Aries Full Moon - 3 Steps To Becoming The God/dess Boss/ess Of You

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

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The Aries Full Moon on 5th October at 05:23am GMT brings with it the charge we have been waiting for.

If you have been feeling like some invisible force has bound and gagged you in a spiritual straightjacket for the last few weeks you aren't alone.

The energy of The Pisces Full Moon a month ago has lingered so much, we've stayed dangling like The Hanged Man, for 28 days and 28 nights.

What with all the shenanigans in the stars in time with Libra as well, making any decision or actioning the smallest thing just isn't where the energy has been at, and the more you tried, the more exhausted you probably got.

Well, rest now, as well as you can, because a whole new chapter is about to begin.

The charge you need to make those moves is here with the ram, but that little ram can be mighty impulsive, naive, immature, a tad rash and hot-headed.

You could feel like a catapult at the moment, held back for so long, pulled back to absolute breaking point and then hurled forward, one extreme to the other is not what Libra calls for.

It calls for grace, diplomacy, tact, and fairness.

The challenge is to leave behind the limbo and activate the new with a graceful dignified courage of conviction.

Here's How...

If you've been feeling knocked off your perch lately, then here's how to get back on it without a chaotic flap that could land you right back where you started from:

Watch Out for the Tight Arse Shit Arse Circle!

How to recognise you are becoming a tight arse:

  • You purse your lips.
  • You suffer from ongoing communication constipation.
  • You feel like there’s so much going on inside you, you're going to explode – but you just can’t!
  • So the team and your boss think you are fantastic and you can handle so much, so more and more just keeps piling on your plate!…

Until the inevitable happens and you become a…

Shit Arse!

How to recognise you are becoming a shit arse:

  • It’s been building up so long the pressure is mega and you’ve gotta get it ALL out! NOW!
  • So there’s only one way out – and that’s a mighty explosion!
  • And it’s everything you’ve ever consumed, from everywhere, everything and everyone.
  • And everything you’ve ever consumed, from everywhere and everything - is about to cover everyone! BOOM!
  • The team and your boss are wide-mouthed (but they wish they weren’t) completely in shock at how the nice clean, pristine you has just exploded and covered everyone in their cack.

Not a good look for the office or home!

No, we definitely want a different look, one that doesn’t dirty your freshly ironed linen. So let’s make sure that you can keep your pure pants on, but ones that don’t keep you small, pursed or repressed, and lead to this very thing happening.

Let’s ditch the thongs and go for some proper good hip-hugging support!

From this very day forward, let's see you emerge as the divine and graceful God/dess Boss/ess of you.

3 Steps To Becoming The Goddess Bossess Of You:

1. Know what your needs and your wants are, and the difference between them.

Seriously, it’s time to get clear, so get a piece of paper now and write “need” on one side and “want” on the other, and put a line separating the two. Maybe it’s that right now you need a basic salary of XYZ, but you want much more than a basic salary to be coming in after six months or a year.

Maybe it’s that you need every Sunday off right now, but after six months you want to have all weekend, every weekend off – period.

For instance, I often want to eat when I am tired, but what I really need is sleep, so if I am eating, it’s a key clue that I need more rest, it sounds simple, but it’s taken me 40 years to know myself enough to clock this because:

2. Permission to be human.

I was brought up in a household that made me “a needless, want-less anti-dependent,” permission for me to have my needs met was at an all-time zilch.

Flip, I only realised I had things called needs when I started flipping out big time, erupting as an unpredictable volcano – well no actually, I still didn’t realise. I’d be just as shocked as everyone else was. I had no clue where this deep rumbling and violent explosion would come from and it took me years to find out that it was because I had some severely repressed needs lying dormant in the basement of me. Every now and again they would erupt and cause utter mayhem and destruction – not the way to get your needs met!

So what is permission? Permission to have your needs met is crucial, and know’s only you that can possibly know what your needs are, so make it your job to know, because it’s only then that you’ll have a happy and harmonious life, if, that is, you give yourself permission for them to be met.

3. Keep your wants and needs in mind whenever you communicate.

Start as you mean to go on - this is the best policy. If you can, then lay it on the line, nice and clear from the beginning. But if you can’t don’t worry, you can always turn it around in a moment with just two key phrases:

Key Phrase One…

“I would like to see….. (INSERT YOUR END OUTCOME)…. happening, would that be possible? And if so, how do you see it happening?”

This is for use when you feel like complaining. Remember, it's your responsibility to know what you need or want and ask for it. Let go of the ego trip that wants you to complain to get what you want. Have you ever felt motivated to give someone who is complaining what they want?

Let go of the need to tell someone how to give it to you. Have you ever felt inspired to give someone what they want when they tell you HOW you should give it to them? Remember the final outcome of what you want and shoot from your hip (huggers).

Key Phrase Two…

“I’m happy to get that done for you today – and, it would mean de-prioritising... ABC..., what would you like me to do?”

This is for use when there’s more coming into your life than you can handle, and your own needs are going to be suffocated by the sellotape across your mouth, rip it off, and pleasantly exercise those sweet lips with a smile. If you don’t speak it, how will they ever know?

Have a problem saying no? There are many ways to say no, without saying no, and when you’ve learned that, you’ve learned the art of sitting upon your royal God/dess Boss/ess throne, in your pure spanking white hip huggers with a graceful dignity.


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