Aries New Moon - 5th April 2019 - You Can Get It If You Really Want

Apr 02, 2019

But you must try, try, try!

Welcome to the New Moon in Aries on 5th April 2019 at 9:50 am BST.

I want you to imagine for a minute that you are the archetypal Fool and what is in your knapsack is your experience of the first quarter of 2019. These experiences have led you to the precipice of the cliff, right at the divine time of the New Moon in Aries.

What you require right now is to take a leap of faith and the Aries New Moon infuses us with the ability to do just that. There is no better time of the year to make a new beginning, New Moon’s are auspicious for this and we have twelve of them a year, but we only have one in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it ignites the creative seed and spark of life, so couple this with the New Moon and you get what I am saying.

Aries is also immature - just like The Fool, it can expect too much too soon, be impatient and impetuous, and make the journey ego-centric instead of service-centric...

We have a word of warning from the wise old voice of Saturn that is making a square to the Aries New Moon.
One that tells us our dreams are possible, yes, even dreams of travel and fame and fortune are favoured right now.

But... If you doubt it, if you expect the world to hand it to you on a plate or if it all becomes about you and not about being of service to the greater good then pride becomes a fall, and that is when the step of the cliff will not lead to amazing new horizons.

 And you might think, okay, I’ve got what I need to do:

  1. Know what I want. Go for it. Don’t doubt it. Keep the vision of how it serves others. Be in it for the long haul...

Sounds easy right?

1. Know what you want - Maybe you already know what you want? If you do great you are half way there! Tell me in a sentence what it is and then tell me how much time you work on that SOLE THING each day without getting distracted about the other things? .

2. Go for it! Knowing what you want and going for it are two different things! :) which leads us into…

3. Don’t doubt it! This is a KEY one this New Moon. Aries is impatient and the square with Saturn is saying nothing will come of this new life instantly, we need the patience for it to grow. Patience is the ability to wait with a good attitude and that can be really hard when our faith is low. This is a KEY one this New Moon. Aries is impatient and the square with Saturn is saying nothing will come of this new life instantly, we need the patience for it to grow. Patience is the ability to wait with a good attitude and that can be really hard when our faith is low, so...

4. Keep the vision of how it serves others - Once upon a time I had a mentor who was Aries, they were fun, inspirational, and creative and I loved them dearly - still do. But when I needed the support to be about giving me space it then became about them. Them needing my attention, them needing my attendance, they took my absence personally. Suddenly the service I hired was no longer serving me, it became about them and that’s where it toppled. This Aries New Moon we have the golden child persona, the rebel and the inspirational leader, leading to fame, fortune and freedom. But if it becomes egocentric rather than service centric it will be taken away as fast as it came. We don't just have this warning from Aries and Saturn but also in the mythology of Alpheratz and Andronema where this New Moon lands. Alpheratz a star in the head of Princess Andromeda (The chained princess), hinting at the chains of worship and how easily it can lead to our downfall.

5. Be in it for the long haul - These days we expect action to have a direct and instant response like humans are computers. Sounds silly now doesn't it!? Do yourself a favour and don't get disheartened too quickly. It is so easy to be when you fire of a flare and no-one responds. Especially these days when everything is so “instant”. On a day to day basis it may feel like the action we take is just firing off into the ether, but keep going. Eventually, responses come back from things you had even forgotten you did, sometimes from years back. But one thing is for sure and that is if you stop taking the action nothing will happen.

We need the sobering staying power of Saturn to team up with the creative flare of Aries to create our dreams but there is tension in this relationship.

Aries is impetuous and thinks it knows better than Saturn, and this could be its downfall (it usually is!) So listen up young fool and respect your elders!

Couple the adventurous courage that Aries is infusing you with right now with tlong-lastinging sobering strength of Saturn, drop the impatience, immaturity and ego of Aries and drop the doubting thomas pessimism of Saturn and you’ll have the perfect recipe to step of the cliff and go far. 

Especially as this New Moon in Aries is:

  • At 4.44 degrees -  In the Tarot The Emperor is number 4 and Aries, giving us the power to build an empire. With the next 4 we arrive at Strength (number 8). Add another 4 and we arrive at The Hanged Man (the need to let go of the ego to be able to create and birth into the world)

  • In the second decan - represented by The Three of Wands, a card of fire, just like Aries, However, here the wild flames are tamed with patience, he has fired his flares and has the faith that his ships will sooner or later come in.  

3. Conjunct the Asteroid Vibilia named after the Roman goddess of journeys she prevented people from losing their way. Vibilia relates to all kinds of travelling from a spiritual journey to a physical one.

Perhaps you are seeing this already?

Look for it! Count your blessings. In the last week I've been given:

1. Two openings to take Tarot into the mainstream corporate business arena, (despite being told to drop it because that's crazy!)
2. An opportunity to hold a Transformational Tarot Summit - and connect you with some of the best Tarot teachers worldwide.
3. And run another magical transformative tarot retreat and in Spain this August!

Watch the space...

There are amazing things on the horizon.

You just gotta fire your flare, stay the course, look for the ships, have faith on your journey and keep your heart right along the way.

Is it that easy? I'm not sure, and as if divinely timed in true Aries fashion...

This Aries New Moon marks the launch of a whole new journey called “ From Zero To Hero!

How you can activate your purpose, passion, and partnerships to transformative levels in 28 days!

We start on the Easter Good Friday Full Moon, are you in?

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From Zero To Hero in 28 Days
Wishing you a courageous and confident new Moon  ahead.

Tiffany x


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