The Secret Recipe of the New Moon in Aquarius Big Picture Vision Cake!

Jan 29, 2022

One huge dollop of big picture thinking

One teaspoon of vision essence 

A pancake stack of patience 

A massive blob of self-raising potential 

One whole rump of reality

One huge clump of clarity


The New Moon in Aquarius pours her sizzling water into our vessels at 5:45 am GMT on 1st February to cook up a birthday cake fit for a tiger! - (This Moon heralds in The Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger). 


Just like Aquarius the Tiger makes no apologies for who they are, it's time to own your badassery! 

But! There are some excellent reasons to take your badassery v.slowly indeed: 

  1. Aquarius is a visionary connected to the bigger picture; it sees what others can't. It has to lead others step by step through the change rather than trying (and miserably failing) to explain it!
  2. Saturn is conjunct this Moon, and Uranus is Squaring -Yay! Leapfrog!
  3. Tigers take their time to size up their environment; they lay in waiting, waiting for that purr-fect time to pounce. 
  4. This Tiger is water, so it is extra intuitive in the water sense, which is slower than the intuitive energy of air ( Air - sudden knowing vs water - quiet knowing)
  5. Mercury and Venus are still retrograde; they are getting ready to turn direct (and that says it all)


Think you might be feeling this already? Then, I'll give you an example of how…

This week. I had a rude awakening of just how big a problem my role at work has and how I was all kind of alone with it.

It was a wake-up call, and it felt like A LOT. How on earth could one person fix all that? 

In reality, I'm not one person. I have a great boss and team around me (which is way more than I had when I was working full time in my business), but they are all working for the umbrella organisation up in Sheffield, and I'm like a single spoke: "down- ere in SomeR -set!" 

I wrestle with the weight of it all week and then ping! The answer arrived in my inbox, from my boss (I don't think he realised his big picture out of the box thinking was the answer to my prayers)!

With Aquarius, there are massive revelations and revolutions.

But we need to take it slowly, so we don't lose people or projects along the way.

So then, what did I do? I excitedly unpacked it and ran a million miles ahead with it, making alterations and big visions as I went and had to get pulled back. I understood why. More than that, I felt great for having the boundary. 

I was like an excited little child with a new zest for life that needed an adult to reign me in (Fool Archetype is Aquarius in Tarot) - I was so relieved because I knew it was too much too soon, it felt wrong to run with it all NOW, but I couldn't stop myself. I didn't know-how.

To get BOTH the answer (Uranus) and the restraint (Saturn) felt terrific. It made it all fall into place, and now I could see the solution and how to go one step at a time so clearly instead of everything being a mess in my head!

Aquarius is the big visionary for humanity, and it sees the purpose for the wider circle. That's what it's all about. But it's soo big picture thinking it can lose itself and everyone else along the way. The trick is to find the balancing sweet spot. 

Oh, that balancing sweet spot! It can be so bittersweet! That's just what happened next...

My difference and aloneness got jabbed again by everyone's excitement to go back to "the circle" -a day in the office once a fortnight. The thing is, it's in Sheffield! I ask the other not so softy south east Southerner if they go, they go, yes monthly, hardcore! Okay, maybe I can do that.

The thing is, my role is way broader than hers. I can't see how I will have time to do this. Another puzzle! 

The invite pings in - it's on the one day of the week I can't travel! 

That is Aquarius in a nutshell! Alone but connected. The odd one out, but part of a broader collective, and on the edge of everything! Oh, I'm definitely on the edge! My copy is edgy, and Bath is on the edge of Somerset!

Still, it's time to own my difference. Be okay with who I am and where I am. 

From that place, I take a look behind me and see I am WAY clearer than I was this time last week and WAY less alone than I was this time last year.

I take a look forward, and the future looks bright. I know this will take some time, but I think I know how to do it, and it all starts with owning my throne, knowing my place and taking it ever so slow all at the same time. 

If I had to go to Sheffield once or twice a month, I guess it would be even slower! Trust the divine knows what it's doing - the other archetype for Aquarius btw is The Star :)

The Aquarius New Moon births at 17:45pm UK on 1st February

In my open circle we power up the big vision through the AstroTarotDance at 7:30 pm UK.

To join us click here. 


Tiff xx


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