Aries Full Moon 13th/14th October 2019 - Arrive, Embark and Live An Enchanted Life.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Aries Full Moon 13th/14th October 2019 - Arrive, Embark and Live An Enchanted Life. - blog post image

Welcome to the Full Moon in Aries that strikes:

  • Los Angeles – 13 October 8:38 pm
  • New York – 13 October 11:38 pm
  • London – 14 October 4:38 am
  • Delhi – 14 October 9:08 am
  • Sydney – 14 October 1:38 pm
The Tarot for this Full Moon in Aries are The Emperor (being Aries himself) and The Four of Wands (the decan this Full Moon resides in).

I love how one Tarot says a thousand words, so let’s look and see what possible stories arise from these images, here are some possibilities...

What we have been working on comes through

New home

New business venture

Achievement to celebrate

Father returns home

Husband returns home

Lover returns home

Established leadership

The list could go on, look at the pictures and see what it says to you for your life. Yup, that’s how easy it can be to read Tarot!

You also could be seeing an increase in double and triple numbers this Full Moon.

I've been looking at the clock or waking up at 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55.

The number four (or 4:44)  is important this Full Moon on 13th here in the UK ( numerologically a four ).  The Emperor being number four and the card of the decan being The Four of Wands.

Four is the number of structure, and here we have it multiplied three times over, multiply it once and you reach eight the number of Strength but multiply it again and we reach twelve, The Hanged Man, and things may get stagnant until we reach the depth within.

On face value, it all looks rather lovely, but what if we have been working on something that isn’t aligned to our values?

What if the home we are working on isn’t truly where we want to be?

What if you went into that new business venture from a purely profit driven perspective and your heart just isn’t in it?

Just who is that father, husband, lover or leader? My feeling is we are just about to find out.

This Full Moon is blessed by a lovely aspect to Jupiter known as the major benefic.

It has a midas touch about it in simplistic terms - but truly, what Jupiter does is exaggerate all that went before it, good words and good works are rewarded, and equally, anything that is “not right” is blown up to ugly proportions.

This big, bold, daring, fiery Full Moon in impetuous Aries is equally challenged by hard aspects to both the major “malefics” of Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (restriction). Hot headed frustration might just blow the lid off any below the surface repressions, but this is not neccessarily a “bad” thing, just like Jupiter isn’t necessarily a “good” thing.

Throw in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio (whose ruler is Pluto) beginning all Hallows eve  and along with arrival, we have the opening of Pandoras Box.

Pandora might have let all hell break loose but she also let hope out into the world for the first time.

In order to arrive, we have to open something, step through a doorway and allow our environment to change.

This Full Moon in Aries prepare to arrive, embark, and live an enchanted life. 

For instance, this day marks for me a day I have waited for since a whirlwind took me around the world the past couple of months.

It is an arrival point that has been etched in my mind for months, a stark turning of the tides, the inevitable crux of change.

It’s the day my hectic diary of external travel ends and I find myself returning to my humble abode literally to hibernate for the winter months, not to sleep, but to embark on an enchanted life.

This Full Moon marks a time when chapters end on so many things, leaving you with that feeling of when your favourite Netflix series ends its season.

You’ve been on a journey, you’ve got to know new characters, old relationships have transformed, so much has happened, you’ve been literally transported to different worlds, had so many adventures, and now it’s all over.

You are left hankering over an abyss, a strong need to know what happens next engulfs you, but you can’t do anything except let go, the season is over, you aren’t in charge of the divine timing.

You are only in charge of how you process your recent adventures.

And use the material to live your life in a more enchanted way than you did before.

This is the purpose of Halloween and Pandora's box, to take you through the journey of your psyche, to give you time, a rite of passage to process your psyche, and the creative process of who you are becoming. It is a deep time of alchemy and transformation, hence the bubbling cauldron.  

This Full Moon gives you the chance to look your own truth in the eye and become it, there is no more empowering way to live than that, but without a structure, a guide and companions along the way this type of energy can feel like the terrifying "dark night of the soul" that mainstream society will do anything to escape from.

It comes to us in so many ways, but essentially it is resistance of the shadow, and when the shadow isn’t intergrated (usually due to self esteem issues) it affects our ability to succeed.

The dark night of the soul is here to empower us, it takes so much energy, fear and imbalance to live skirting the edges of it, what it truly is is a rite of passage, a sacred time to go into the transformational truth of who you are.

When self esteem is healthy we accept ourselves witchy warts and all.

We become an intergrated, whole, genuine person comfortable in our own skin.

Others can feel this when around us, they feel comfortable, something inside knows they are with a real person who isn’t perfect and is totally okay with that, subsequently they feel safe to be themselves around you too, and in that way, your relationships become genuine too. 

This is why The Transformational Truth of Tarot (TTT) has such a high success rate for healing relationships.

Recently acknowledgement of The Transformational Truth of Tarot being once such rite of passage has gone from strength to strength.

I have been honoured to have been innundated with testimonials of its power, but I won’t lie.

TTT ( as its become known), takes a person to be committed to not just a single Netflix series. But for a whole boxset.

What with that in mind and knowing that this Halloween is strongly hallmarked as powerful by Mercury going Retrograde in Scorpio that day, I have designed a mini 10 day mini series through your psyche and your past lives in order to illuminate your path ahead.

Yes, This Halloween Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio! Oh my word!

In Layman’s terms you couldn’t get a more powerful time for personal transformation, here’s why:

  • 1. Samhain is the original name for “Halloween” the time when the veil between this world and the otherworld is at it’s thinnest.
  • 2. When Mercury goes retrograde it’s great for any type of internal work for the psyche: anything with “re” in the title, retreat, reassess, regress.
  • 3. The last time Mercury went Retrograde in Scorpio (Lord of the Underworld: shadow and psyche) at Halloween was in 2013 - and even then it didn’t go retrograde on the day itself. Marking this as a unique time for delving into the depth of your psyche and emerging with powerful insight.
  • Welcome to The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression!

A 10 day journey beginning on Halloween guiding you through the underworld of your psyche and past lives so you emerge aligned to your soul’s evolutionary purpose with clarity on your path ahead.

Made for intuitives like you so you can:

1. Integrate your shadow so it no longer runs (or ruins) your life.

2. Lay to rest ghosts of the past that have kept you wondering what's true for you in reality.

3. Release any skeletons stuck in the closet so you can be free to move on and bring new life into your new space.

4. Face the dark night of the soul and transform symptoms of escape such as"S.A.D" or "SCARED" into "SACRED"

5. Turn the misunderstanding of pain and confusion into peace and compassion through seeing the bigger picture.

6. Experience what it feels like when true forgiveness for yourself and others happens.

7. See where you have been and where you are going with vast clarity.

8. Release repetitive cycles through illumination of your psyche and path ahead.

9. Identify and fast track your soul's evolutionary path and purpose.

10. Connect and heal yourself, your ancestors, your life and others in a deep and meaningful (but also magical and fun!) way :)

Do you feel the call of this year’s particularly potent Halloween?

Shed light on your karmic patterns and within 10 days you will no longer experience the pain of wondering why things are the way they are or what to do about it.A grand claim but true!

We start of course on the 31st October.

I’ll be launching it this coming week.

To arrive first in through the door and embark on an enchanted life with the exclusive earlybird register your interest here.

✨Register Your Interest To Receive The Exclusive Earlybird!

Happy Full Moon in Aries, Arrive, Embark and live and Enchanted life, 

Tiffany x


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