Jul 29, 2020

This Monday marks the moon full with the magnificent light of Aquarius.

Ruled by Uranus it is the mover and the shaker of the cosmos. The wild card, The Fool in the Tarot that can take on any persona, go any time any place anywhere, and I was going to say like carlsberg it reaches the places other beers cannot!

But the phrase that actually played out in my head was “like Corona it goes to the places other fears cannot!”

Interesting as Corona is a beer too!

But lets look at the “Foolish thought” cast off the judgment and see the divine within.

Indeed Corona has gone to places other fears cannot. Indeed it’s moved, shaken and rocked the whole world. So, you are no stranger to living in this energy.

This Full Moon, Aquarius is squaring off to it’s own ruler - Uranus.

Rebelling against itself in a whizbit whirlwind of “haha thisaway, haha thataway, haha this away, my oh my!”

If you have lived through your Uranus opposition (the astrological term for the midlife crisis) which happens between 38-42 you’ll get what I’m talking about!

The power of sudden upheavals, shake ups and wake ups, being pulled this way and that and utterly confused as to where you are going. Things are changing and powerfully so, nothing can be swept under the carpet anymore, and that is a great thing. A great cleansing, a great healing, but healing isn’t always lie down and I’ll fan you!

The other Aquarius card is The Star, through the divine madness of the Fool…

We are set free enough to ascend, but it takes a great trust in the divine, to do so.

So if you have been feeling the weight of responsibilities and decisions on your shoulders tune into your feelings and hold the space, because on the other side of this Moon you’ll find yourself placed exactly where you are meant to be.

I promised you my Cups journey, a story of trusting in divine guidance and timing so on this build up to the water bearer Moon here it is…


My recent journey through The Swords gave me everything I need to be here now. The radical piercing of truth, courage of conviction, the mindset of steel, and so it is that I drew a line in the sand to mark the end of battle and stepped into a whole new world 🌍 of beautiful heartfelt beginnings. The shoots of which are quiet and tender, I’m holding the space for nurture and growth and excited to see what this journey brings.

It’s time to drop down into the Cup. πŸ’“


The Two of Cups went by in a blur, my hubby was heartbroken about the stories of Nahko leaking out before bed, it led to yet another sleepless night. Up early for a 7am call meant the day drifted by in another sleep hazed daze.

A day that was full of relationship changes, endings and beginnings, some endings were a sacred, mutual honouring for the ground we’d covered and a mutual knowing that we will walk together again in the future. Another felt harsh, icky, misaligned - a stark difference. The two brings up polarity.

Relationships that had been key parts of our lives for so long were changing today.

The new things weren’t quite into lift off yet.

Whispers from the universe saying is this what it appears to be?

Have you learnt to listen?

All those icky warning signs, are you listening?

Don’t push the river along, sit with it, let go of what isn’t right and trust. πŸ™πŸ’–


The Three of Cups came and went in a strong but short flash. It waved a magic wand over us three sat at the dinner table - a father, a step mum and a step young adult - talking politics.

A conversation that could be tense. I don’t think you realise just how big the generation gap is until you are on the other side of it - it feels like a chasm.

On our side there’s the old voice of jaded cynicism and disbelief.

On the youthful side there’s hope and optimism that things could change if we all just kept doing what we’ve always done - whoops there’s the cynicism creeping in again....

However, this conversation was far from triggering or tense.

Three people with three different views sat together at the dinner table passing the discussion round from plate to plate, to listen, sample and respond.

The language felt was one of a real willingness to understand and be understood, the aftertaste one of close connection and love.

Our concluding line? Why can’t everyone just get along?


Upon reflection the four and five of cups went by in a flash and together.

Thank god because it felt like forever and i’d had enough already.

The things in the macro and the micro that need to change that weren’t changing despite the efforts to do so were getting to me, normally it doesn’t. I just crack on, or let go but Friday and the beginning of Saturday was an urrrrrghhh day. I couldn’t get anything to spark, move, change or happen.

The only thing I seemed to attract was a racist comment on my two of cups post about how the creator should have not made it interracial because interracial is a disgrace.

I feel this person is not well and it was not wise to engage with them and at the same time this was a public comment on my page, so I had to make it clear I stand for equality and inherent worth of all beings and that my step adult is mixed race and far from a disgrace.

I didn’t take it personally or make it into a drama I just felt , well, VERY four of cups about it all.

In the evening I made a cuppa in one of the two of cups we got as a wedding present, went to put it on the table, as I opened some mail to be faced with a customs charge for something I bought abroad that was cheaper here, and missed it, the result, covered in hot sticky barley cup and a smashed wedding cup 😒

In the morning I wake trying to feel the joy of a weekend off for the first time since lockdown. Of the joy of connecting with my family, the open road and busting some tunes but my tunes are busted.

Luckily I bought some air pods and could listen that way - “you should feel grateful for that” I kept telling myself, but I just felt like a grumpy teen.

First song on shuffle?

"Train driver said it ain't a joka, Were gonna be stuck till I fix the motta.
Half hour in between the stations, Start jogging when I hit the pavement, Ran straight into a situation, Cops say stop cause I ain't Caucasian, Whole hour on explanation, Missed the bus an the cab was ancient, I'm really in a situation, When I return to my destination, I get told to collect my payment, Clear the desk quick make it vacant.

Now if I ever needed inspiration, Right about now where I lose my patience, don’t it make you feel madder?"


Whereas the four and five of cups passed quickly together on Friday the nostalgic Six of Cups lasted all weekend, being the first weekend I returned to my hometown this year

First stop - my older sister, well she’s not my sister but she is, we were raised by the same father (hers) but he wasn’t my step dad - too complex for social media but maybe one day I’ll tell you the whole incredible story ;)

We are both only child adults and the relationship we have will be with us always - she is my safe haven πŸ’“ my sanctuary and retreat for my soul, she hennaed my hair, tidied my brows, fed me physically, mentally emotionally and sent me on my way with my cup full, stating that by allowing her to do that I had filled her cup too πŸ’“πŸ˜­

Next it was time to visit my 98 year old grandad and 91 year old gran, two more incredible souls in my life, coming from a broken home they are more like parents to me, they amaze me.

Gran tells me she’s broken her back but as she’s walking (on miraculously healed legs that have given her jip all her life), she tells me she has to take πŸ’Š for her bones but they make your teeth fall out - she says it all in her usual deadpan manner that makes grandad and I laugh (even though he is covered in blisters from head to toe - bless him) with anything he goes through he keeps his mindset and heart so solid that healing radiates from him whatever state he is in - I can only liken it to being sat with the Dalia Lama, utterly incredible.

Over to mum’s for lunch and it’s good to see her doing so well as we enjoy soaking up the sun rays in her garden.

Then a quick pit stop on the way home to catch up with my next oldest friend I’ve known since I was “six” and her husband whose been in my life since I was 18, much fun in the sun was had as we reminisced and marvelled at where life is for us now.

I never planned to be on the card of childhood, nostalgia and nurture for these two days, that’s what I love about journeying with the tarot.

The power of the rhythm of divine timing - it’s all in order. πŸ™πŸ’–βœ¨


I expected to feel more kerfuffled than I did, I kept looking at my poor confused kitty 🐱 on heat and thinking she’s the kerfuffle.

Personally clarity came to me throughout the day, things were clearing and falling into place so much I’d wondered if I had in fact moved on to the eight already.

But then one big thing fell into place, it’s something I’ve asked for, and just after I did I saw a post on Instagram saying “ don’t forget to thank god when you get it” so thank you god πŸ™πŸ’– and actually getting it activated the seven of cups...

No longer could I pin not taking the path on not having what I needed to do it. Now it’s my choice.

I have always seen the seven of cups as a card that masquerades as confusion when really it’s fear. “Once bitten twice shy” applies in my situation, and I’m aware the fear of walking on the path ahead is strong because well, what if it’s wrong?...

The TV got turned on - family time watching JOJO Rabbit πŸ‡ instead of Minerva Cat 🐈 in heat.

A “feel good” story about a boy in the war who has a vivid imagination who idealises the thought of becoming a nazi which quite literally blows up in his face a few times... but he survives, the ending quote?

“Let everything happen to you, Beauty and terror, Just keep going No feeling is final" - Rainer Maria Rilke

And with it  I knew I’d been given the push into the path of The Eight of Cups

I’m taking a deep breath and moving on through.  πŸ™πŸ’–βœ¨


I woke to find Minerva 🐱 had pulled a quote off my quote tree 🌲”The only limit is the one you set yourself”

I’m being tested to go beyond my limits of emotional strength today.

The path that lays before me has no guarantees but I don’t see anything else so clearly in front of me. It’s not only that that’s making my knees knock. I’ve fallen pray to what I call “out-tuition”.

Out-tuition is a term I’ve come up with to describe when an intuitive has tuned out of themselves and into someone else - it feels horrible, like living on tenter hooks with a huge dollop of anxiety you just can’t shake- like a fly stuck in your head and soul.

I’m aware of when outuition happens to me these days and how to shift it - after all it’s what I teach others to do.

But here I was in a Moo-hassive feeling funk!

So much so I’d say this has been the most challenging card of the journey yet.

I ran through some exercises I designed to shift it in an instant but nothing was working!

So I did three things I wouldn’t have done in the past:

-1. Acknowledge it rather than try to suppress it.

-2. Let someone I trust know and arrange for a chat.

-3. Sat with it and upped the self love πŸ’“ for the day.

At 3pm it shifted - just like that. I was prepping slides for the class I was holding that night in my
Transformational Truth of Tarot Community and running through Don Miguel Ruiz Five Agreements - I laid my eyes πŸ‘€ on the second agreement “don’t take anything personally” and as if by magic

It vanished.

It was then I knew the nine of cups had kicked in because I went through them a few hours earlier and not a flicker!


I can’t believe how quickly the flow of the cups has been on this journey through them, many of them came and went in a flash, sometimes as fast as two a day.

It was only the six that hung around for a couple of days.

Usually cups is a slow suit, like the pentacles, deep. In a way it’s been more like connecting with the swords or the wands in its speed. However, the journeys are always different and they always give you what you least expect.

The Nine of Cups came in when I cleared taking something personally. I felt the energy shift just like that. All morning I was taking things personally and struggling, and then just like that, the energy cleared, so I thought yay! I just enjoy the nine of cups now 🀣

It turned out that it was just the beginning and I needed to keep it as a mantra as cup after cup smacked me on the head, so much for that snuggly feeling of the nine of cups! πŸ€£

Luckily enough I was like “why you sneaky nine of cups! I know what you are up to!”

It was not about sitting snug and pretty on arrival at all ( as the rws looks) It was about not forgetting what you have learnt about emotional maturity and making sure you are walking the talk.

It was a challenge so much so for a while I wondered if I had regressed to the seven but now I’ve moved on to the ten I can hand on heart say I managed to clear yet again the taking things personally....

That has bit me on the arse a few times this cups journey - and it’s forever a practice ;)


After a month journeying with The Swords and The Cups the internal layer of The Transformational Truth of Tarot is done - for this time round anyway...

Here I will hang in my hammock with my hubby for 12 days before it’s time to get into action with The Wands, and this stopgap feels wonderful πŸ’“.

How do I know I’ve arrived?

It’s all lined up. For first time in my life I can see my path so vividly in front of me and have all I need to walk it .

It is only I who can walk it, no amount of money or delegation can change that - even though I have got better with both.

I’ve got to a place of being able to delegate the things I can and have deep gratitude for a growing team that get my path, so they can walk the offshoots for me and free me up to carry on ahead.

Far from feeling guilty for delegating I feel connected, supported, supportive and excited about the community and legacy that’s growing .

I have what I need emotionally, mentally, spiritually, practically and physically, with lucidity to make the journey easier, lighter, not so hurried, heavy or pressured.

Inside I am deeply connected to me, my intuition and my balance.

In my home there is more joy, love , laughter, peace and family togetherness than ever.

There’s been some monumental shifts, changes and endings over the past month or so, but they were right.

I am left with a feeling of all being right in my world, deep gratitude for divine guidance and respect for divine timing and intuition.

And here I will hang for 12 days of great reflection in deep gratitude πŸ™

And then I will begin.

That last entry was July 17th - 12 days have passed exactly, but the wands decided to ignite four days ago, a fire has been lit under my butt, so what’s changed?

I still have my destination in sight, my bag is packed with all I need.

I thought I was on one road, but then a fork opened up ahead and I put the brakes on.

I didn’t know what to do. I felt paralysed with the fear of taking the wrong route. But then the traffic started speeding up again and before I knew it the diversion had happened to me - it had been taken out of my hands.

And do I feel it was the right route?

Yes, I think so.

Moral of the story?

Be discerning. Trust yourself. Tune into what you feel will support you in these times and don’t overextend yourself - because that’s part of the old paradigm Corona is here to corrode, and it's time to obey.

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