Aug 31, 2020

The Pisces Full Moon! Being the last sign in the zodiac is as evolved and spiritual as it gets! Today I am going to tell you:

  1. Nine lessons on letting go and letting God from the most evolved Pisces (person) I know on the planet.
  2. What this Moon is all about.
  3.  The story of your soul’s evolution through the Zodiac, through my crazy Piscean week! 

In true Piscean manner it’s not going to flow from one to the other, so let’s try and get some order with the overview of...How the zodiac works…

First, God gave Aries the divine spark.

Aries gave it to Taurus to plant it in the earth and nurture it into being

Taurus passed it to Gemini to spread the message and get many hands on deck.

Cancer brought the message from the head into the heart, making souls emotionally attached.

Leo commanded the attention of the masses with it’s divine roar.

Virgo went to work perfecting and polishing God’s creation in diligent service.

Libra paved the way for diplomacy.

Scorpio helped everyone go through the transformation.

Sagittarius provided some much needed after laughs.

Capricorn firmed up the entire system to work in the manmade world

Aquarius ran with the vision into the future.

And Pisces….

Pisces was the one who understand the entire plan - the closest one to God.

Have you had a taste of what it feels like to be Pisces on the run up to this Moon?

Maybe you’ve had to let go and let God as the divine has had a hand in yours?

Maybe you feel as if you’ve been lifted up to a higher plane, even if it wasn’t exactly presented as a “helping hand”?

Perhaps it feels more like your hands are tied or being forced?

Now that sounds harsh but it’s not that either…

Pisces is the sign closest to God and in the Tarot he is The Hanged Man.

The sacrificed Mystic suspended upside down on the world tree with his hands bound.

That doesn’t mean Pisces doesn’t take action, it’s a cardinal sign, it rises to the call of creation. It brings the mystic vision down here on the earth or what’s the point of being here?

Just like Jesus.

Hence I am going to take you through the creation and evolution of the Zodiac today, but before we get there, I realised a funny thing...this is how much Pisces rises to the call of creation...

All my male bosses have been Pisces...

  1.  My first boss - my Grandad.
  2.  Then my sensitive boss in Westminster Care.
  3. Then My hedonistic boss in Mysteries. Who gave me a welcome me video of himself playing his well placed guitar, with trousers down, a crystal willy in his pants and an Osho mask over his face! - Yup Pisces can be way out there!) 
  4.  And not quite my boss but my joint visionary partner in Transformative Tarot Pride- David Lacopo.  
  5. A typical Piscean soul, David has just released a book called “Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth” see it  here.

My Piscean bosses have one thing in common - a vision and drive to serve humanity.

I expect you’ll feel what it’s like to be a Pisces this Piscean Full Moon.

But if you think the Piscean way is the easy way, because it’s the evolved enlightened way, you have another thing coming.

Well, unless you learn to let go and let God that is… then it can be bliss!

And boy, don’t we have the climate for that this year? As we head into autumn of what has been the most crazy year of our generation, the divine tells us we haven’t got there yet...

Mars slows down to go retrograde on 9th, making a drawn out square to Saturn, during and after this Full Moon, relax! Nothing is in control!

We also have Uranus in the mix - this not so lil chaotic planet of upheaval is in positive aspect to the Pisces moon. Planning may be impossible, but the universe knows EXACTLY what it’s up to, let go and let God.

Flow with the twists and turns, for this is the stuff that can test the patience of a saint ….

The more you let go of your plan and look for the divine one the more you’ll reach bliss.

Pisces has gone through all the lessons of the other signs and understands the grand plan of God.It’s the soul that has reached its last level of evolution. So today I want to take you through the journey of the soul using the Zodiac to convey the story of...

How to let go and let God from the oldest most evolved Pisces I know.

My 98.5 year old Grandfather, who I happened to spend the last week with - unexpectedly…

His last rites were read three weeks ago. I dreaded the visit before last, leaving him for what I thought would be the last time. I was sure I’d be in “pieces” on my two hour drive back to Bath, but I left in “peaces” and as my husband said ...

“That’s what you love about your “Pisces” grandad - his ability to heal just by being”

So this time I expected more of that…. what a Hanged Man lesson……I find him breathless, exhausted, refusing morphine, in deep pain and fear, he'd fallen over twice, and my gran being in her nineties was at her wits end.

My aunts pop in daily, but the instant need for 24/7 care had coincided with one on holiday, another having an op, two working - and as the divine would have it...

Me visiting - blissfully unaware of the need for care or the gap in it.

There we have stage one - “God” giving Aries the call to action

Plonked in a bungalow in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes I was in (including my one pair of pants). It was clear I was going nowhere and not getting to change (at least my clothes) for the week!

No internet either - and you know where wifi is on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs right?

Especially when you are launching an online program that starts the week after!

It was clear to me to sacrifice the launch for my last live run Zero To Hero in 22 days and honour my last journey with my grandad.

So with a deep breath I let go.

I let go of the launch.

I let go of doing lives.

I let go of writing emails.

I let go of writing social media posts.

I let go of showing up for my free public group.

I put all my energy into making sure my Grandad and my clients in TTT were held.

Thank God I have amazing clients and support staff in place.

All it took was a meeting with two support staff and I could handover...

This was Taurus, providing stability and Gemini collaborating and spreading the message.

Even so the first three days were tough -not only was I newbie chucked into a crisis, but I had another shock I can’t go into here.

Let’s just say it was like an inner twin tower explosion - very Gemini.

On Sunday I marvelled at the strength I felt, but the next day biught an inability to perform the smallest but most important daily tasks...And the realisation it wasn’t strength at all i'd been feeling, it was shell shocked numbness.

I was exhausted, unfocused and forgetful - and I couldn’t afford to be.

A public liability every time I had to pop out quick to get a script or another basic need…

I came this close to getting punched by a woman who looked like an escapee from Prisoner Cell Block H for parking too close to her Range Rover.

All whilst getting barked at by other members of the public for not clocking the unique covid procedures in the village.

Oh hello Cancer! Reminding me of the power of our emotions and…

Of the need to practice kindness and compassion for ourselves, each other and the public.

We never know what someone else is going through. Some disabilities are invisible - shock and grief are only two invisible disabilities of many.

They are difficult enough to recognise in yourself, unless you’ve been through it before - that’s the only good thing about going through it before - your increased ability to clock it next time.

The five stages of grief…. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance….

It’s not known to be linear but as if on cue, the next stage followed. Hello Tuesday. Hello Anger.

In fact anger is too weak a word. The word I'm looking for here is Rage - pure livid, deeply uncomfortable and resentful and RAGE. At first I tried to swallow it, to spiritually bypass it - but then I clocked I couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t.

I was raw and needed to roar.

Oh hello Leo commanding attention for the world to rise!

I gave myself permission to acknowledge “i’m angry,  In fact i’m f***** fuming red hot livid and I need to call someone safe to process it with. I called my husband and my soul sister and they held space for me.

This was a HUGE multiple win, 5 in 1…

  1. Recognising what’s going on inside. 
  2. Looking at it. 
  3. Deciding what I needed. 
  4. Reaching out to get it in a safe manner so I can process effectively without hurting anyone. 
  5. Not feeling guilt about getting my needs met but gratitude to those who helped me. 

Turns out it was pent up menopausal PMT too! On my one pair of pants week! Really? TMI?

After the Leo roared things started to turn around…

Virgo got to work and needs got met, diplomatic Libra teamed up with Scorpio and Sagittarius to transform judgment to joy and hurt to happiness.

Criticism became connection, pain pacified into play, fury fused into fun and forgiveness.

Tears of painful heartbreak turned to tears of bittersweet happiness.

And where there was the need to let go of my plans there was no mistaking the higher plan…

Grandad’s wobbles were replaced with him sleeping so soundly I wondered if he would wake up again, and Gran and I headed on into acceptance.

That’s when an alarm went off in my head - oh shit it’s Wednesday!

I have a date!! With Russell Brand! One thing I can’t delegate...Now i’m in bargaining!

Praying for divine connection of the wifi kind, I pace the place with my laptop in one hand and my mobile phone in the other, manifesting a miraculous bar of reception I try to milk as a hotspot - rather unsuccessfully might I add... when a carer turns up for an hour…

What was that about divine timing?

I jump in the car to my soul sister’s - whose internet got miraculously fixed that morning... and wait, and wait and wait…. thinking crumbs I am going to have to head back any minute now when ping!

This shows up!

Phew! Thank you Bear! I hope you are okay….

I jump back in the car and race back when my engine light jams on not only to find the carer still there and grandad still asleep - but my mechanic of a cousin! Who also turned up randomly bang on time for the hospital bed delivery!

Aha so now we’ve moved on from the Sagittarian joker to practical Capricorn!

Grandad now sleeping like he’s run far away with an Aquarian vision, never to return...

Gran and I come to the conclusion that’s it now… But! In true Hanged Man fashion, he gives us the unexpected twist and turn once again...

It’s Thursday and he’s up with the larks declaring to me that he feels like a billionaire! I ask why?

Cue Pisces (my Grandad)  -the evolved soul Listen carefully, there’s 9 lessons coming….

Lesson 1. Happy is the one thing you can always decide to be.

“Because my dear you can’t change anything, but you can always decide to be happy…I am a happy person, it’s like I have a halo of happiness all around me.” 

Not even an hour later…. I’m sat in a chair next to him, he is sleeping - or so I think….

Lesson 2. Listen, even to the unspoken word…

I do a lil bit of work on my one bar phone, popping into my TTT group. I feel the need to steer a conversation in another direction when my grandad opens his eyes and looks at me.

“You listen to them both”

“What Grandad?”

“You are sat there wondering how to respond and I am telling you, you listen to them both”

I’m kinda stunned kinda not - telepathy is usual for him (even when not on morphine).

Lesson 3 - Feel…

I’m achy, so I do some yoga on their carpet - mid sun salutation I see his eyes open…

“Oh my dear I just felt this huge amount of energy coming at me and opened my eyes to see what you were doing! It’s the wibble wobble! You make a great tin man!”

Next up i’m giving him some distance healing in the afternoon whilst he sleeps… He wakes, looks at me and says

“My dear, your hands are on mine, I know they are, I can feel them, they've been that way for about an hour now!”

Lesson 4 - Think of others....

Waking up….“ I am just wondering how Richard is getting on without you my dear… Oh that’s a song! “I’m getting on wonderfully well without you, of course I am!” Okay then!

Drifting off back to sleep….

Lesson 6 - Gratitude...

Waking up…. “Oh I am so happy! I am so so happy inside, I am such a rich man, I have so many blessings, I’ve put your gran through so much lately and she still loves me, she’s a wonderful woman she is, I’ve lived a good life and I have so many loved ones around me, looking after me, don’t worry about me, I am just an old man making way for the new”

Lesson 7 - Positivity….

“Believe in only all the good things my dear” …

Grandad NEVER complains - I’m serious, never once in my life have I heard him complain. Not even now, the closest he gets is his ongoing mantra of “oh dear, oh dear, oh dear” and if you asked me what his favourite quote is?”

“If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.”

“But that doesn’t mean you aren’t here to express yourself. You are here to express yourself - everyone is” he continues….

“I guess it’s all about the way you do it hey Grandad?”…

“you know my dear, that biscuit you gave me wasn’t too good!”

Lesson 8? The secret to a happy ever after marriage...

This one is a joint one from my Grandparents who have been happily married for 71 years…

Grandad…. “Betty Boop! Now that’s a sexy woman!”

“Isn’t she a cartoon character Grandad?”

“Well yes, but she’s the personification of the perfect woman!”

“But if she’s a cartoon character then she’s not real!”

“Well okay then, that’s probably why!”

Then Grandad goes to the bathroom with the carer and my uncle wonders where he’s gone, Gran tells him and my uncle says…

“Well I bet he likes that! Is she good looking?”

Gran replies “Well the problem is John that they wear these masks so you can’t tell!”

But in all seriousness…That day was a god given gift of having my last evolutionary wake up call....

From the grandad I know and love so much when we thought we’d lost him to the land of nod never to wake again. Never one to leave on a downer, what a trooper.

The closest person I have ever met to him is my husband  - and they have a recognised affinity with each other. I didn’t have good father figures growing up so peeps are naturally perplexed I ended up with such a good hub…

Welcome to the reason why….

With my father leaving me and my mum without a piece of furniture to our name we moved in with my gramp and he’s more like my dad, how lucky am I?

So yes, The Hanged Man (my Grandad) is still happily hanging there by a thread, he has a really rough day and we think that is it, and then in true Geoffrey Read style he is on form the next!

Maybe this Pisces Full Moon he will cross over, maybe he won’t, but one thing is for sure, he will leave a legacy for the family and I will carry on his great work through me.

Seven years ago I recorded some of our conversations (24 to be exact). I’ve never released them, but now it’s time,

So here’s conversations with Grandad episode 1 - Reincarnation, Guides and Spiritual Healing. 


Its an hour long audio so if you’ve had enough for now set a reminder to come back and press this button when you need a lil reminder of how to let go and let God.

Oh and one lasting legacy lesson from Grandad... Lesson 9: Service makes a long and happy life.

Every day think of others, every day serve others. He had his own biz which he worked in seven days a week until he was seventy -five when he retired and then got a job!

His customers would say... “Mr Read, when will you have a holiday?” and he would reply gently with a smile..

“I go on holiday every day when I go home”

This is how I am most like my grandad, but I’m not my grandad, I am not Pisces, I am a Leo with a passionate roar!

But..a part of me is also my grandad and I have set my intention to serve you aligned to his inspirational teaching.

So it is with that I announce that the last live journey of Zero To Hero in 22 days is still embarking this Pisces Full Moon...

There are many metaphysical maps to find the evolution of your soul.

Today I showed you the evolutionary map of the Zodiac through to the most evolved sign of Pisces - my grandad and his last journey as he prepares to ascend.

Zero to Hero in 22 days uses a combination of The Fool's Journey in the Tarot and Jospeh Campbells The Hero's Journey to get you evolving.

But just like I had the last chance to be with my live Grandad, this is the last chance you’ll get to do the Zero To Hero Journey with me live as your guide.

It’s a small sacred group of 4 as I had to let go of the launch - all divinely planned i’m sure- so is this last call, are you feeling the Piscean call to join us?

Take a look here if you are…


If not but you think it might be for someone you know, please let them know, I could do with a lil helping hand right now.

Wishing a wonderfully deep evolutionary Moon.



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