Cancer New Moon 10th July - 7 Signs Your Identity is Ascending

Jul 09, 2021

Can you feel it in the air? Change is everywhere! And it goes a lil something like this…Up, down, round and round, messiness, shame, blame, resistance, breakthrough!

Without sounding like a certain boy band life is a roller coaster just gotta ride it.

Yes, life is always changing, but as far as roller coasters go this is Blackpool’s Big One!

Have you ever been on that?

I was 18, dating an adrenaline junkie who bombed us up the motorway in his sports car to throw himself off the top of a crane with a piece of elastic tied to one ankle.

Hanged man anyone?

Dangling upside down is one thing I draw the line at!

So I compromised with him and said yes to Blackpool’s Big One. Oh my, the journey to the top took FOR -EVER.

The higher it got the more vertical the drop behind me, the heavier the pull back felt, the more intense I heard each and every click of the track, getting louder and slower, the more tense I felt.

What have I done? Why on earth did I say yes to this front row ride?

Did I tell you I am scared of heights and only 5 ft?.

The clicking stopped as did time for a brief rocking moment and I dared open an eye to see a sheer vertical drop of 213ft.

We let go and It was over in a flash - but it imprinted on me and my identity, I was never the same again - and now you know why! Lol!

Welcome to the Cancer New Moon (top of The Big One!)

Two weeks ago we had the Capricorn Super Moon.

At the EXACT time of it my husband ( blissfully unaware of the moon as ever) showed me a video of an Ibex Dam Goat making a vertical climb.

This is what we have been doing lately!

The Cancer New Moon unleashes the ascension energies so many of us are feeling in the air.  See the 7 signs below - how many do you have?

  1. Needing to reset your passwords
  2. Needing to update your computer
  3. Losing/breaking your phone
  4. Needing to change your bank cards/account
  5. Needing to change your driving licence/passport
  6. Changes in the way you conduct yourself/ think/communicate etc
  7. Changes in your community/environment/work/home etc.

The first signs for me were 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 and then two days before the New Moon I started a new Fool’s Journey with my community.

I had already been a “Fool” and messed up my first order of my deck because I was too scared to ask for what I needed - so I didn’t get it. I am not happy with the card quality. So what could I do? Sit there and cry? Or send them out as thank you gifts to my growing community.

I chose the latter and turned the shame feeling into a shiny one. Boy it felt good to be so generous and show them my appreciation. Thing is we are starting The Fool’s Journey tomorrow and I really want them to get it by then.

Which means I need to go to the post office in the rain.

“Take an umbrella” a voice inside me whispers.

And as usual I argue with it.

“Why? I hate holding an umbrella and I’ve got a coat with a hood”

So I put my coat on and walk down the hill - Bath may not have a Big one but it is a hilly place.

When I got to the bottom of the hill the heavens opened, it was like God was having a shower AND a Bath at the same time.

My coat was no longer waterproof and my phone drowned!

The next morning I’m in the Apple store seeing if they can bring it to life.

I’m stressed. I’m supposed to be on a Facebook Live in 30 minutes and I can’t friggin log in because of the 2 step authentication security set up that sends a code - TO MY PHONE!

“How can I help you?”

“ I think my phone’s got water damage”

“How did that happen?”

“ I got caught in the rain”

“Oh! Do you make a habit of it?”


She didn’t believe me - until she saw vapour in the camera.

“Sorry, there’s nothing we can do, shall I recycle it for you”

In a flippant moment of shear stress I said yes.

And the little voice in my head said “ask for it back, you might need it!”

I looked at her going through some complex procedure and the all too familiar feeling of feeling too ASHAMED to ask flooded over me - what a nuisance I would be to her!

And so out I rushed again ignoring the voice in my head again. Wondering how the heck I was going to get on with my social live schedule.

After the quirky half work day was done I looked into insurance - seems I could claim - if I had the bloody phone!

I looked up the number for Apple in Bath - hooray! They actually have an individual number - I’ll call them as soon as they open.

9am I’m ringing a BATH number - only to be taken to friggin AMERICA!

Screaming at the robotic system doesn’t get you far either, it just takes you back to the main menu! 

It’s 9:15 before the system lets me speak to someone on -THE OTHER SIDE OF THE POND!

I beg them to put me through to Bath ASAP - they assure me they will speak to the store if they need too after the checks… it’s another 10 minutes ARGHHH!

At 9:30 I get to speak to the Bath store…

You are lucky! A minute later and it would have been too late!”

What was the lesson in this? Was it to listen to my intuition?

I believe it’s BIGGER than that. We are on the BIG ONE.

It doesn’t really matter whether I listened to my intuition or not.

What really matters is whether I am coming from a place of shame or self worth.

Self worth would have asked for what she wanted with the card order.

Rather than felt she was making a nuisance of herself.

Self worth would have taken the umbrella.

But rather than shame myself I caught myself.

There’s a bigger picture to this too - I know I am ascending.

The phone is just another part of my old identity to say goodbye to.

Self worth would have asked for her phone back - rather than feel shame at being a nuisance.

The final lesson? We are ascending.

Ascension is happening all around you whether you are listening to your intuition or not.

But you can’t get properly on the track of ascension if you are coming from shame.

Therefore please don’t concern yourself with whether you are listening to your intuition or not.

The question you want to ask yourself is “what would self worth do?”

Allow yourself the time, allow yourself to ask, allow yourself to ascend. That’s when you’ll break through the ups and downs, round and round messiness of uphill resistance and ascend.

I’ve chosen three cards in alignment with this Moon to help you do exactly that.

So If you'd like a card read on.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1,2,or 3 then read the write up below:

Got number 1? You got Russell Brand as "The Fool!"...

There’s no doubt you are on the ascension ride of the Big One!

This New Moon makes a supportive link to Uranus - The planet of freedom and rebellion that rules The Fool, but Uranus is currently caught up in a challenge with Saturn ( it’s big enemy of conformity) and Mars - causing mounting frustration with how hard and heavy things have been for so long. You may have recently pushed the self destruct button, and if you did forgive yourself, as long as you clear the shame you can rise.

If you know you need some help doing this, apply to speak to me here.

Got number 2? You got Cyndi Lauper as "The High Priestess!"

The Moon in Cancer is delving deep within, to the parts of us that don’t normally get seen.

Our deep inner workings of intuition and shame, the things that stay hidden within. But when we bring those parts of ourselves out into the light that’s the beginning of true freedom.

Take heart to find your authentic self, you are you, a beautiful you, and you can’t be anyone else. It’s okay if you are quirky, it’s okay if you are awkward. It’s okay. Let yourself be seen, step out of the shadows and shine.

The weather here in the UK seems to be mirroring the battles we’ve had with lock down and mental health but the world is opening up again as of 19th July!

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Number 3? Welcome to Freddie Mercury as The Magician!

I guess ascension can feel very Mercury Retrograde!

So if you’ve been feeling like everything is messy, forgive yourself, love yourself, give yourself a hug and let go of the judgment.

The Magician is standing for the Mars player in this new Moon, even though he is ruled by Mercury. So if you picked number 3 The Divine Masculine is calling upon thee to take action.

Make a stand for yourself, make a decision, declare an action, stop hiding in shame and fear and free yourself.

Be bold, be courageous, be daring, and manifest some miracles.

Learn how when you come into the Manifest a Miracle a Month community for 21 days for £1 only this July here!

And let’s ascend!

Wishing you a magical new moon :)


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