes

Tiffany x


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