Your Virgo Full Moon MOT 18th March 2022

Mar 14, 2022

My intention with this blog is for you to have time to check in with yourself. Virgo loves a once over, so here is your Full Moon MOT. 

Speaking of which, my MOT went missing this week. I only realised because my boss asked for it, so just like an MOT request, you may only know what's missing or up now I am prompting you to look. 

I spoke to a client this morning, and she told me she's feeling nervous about what people are thinking of her online. 

I said it's probably a symptom of the upcoming Full Moon at the end of this week, and she told me she had her Moon in Virgo. 

But does that mean she should ignore it?


Why is it that we ignore it when something is mental or emotional until it becomes physical? 

It means it's time to take extra care of yourself until you feel better again. 

So there you have it:


Symptom number 1: Self-Judgment

My inner critic has cracked the whip this week, telling me I'm not doing enough (when all I could muster on Facebook was a heart or a like), and I'm incapable (to the point of being a liability). It made me question all that seemed so great and stable last week and didn't give me one bit of compassion. But, of course, it was entirely out of order, especially considering I had a significant bereavement at the weekend.

Symptom number 1 Treatment: 

Apply Don Miguel's Agreement Four to your life - "Do Your Best" whilst knowing your best will be different on different days. I add the word "gentle" into the mix too. So it becomes "Do your gentle best". We intuitives push ourselves hard, so the work is in allowing ourselves to do less - cue symptom 2: 


Symptom number 2: Needing External Validation

Despite my grief, I went to work on Monday, but when I saw all the appointments in my diary, I knew I couldn't face them, so I asked to be excused. My boss was entirely supportive. But then, it was impossible to get a response all week. Consequently, I was left feeling alone and anxious about what I was putting out there. I was niggling and nagging him because it was niggling and nagging at me, but still, silence. 

Just like The Hermit. 

Virgo is The Hermit in the Tarot, he has more wisdom within than around him, but he needs to be alone in his dark cave to see his light. 

After waking up from disturbing dreams of getting in trouble for it, I woke up to a post on Michele Henshaw's Instagram - 

"If you are feeling like you have hit a wall, maybe you are being offered a space to rest." 

That, combined with gentle best sealed it for me. In order to be okay working from home alone, I needed to change my headspace. 

Symptom number 2 Treatment: 

Own your space! Isn't it funny how we get tested when we make a decision? The day began with someone ringing me out of the blue to sound off- despite knowing (and forgetting) about my bereavement. They apologised, and I was silently thankful for the timely reminder of my decision because straight after a request came in to be somewhere in an hour that was 90 minutes away, time to walk the talk. 

So I sent an email saying we could put something in for April? And so they rang me! Oh no! I should answer! But I permitted myself not to and asked them to book in a call for another time, which they were okay with - of course. 

From that moment, I embraced working alone, doing my gentle best, trusting my wisdom, and suddenly I felt stronger and grateful for being left alone, rather than anxious and unsupported. It was a hugely empowering turnaround. 


Symptom number three: Low energy. 

Has your pilot light gone out? Half the team at work (myself included) have had to replace their ovens because of an electrical fault since the last Full Moon - crazy when you think there are only six of us! 

We are at the last full Moon of the old cycle, out with the old and in with the new. March is a vulnerable cross over time. It’s when the souls that can't take another cycle of life to depart (like my daughter 25 years ago and my Gran this year) It's time to say goodbye to anything that can't continue - like ovens, boilers etc., anything that is struggling to spark, won't spark again.

Symptom number 3 Treatment: 

This time of year is the crossover point of death and rebirth. The spring equinox is a couple of days away, and we are tender like snowdrops right now. So it's love-up your inner child time. Would you push your inner child to be an adult? Hopefully not. Hopefully, you'd nurture them and not expose them to anything beyond their current capability? So Check-in with your inner child. What do they need?


Symptom number 4: Lack of joy, inspiration and creativity

The Inner Critic will kill any flame of enjoyment and creativity, turning you into a neurotic hypochondriac, who can create in that space?

Symptom number 4 Treatment:

Get rid of the weeds in your mind. It's spring cleaning time, and as Gandhi says, "I shall not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet", but what if the one that's walking through your mind with dirty feet is you? 


If you'd like some help with that, I'll be running a 10-day Bootcamp to do precisely that starting the day after the full Moon - called Activate Your Authenticity - see here.

When we have Activated our Authenticity, we will have successfully passed the Virgo initiation ready for the firestarter of the Aries New Moon on April Fool's Day.

What a corker that is due to be! 


Especially if we did the work beforehand. The Fool in the Tarot marks the beginning of a whole new life, and this one could be awesome! 

I have booked a retreat in Cornwall to activate it right at the end of Activate Your Authenticity, especially for it, called The Fool's Journey Retreat; if you'd like to join us, you can, here


Also, at 7:30pm in my open circle, there is the full moon astrotarotdance - for instant healing of all the above, see here

Wishing you a Wonder-full Moon


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