Are You Shedding The Need To Survive This? Scorpio New Moon 4th November 2021

Nov 02, 2021

The opening title of this New Moon was:

“Are You Shedding The Need To Survive This Scorpio New Moon 4th November 2021?”

It evolved into “Are You Shedding The Need To Survive This?”

Whatever “this” is for you, even saying; "you've got this" is too disempowering for a Scorpio New Moon.

Real “unf****able with” power comes not when you get a grip, but when you release it - if that makes any sense?

If so then welcome to the Scorpio New Moon 4th November 2021!

Come to Goa with me! If only in your mind.

You are sitting in a café on a juice retreat in the jungle mountains, having, well, juice! There’s no windows in this café, just a low wall and a corrugated iron roof held up by four poles.

Your friend looks over your shoulder, and alerts you calmly that there is a big black Scorpion coming up right behind you.

What do you do?

“Just don’t get up, move your chair or make any sudden sounds or movements.”

And sure enough, we sat there, in stone-cold silence, almost frozen in time as it trundled past, almost whistling! Not a care in the world!

But then the waiter, coming down the stairs in his flip - flops was about to tread on the Scorpion! We had to alert him. He got a newspaper and tried to flip the Scorpion over the wall, but it curled back, landed on its feet, raised its tail over its head and went in for the kill.

The scene stuck on a tense replay loop 3 or 4 times before the waiter won with an almighty flip of the Scorpion over the wall.

We heard it's armour smash as it hit the rocks way down below.

I felt so sorry for that Scorpion.

Its sheer presence causes speechless fear, freezing, and its demise.

Scorpio is the mute sign, the fixed water sign - ice.

Right now, it's no surprise if we are speechless and in need of peace after one of the strongest Mercury Retrogrades I've ever known.

Right now, it's no surprise if we are unsure of what is real after one of the strongest Samhain's I have ever experienced.

And there’s another reason communication may be hard to come by this New Moon.

Do any of us know who we are or where we are going anymore?

That statement, just like the Scorpion, is not all bad.

A visitation that shakes us, wakes us, prizes our grip away from survival,  forcing us to turn to nothingness may be EXACTLY what we need.

If so then it's time for silence, stillness, solitude, not communication.

Take note of the environment you find yourself in this Scorpionic New Moon. Maybe it will treat you kindly and gently, or maybe, you’ll be divinely timed under the waiters feet. If the latter, any type of defense  would be the kiss of death.

Instead, humble yourself, and when I say humble yourself I mean think of yourself less - not think less of yourself.

Our current identity is dissolving, life as we know it is changing;

Flipping and rolling over again like a newspaper of the current tumultuous times.

The major player? Uranus, planet of shock, trauma, upset, upheaval, breakdown and crisis. Uranus is also the visionary, humanitarian planet of revolution, breakthrough and ultimate freedom.

Uranus has been squaring off with its major enemy Saturn all year (and we thought 2020 was something?)

Saturn abhors Uranus’s chaotic unpredictable nature. He will fight to the death to preserve the rigid armour of tradition and trajectory.

Saturn is the major malefic in Astrology, but like the Scorpion, he’s not all bad, he has his purpose, this 2021 it's a head to head with Uranus.

2021 is the year of CHANGE, being a 5 in numerology, the number of chaos and breakdown.

Uranus’s number is up, and now the clash of the titans is on until one loses its identity. Who's your bet with? Will it be Saturn that comes through? Or Uranus?

My bet is on Uranus, but Saturn is putting up an almighty fight!

Saturn just flipped direct again, raised its tail and went in for the kill.

You can feel it in your bones. Saturn rules teeth, and everywhere I look there’s a tooth epidemic going on.

I'm thankful my loved ones and I have stayed Covid free, yet it only took Saturn to go direct for a few days before I ended up in hospital with an acute abscess.

Yes, I am HEAVILY influenced by Saturn (my sun was SAT ON by SATURN when I was born) but I was far from the only one. Everywhere I looked, a sudden tooth epidemic even my husband “CAUGHT” it.

Saturn, what holds us together is losing its grip.

Just like ego.

And the ego, when close to death, will put up the most almighty last fight; it’s deeply DEEPLY uncomfortable.

Saturn is structure, from the macro right down to the micro. From Boris to bones, society to your skin, and trajectory to teeth.

Everywhere you look, the fight between Uranus and Saturn is revving up.

Hopefully, you are one of the fortunate few to keep Covid from coming inside your home,  but no longer can we take power for granted.

Can we afford to heat our homes this winter, put petrol in our cars, food on our shelves or even teeth to eat it with!

I am saying this not to cause instant reactional panic - this whole blog is about the danger of coming from defence, fear and protection.

I am saying this because it is a wise time to reassess your current trajectory and work out whether it’s just your ego keeping you where you are.

You will know if your ego is keeping you where you are because:

You’ll feel it, it’s DEEPLY, DEEPLY uncomfortable.

Like that dull constant toothache, ULTRA sensitive sometimes rearing up your unbearable nerves.

So we thought 2020 was challenging? And it was, but we tend to underestimate the “aftermath” when we go through such a big change, it takes time to see the impact.

Every New Moon since August has made an aspect to Uranus.

The August 8 New Moon, squared Uranus, which is similar in intensity to an opposition.

The September 6 New Moon trined Uranus, trines are a bit more harmonious believe it or not! I know we’ve been feeling the intensity rise since September - but like I said - the aftermath!

The October 6 New Moon was quincunx Uranus, that’s pretty karmic s****!

And now this Scorpionic new moon squares Uranus.

That’s a tough aspect. The Moon is our sensitive spot, and Scorpio is pretty damn sensitive.

Uranus is the Fool in the Tarot, the child of the universe, it's like an excited kid, picking  a Scorpion up by its tail and shaking it around like a snowglobe. But when it's stripped bare it's also the Star.

If we’ve done everything we can, then maybe it’s time the adults moved aside for some of that unconditional magic only a child possesses.

We have to assess the situation wisely because rushing in screaming and panicking might just cause the very thing we fear.

It sounds utterly perilous but as I said before, the only perilous thing is in the need to protect, defend and retaliate.

A positive aspect between Venus and Mercury is supportive of us finding the right thought, feeling and words for this time.

This time calls for calmness, this time calls for knowing that your environment is changing, this time calls for you to know only one thing.

Just how unknown this time is.

We need time to lay low and actively tune into vibes of peace and tranquillity.

Ships aren't built to stay in the harbour, nor do they set out when seas are stormy. But, right now, The Fool (Uranus) in the Tarot is jumping off the cliff! So how on earth do we navigate this time?

This New Moon (monthly seed of a new beginning) being in Scorpio has survival and transformation as the cornerstones.

Scorpio is the survivor, who has to learn it's no longer threatened, it has to process its trauma rather than re-enact it if it is to transcend.

This New Moon penetrates deep into the bones of who we are.

Like a bed of nails forcing us to suffer or transcend.

In my view Saturn is suffering right now, and Uranus is transcending.

Saturn would be hanging on the cliffside - after all it rules the mountain goat, and Uranus is whipping up a storm forcing us to let go.

My bet is on Uranus, and I say that because I am heavily influenced by Saturn, and I feel it losing its grip; not just on our teeth.

This is quite something.

I’ve always had struggles with my teeth, I’ve always been that goat on a mountainside in a storm. It’s been like gravity for me this last 44 years, but now it’s like gravity is also running thin on supplies.

And is that a bad thing?

Or just an unknown thing?

Remember Uranus is The Star in the Tarot, and The Star always has a way better outcome than we can dream of. IF we manage to annihilate Saturn (The Devil) through the Process of The Tower - ruled by Pluto, Mars and Uranus - BANG! WE are RIGHT there!

The Tower is blowing, the cliff is crumbling and if we stay attached to who we are, our identity, our ego, demise may well be on the cards.

The laying low I speak of is in knowing this, in letting go of who you were, on a deeper level than ever before. Shed the past you, the you created to survive.

Be willing to let go of the life you once knew, sending out positive vibes of peace, love and tranquillity as you do.

No mean feet then!

But the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Do this and you’ll move through quicker and easier than most.

Do this and you’ll no longer feel trapped.

Do this and you'll feel a deep sense of freedom and lightness.

Do this and feel the excitement of an evolutionary rebirth more thorough than you’ve been through in your life.

We're caught in a gigantic universal storm, at times it sets us free and other times it smacks us into the crumbling rock, breaking down the last bits of face.

There will be a karmic lesson there.

What actions did you just take that landed you there again?

Did they come from your old identity?

Did they come from you trying to control your environment?

Take heart, you aren’t in this alone, it’s a collective movement of humanity.

“The Age of Aquarius” e.g. The Age of The Star, The Fool and Uranus

 And personally, I can’t wait! Says this Saturnian person!

Because even though we resist change with all our might, it doesn’t mean that deep down we aren’t crying out for it.

We need this just in time for the next Moon. New Moons set the tone for the month, but this month's Full moon on 19th marks the onset of Eclipse season. There this New Moon only lasts a fortnight - preparing us for the eclipse season which is the actual big time of change.

And Uranus squares Saturn for the last time on Christmas eve - who knows if we will be allowed Christmas this year?

We are yet to see who wins this battle, Saturn or Uranus? The Scorpion or the waiter?

Either way, the end of this current lockdown/showdown is nigh, and I think we know that we as individuals, and as a society will never be the same again.

We’d be wise to remember that every time we are in that continuous deep dull shrillingly sensitive pain.

If that’s the case, then that tooth/ ego/ identity has served its time, it’s rotten, it needs to go, give it up, let it go.

Humble yourself in this and watch the Star deliver something you would never have dreamed of in a million years this Christmas. Something Santa/Satan/Saturn can finally serve up after being caught in that Tower chimney top whilst a fire was lit under its butt!

In the meantime, are you stuck in The Devil/Satan/Saturn ego rock face phase of the storm?

Have you transcended into the Star?

Or are you in The Tower part of the Process - that storm that smacks you between the two?

Let’s see where you are in the process right now, shall we?

Take a deep breath in and out and allow yourself to be drawn to 1,2,or 3 then read the write up below:

Got number 1? You Got The Tower!

Oof! That rock face! I feel you! The Tower is my birth card! Just like Saturn - I’m born with it for life! Look at the intensity in Osho’s eyes! It says it all.

Nothing is “comfortable” when we land on The Tower, it penetrates deep down to our very soul, there, we are torn open and exposed wide to our ego and vulnerability, allow yourself to shed all you have been, resistance is futile, The Tower is the card between The Devil and The Star, it’s here to liberate you from Hell and go catch that Star, let go.

It's time to move through the stars, quite literally.

If you feel the need to be in a community that understands this and can help you build a new come on over to try out my Manifest a Miracle a Month community here


Got number 2? You got “The Star"

If things aren’t moving at warp speed I’d be surprised. I expect you are feeling a great sense of the unknown? Like a whole new world is opening up on the horizon, whacky dreams, occurrences and opportunities are popping up all over the place! 

Keep that wonderful sense of openness, adventure and curiosity about you. There’s a real sense of things not being as they were, nor are they as they will be. Knowing where you are going or what you are doing is a massive challenge right now, so it's hard to get any clarity or be clear, you are amid your big bang chaos theory.

It's time to move through the stars, quite literally.

If you feel the need to be in a community that understands this and can help you build a new come on over to try out my Manifest a Miracle a Month community here

Got number 3? You got The Devil:

A short sharp powerful message from The Devil: 

No matter how many times the rug got pulled from under your feet, it’s time to get back up. Draw on your intuitive gifts as well as your practical head screwed on magic.

Climb that mountain and if avalanches go with it.

Trust in the divine, have patience, keep the faith, don’t fear the deep dark sea or the weird and wonderful world it thrusts you into the depths of.

Find the courage to dive deep and trust  the journey of the underworld. Over time the tide will rise and propel you with ease, grace and flow to the very top of that mountain.

You’re  being called forth , even if you are flat on your back right now. It’s time to relinquish that ego and evolve into the sacred all-knowing graceful creator you have always been.

It's time to move through the stars, quite literally.

If you feel the need to be in a community that understands this and can help you build a new come on over to try out my Manifest a Miracle a Month community here

Wishing you a Super full moon,



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