A Double Dose of The Blue Moon Blues? Full Moon in Libra, Saturday 31st March 2018

Mar 30, 2018

There's a Double Dose of the Blue Moon Blues in the Air this Easter!

Although there is no astrological importance placed on a blue moon, even this one being the second Blue Moon of 2018, and the last til 2020. The chart for this moon is quite rare in itself in that it only has ONE BLUE LINE.

Blue lines in charts stand for harmonious aspects and red lines for challenging so here's a to the point explanation for you:

7 Symptoms of The Easter Full Moon/Blue Moon Saturday 31st March 13:36 BST

1. Sun in Aries Opposing Moon in Libra - Happens every full Moon, the emotions run high as the tension of the subconscious and the conscious build to a crescendo, this time the tension highlights frustration and power struggles. To breathe give yourself and others plenty of time and space, and learn how to listen in order to be heard.

2. Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde opposing the Moon. Total overload, a feeling that we have taken on more than we can cope with, breathe, you'll catch up in the latter two weeks of this month.

3. Mars Squaring Moon, Sun and Mercury Retrograde - Pent up frustrations, and emotional meltdowns as we struggle with communication and being heard, be prepared to give yourself and others lots of time and space.

4. Saturn Squaring Moon, Sun, and Mercury Retrograde - It just ain't the time for being able to make any of grounded plans! Sometimes you just gotta give yourself a break.

5. Saturn conjunct Mars - Although the above is true sometimes all that anger can give rise to the changes we have wanted to implement for so long - this is an aspect of being so in our shadow we have to face it, and that is where we can find the strength to start channeling our frustration into making a positive, long-lasting difference.

6. Venus in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Aries - Taurus is ruled by Venus which loves beauty, but Uranus in Aries can be bold and crass, watch out for sudden feelings of humiliation or shame - and remember if that happens, be gentle on thyself and others, acceptance is key.

7. Pluto Sextile Jupiter Retrograde - Is our saving grace giving us the support needed to dig DEEP and transform our story... whereas every other aspect is also making this happen, our strength is found here in knowing that we CAN rise and shine this Easter!

We just need to believe in the power of our story...


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