The Ides of March & April Fool's Day Aries New Moon

Mar 29, 2022

Did March feel like a washout to you? 

Even if you were lucky enough to spot a March hare (or two)?

I never realised just how rare a sighting of a March hare is until driving home with my husband the other night. I saw one at the side of the road - he said he’d never seen one, and let’s face it, neither of us are spring chickens anymore - (especially him!)

Deeply connected to magic, myth, folklore ancestry, and the goddess of rebirth -Eostre, a hare, is a rare and exciting sighting. 

Do I feel the intangible energy of light in the air this Spring as we hopefully all do every Spring? 

Yes, but it’s mixed. 

You could say Equinox for you, half and half, but do you think it feels extreme this year? This time between the Equinox and Easter?

One minute tuned into the future and its promising possibilities, the next thinking of all the bittersweet endings, landing you amidst it all?

Like a clashing swirling weirdness of betweenness.

If your process is similar to mine, you may feel like you went into March one person and came out another, almost like walking some kind of spiritual initiation. Maybe you found March nearly as arduous on the micro as it was on the macro. So much change, close bereavements, changing relationships, and nothing going to plan - I was sure Mercury was Retrograde (it’s not). In fact, nothing is Retrograde until the end of this month. Right now, we have a green light from the universe, so why doesn’t it feel like it? 

Perhaps rising bills, Covid cases and threats of World War III aren’t the green lights we’d like to see. 

Ooof - what a humbling heart-opening time we are living in.

I spoke to my soul sister about how March always feels like such a powerful crossing over month, one where all that is coming to an end does. So many endings, so many souls departing, along with a lot of closing and changing dynamics and ways of life. It’s like whatever can’t be here for a new cycle won’t make it through, and she said to me:

“Beware the ides of March.”

Like my husband never seeing a March Hare, I had never heard of this saying, so I googled it. 

Turns out the ides happen mid-month (15th to be exact) every month, and the reason “Beware the Ides of March” is famous is because of Shakespeare’s play of the same name, about the day that Julius Ceaser was assassinated. 

I expect you might already know that - still, they say, “you learn something new every day”

And with this saying, we pivot into the future half of the Equinox report in this blog.

Being the Tarotist that I am, I can’t help but notice that the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year (Aries marks the beginning) is on April Fool’s day, and The Fool’s Journey in the Tarot begins with The Fool - the starting point of a whole new cycle.

The most interesting thing I found out when researching the Ides is that March was originally New Year (which makes so much more sense to me) 

Couple that learning with the insight of the Fool, and it feels like we are at a super-charged ending and beginning this March.

I don’t think it will get going until eclipse season kicks in at the end of April - even though the retrogrades do then too! 

In the meantime, it feels like The Fool’s energy is intense but stuck stepping off the cliff in slow motion; well, no, to be precise, The Fool has stepped off the cliff but has landed in quicksand. 

There’s a sense of dissolving underfoot. Do you feel it? 

I don’t think this is a bad thing. We are amidst change. It’s intense, yes, but it holds the promise of good things on the horizon.

The dissolving underfoot feeling could be due to Neptune and Jupiter doing a “dissolve your ego” dance in Pisces. Highlighting the spiritual aspect of The Fool’s first and last stages, the Fool is the Alpha and Omega’s beginning and the end. In the beginning, he has no ego. In the end, he has no ego; in the middle, BOY, does he have an EGO! 

Somehow I think we might just be evolving in this age of Aquarius (also The Fool)

Think back over the Ides of March. The future may be changeable and unclear, but if you look back, the Ides of March probably gave you clarity on what made it through and will be with you for at least another cycle. 

It’s also probably reflected to you where your ego has had to die too?

Where has The Fool shown you that the world doesn’t revolve around you?

That it’s time to face some cold hard truths, grow up, stop thinking of yourself as a separate entity and start working together as a collective? 

When I began writing this blog, I had song lyrics in my head; they went a lil something like this: 

“Take a good look at your face.” 

You know the song already, right? Or maybe you are googling as I did for the Ides of March?!

Maybe the criticalness of March’s Full Moon in Virgo is still going on in your head. “Gosh! First, she doesn’t know about the Ides of March, and now she has the lyrics wrong!”

I know I put “your” instead of “my” - it’s how my guides sang it to me.

Everything we think about another is a reflection of ourselves - for instance, the criticalness of Virgo’s Full Moon is still taking up a bit of residence in my head!

It seems that it is never more so than right now in this Piscean/Aquarian/Arian Alpha and Omega time we are having.

So if your smile is out of place, it’s a sign your thinking is unaligned, and at this actual New year’s time, I don’t think the world is going to put up with any egoic behaviour anymore - so it will be interesting to see what happens to Putin. 

I feel he is not long for this world - let’s hope I’m right. 

In 2011 I was called to St Michael’s Mount to hold a group world healing meditation to help the backlog of souls from the last two world wars pass over. I’m being called there to do it again, now. 

So the day after April Fool’s, I’ll be back on the Mount - this time across the causeway and in the actual castle, with a smaller group, right where the Micheal and Mary leyline cross and runs right around the earth, to pump through the rainbow bridge. 

In fact, all weekend, I’ll be with an intimate group connecting with the earth for healing through the many sacred stone circle sites in magical West Penwith’s ancient bronze age energy. 

Do you also feel the call to dissolve the ego and be part of the collective whole to heal the world of yourself and have that ripple out to the world at large? 

There’s still time. Click here to join us in crossing over the ides of March this April Fool’s Day New Moon 2022.

Lots of love

P.S) Do you want to activate your new life through moving in divine harmony with the archetypes? The Aries New Moon AstroTarotDance commences 7:30pm on Thursday - click here to get in


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