Aquarius Full Moon 22nd August 2021 - The Gift of Permission:

Aug 19, 2021

Let’s go back, way back, all the way back to July 23rd 2021!

You and I are sitting together in a bar, and I say:

“Hey! How has your last month been?”

What would you say?

Crazy, manic, exhilarating, free falling, same old, or...

“Fine, thank you!”

My clients tell me they dislike the question “how are you?” with a passion.

Being deep souls who have an urge to live life beneath the surface this societal question feels like a façade, a conditioning that’s not really true.

So I said to one the other day, how about retraining your people to ask you differently by being the change you wish to see and saying ...

“What’s the ……. thing that has happened to you today?”

*Fill in the blank - best/most interesting/funny/weird/challenging etc…


She liked it, but how much permission do we feel we have to do that?


'The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself' - Tony Robbins


She liked it, but how much permission do we feel we have to do that?

Change the unspoken fabric of society?


My soul is currently crying out for movement, so much so that I find myself dancing down the supermarket aisles - much to the embarrassment of my husband, who tells me to stop because:

“you can get put away for things like that!”

I reply that there’s worse things to be put away for, and I’m being the change I want to see! People having a lil boogie as they bosh things in their baskets :)

Oh may I live to see the day happy shoppers dance down the aisles

I mean. Anybody would think I married someone conventional!

But in all seriousness (if I may) There have been monumental shifts the last eighteen months, and at the same time we have had the least amount of permission I’ve seen in my life - right to the point of having masks over our mouths.

Now the doors are opening and the masks are coming off, but we are still staying in, keeping our masks on, awkwardly wondering if it’s safe to come out, and if it is who or how we should be out there in the world.

It’s hard to process - who are we now? Who is the world now? Who are we to be? How can we be what we want to be?


So my task today is to give you PERMISSION - well, we all know no-one can give you permission apart from you.

But to invite you to give yourself PERMISSION.

And to do that we need to dig a little, and ask SPECIFIC questions.

You see, one month ago we had a Full Moon in Aquarius (24th July)

Now, this weekend (August 22nd) we have a second Full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius is the mover and shaker, they live life out there on a limb, they think differently, act differently, they are the visionaries, and exactly who we need to take us forward through the unknown.

Aquarius takes our mind and soul up to the heavens and pours cleansing waters over humanity and the earth so we can be refreshed, and live a life renewed and so with this Aquarius New Moon conjunct Jupiter, it’s all about:


Now of course that doesn’t mean we can just go and do whatever the hell we want this weekend! Oooh! Blurgh!

Jupiter is Retrograde, along with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, these are the BIG boys of Astrology, and the bigger something is the longer it takes to roll out the changes.

Aquarius’s ruler Uranus also went retrograde a couple of days before this Full Moon, when anything is retrograde it’s about reviewing, it’s time to move slowly and gently towards a deep, long lasting change.

A life you want to live, that’s closer to your heart, and this… a prompt for you to take time to process.

Give yourself permission for things to come up to the surface, it’s okay, you are in control, you can decide whether to put some wheels in action and if so at what speed or you can simply decide not to too.

It’s not about feeling you need to change things RIGHT now - unless you want to of course!

Otherwise....Just notice….

The more ‘PERMISSION' ' you can give yourself to do that, the more you will find the Aquarian blessings at the end of it.

Eureka moments, visions, freedom and genius ideas! Sounds good?

The questions I’m about to ask you are questions that first came into my life in 2014

When I joined my first online group program. The mentor posted the same questions weekly - and I never missed a week.

No matter if my week had been “good” or “bad” I found them a profound, sacred stop check that kept me on track, showed me the wisdom I had within and that I knew what to do next.

So much so that if I join an online group program without the questions I feel lost, so I made them a fundamental part of the groups I run, tweaking them for whatever the need is.

Below you will find the same “structure” but “tweaked” for this energetic gateway time of change we find ourselves in - August feels like the month where we are coming out of the other side, so lets get some perspective.

It may be that you are reading this on the bus or somewhere else that you can’t give yourself the time right now, if that’s you trust you saw this for a reason and set a reminder to come back and journal on these questions.

Don’t get caught in reading and moving on.

Magic is a 3 step action plan - thought, word and DEED.

Make time to come back, before the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius

  • Los Angeles – August 22, 5:01 am
  • New York – August 22, 8:01 am
  • London – August 22, 1:01 pm
  • Delhi – August 22, 5:31 am
  • Sydney – August 22, 10:01 pm


Ready? Let’s go!

These questions are specifically designed to help you process the “uplevelling” that’s been going on this past month:

1. What new and perhaps unexpected things have happened this past month?

2. What have been the biggest challenges in this month and how can you turn them into an opportunity?

3. Where are you feeling the wind of changes in the air?

4. What is your soul crying out for?

5. What is your body crying out for?

6. What is your mind crying out for?

7. The biggie question! What has this year shown you about what you want?

8. Manifesting is about living as if it’s here already so how can you live like you already have this?

9. Who do you need to be to do this?

10. How are your permission levels on doing so (10 being I can and will do this now to the max):

11. What ONE thing can you do to take your permission up a number?

12. How can you support yourself to keep giving yourself permission?

Now it’s time to get a lil back of what you’ve already put in.

I’ve chosen three cards in alignment with this Moon so If you'd like a card read on.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1, 2, or 3 then read the write up below:

Got number 1? You got "The Fool!"...

There’s no doubt you are on the ascension ride of a lifetime!

The Fool is ruled by Uranus, this is where you step off the cliff and start a new journey of who you have been until now. Freedom is the trailblazing hallmark and you will fight for it, but only Fools rush in. Watch that rebellious streak that cuts your nose off to spite its face and any egoic or prideful reactions, if you can let go of the knee jerk reactions your ascension at this time can be huge, like a doorway that’s been waiting for you to simply glide through - you might not have to fight as hard for it as you think.

If you know you are looking for a whole new world and community to help you ascend here’s the link to apply talk to me free to see if I can help - with no obligation:

Got number 2? You got “The Star"

The Star

If things aren’t moving at warp speed for you I’d be surprised, I expect you are feeling a great sense of unknown, like a whole new world is opening up for you on the horizon, whacky dreams, occurrences and opportunities are popping up all over the place!

Keep that wonderful sense of openness, adventure and curiosity about you. There’s a real sense of things aren’t as they are, nor are they as they will be, so it can be hard to commit to anything right now, and at the same time it’s important not to float off into the ether either!

If you feel the need to be in a community that understands what you are going through and can help you build a new trial my Manifest a Miracle a Month membership for £4.97 for 21 days here

Number 3? You got “The Sun!”

Wow! Who's growing into their power then?

Look at you soaring through the current changes with ease! You’ve had so much practice, gliding with grace through those things that used to stress you that now you are ready, you are ready to meet the true soul of who you are and the heart of your greatest power, purpose, creativity, and legacy.

How awesome! Do you feel it coursing through your veins? Do you have an urge to know who you are and get creating something new totally in alignment to you?

If you would like some assistance on knowing who you are and what your purpose is the AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat might be what you are looking for, Click your Flamenco heel here for Sept!

And let’s ascend!

Wishing you a wonder full moon :)


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