8/8 Lionsgate and Aquarius Super Full Moon in Aquarius 11th/12th August 2022

Aug 07, 2022

The third and final Super Full Moon showers us in Aquarian healing waters at 1:35 BST on 12th August…

...It might feel more like a shit-storm in a teacup, though - and we are more likely to feel the peak of it on the 11th - my birthday! Woohoo!

This Aquarian Moon is in a battle with it’s two rulers. The Moon is conjunct Saturn (heavy restriction) and squaring off to Uranus (rebellious freedom). It’s all a bit too close to home being a SuperMoon, so we could feel flattened by the gigantic gravity of it all -

Chris-Anne Donnelly’s Muse Moon card says it all…

Not only that, but Uranus is doing the funky chicken with the north node - evolution, my dear whatsit :)

The saying “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” comes to mind - BUT!

With a word of caution - don’t do it before giving yourself some serious credit for how strong you are first.

It’s not just women who are like teabags, it’s all of us. None of us ever know how strong we are until we get into hot water.

This shit storm in a teacup supermoon provides the hot water for us to know how strong we are.

My last blog about the Leo New Moon carried a similar message.

At the same time as this Moon, Venus moves into Leo - stand up. Know your divinity. 

At the moment, the astrosphere is full of messages about how this Full Moon and Lionsgate portal has the potency to make dreams come true with hard work.

The message I am getting is to take it easy with the doing and up the asking and listening.

You can slow down - it’s okay, Saturn is a slow mover and shaker, and okay, it’s squaring off with the faster Uranus, but if you need to speed up, you’ll know about it - That’s Uranus’s job, just like an alarm, you can rest and trust it will wake you up.

Whatever is for the soul won’t pass the soul.

If you are working extra hard because deep down you don’t feel you’ve got this, that’s you not knowing how strong you are - whatever it is, you’ve got this.

If things are foggy, then do what you do in real fog, slow down.

Clarity may not be at the flick of a switch (there could be flashes of it with Uranus in the mix), but that is why we need to keep our ears close to the ground.

The Lionsgate brings in an extra roar about not forgetting the spiritual side, the other side and our ancestors. It’s time to remember and connect as the portal opens, ask for what you need and listen carefully.

I was born at 11:11 pm on 11th August, very close to this Moon. At the time of my birth, the Sun, not the Moon, was conjunct Saturn; I know this energy well.

Saturn rules the teeth, bones, skin, time, karma, responsibility, and maturity.


It’s slow and heavy stuff, but with time it pays off.

Saturn is a hard taskmaster and in for the long haul. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t break your back.

Up the self-love, give yourself a break, take it easy and know that whatever comes - you’ll handle it because you are that strong.

In the Leo New Moon blog, I spoke of hares; now it’s tortoise time. Time to slow down, listen, and follow your intuitive hunches.

I did that this morning and ended up recording an impromptu message for you about the energy this Lionsgate here:

Being born at this time means I feel super connected to this Moon 

I hear it whispering that the only hard work here is the discipline of self-love, gifting yourself what you want, be it a day or weekend off somewhere or something else.

Listening can be hard work, too but develop the practice of listening and loving, and you have the gift of the language of love for yourself and everyone you come in contact with.

The busyness of the so-called “real” world means we have to supercharge our will to slow down, self-love and listen super carefully…

Have you been feeling super anxious lately?

In my last blog, I wrote about the shake-up of Uranus conjunct North Node.

But did I remember after writing?

No! I put the anxiety down to everything but.

I also received a message to remember I rock on Friday - did I remember it?

Of course not!

And I had a terrible day because I didn’t remember it.

It was only a synchronicity today that reminded me.

Synchronicities are showering down on us this Lionsgate, and they are all about reminding us how strong we are.

There are many shooting stars throughout the Leo season due to the Perseid meteorite shower. We are blessed with abundance in August. It’s a great month for manifesting, and the Lionsgate and this Moon is giving you a water-bearing hand.

You don’t need to push the river along.

You just need to remember how strong you are.

And that’s mighty hard if you don’t have or make time to listen daily.

If you’d like to make time to hear the messages the universe is whispering to you, I can help you do it this month - and for free.

To celebrate my birthday and the Full Moon in Aquarius, I’m holding an 11-day spiritual quest or journey through the Tarot called ‘Be The Change You Wish To See.”

Notice it says “Be the change” - not “do the change”!

It begins on 12th August, where we will connect with the Uranus Aquarian energy of The Fool to breakthrough any heavy Saturn energy and embark on a journey to the other side of Aquarius, The Star (in part 2 next month)

The first part goes like this…

12th - The Fool - Aquarius - Break out!

13th - The Magician - Mercury/Aries - Manifest!

14th - The High Priestess - Cancer - Intuit.

15th - The Empress - Venus/Divine Feminine - Embody

16th - The Emperor - Mars/Divine Masculine -Activate

17th - The High Priest - Taurus - Learn

18th - The Lovers - Gemini -Decide

19th - The Chariot -Cancer -Do

20th - Strength -Leo -Know

21st - The Hermit -Virgo -Reflect

22nd -The Wheel - Jupiter/Leo/Taurus/Scorpio/Aquarius -Become


If you’ve never journeyed before… 

You don’t need a deck, and you don’t need knowledge; just set a reminder to read the activation post as soon as you wake up on the 12th - from there, your whole world will open up with daily divine magic as the Tarot comes alive and speaks to you!

Might sound crazy now, but wait and see!

All you need to do is decide to commit to your spiritual practice for 11 days and see what comes out of it.

In true Aquarius freedom energy, and for my birthday, I am gifting you freedom- a free code to claim a free month…

So to come into the heart of this powerful Lionsgate SuperMoon and begin again, all you need to do is go here and put the magic word in the checkout ‘FREEMONTH”

Here’s your chance.

And here’s what you’ll be doing:

11th August - 7:30 pm BST - TIFF’s birthday AstroTarotDance… Do you love ecstatic dance? Then you are invited to my 45th birthday party with me on the divine decks. Get ready to be transported into the heights of the Pleiadian meteorite shower of heavenly bliss and beyond.

12th August - 23rd August - Be The Change You Wish To See… Have you always wanted to learn Tarot? Now’s your time! We start with The Fool the day after the Aquarius “FOOL” Moon.

Start here.

I look forward to the joy of connection or reconnection with you in this beautiful, powerful month of rebirth.

See you on the other side :)


Tiff x

P.S.) Fancy spending the Winter Solstice on a Transformational Truth of Tarot stone circle retreat in Cornwall? Book here before 18th August to spread the cost over five months.


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