8 Side Effects (and antidotes) to The Pisces Full Moon

Sep 12, 2019

This week have you been:

1. Waking at 3:33 or 4:44 or too early to mention?
2. Having crazy arse dreams when you do get some sleep?
3. On the receiving end of some crazy arse anger from more than one direction?
4. Seeing 11:11 more than usual?
5. Feeling so stream rollered by life that you can’t make headway?
6. Unable to focus on what needs to get done?
7. Feeling the need to ground through intense physical activity?
8. Thirsty!? 


This, my friend, is your welcome to The Full Moon in Pisces!

  • Los Angeles – 13 September 9:32 pm
  • New York – 14 September 00:32 am
  • London – 14 September 5:32 am
  • Delhi – 14 September 10:02 am
  • Sydney – 14 September 2:32 pm

The Pisces Full Moon on its own brings up the topics of:

1. Spirituality

2. Secrecy

3. Confusion

4. The victim/martyr complex

5. Manipulation

6. Codependency

7. Guilt

8. Psychic ability

9. Fantasy/escapism

10. Immaturity

11. Karma.

In conjunction with it’s ruler Neptune and in a T- Square with Mars and Jupiter and “bang the bass, turn up the treble”. Not that you’d be feeling like “you’ve got the power”, in fact you are probably feeling more like “Snap.”

“So peace, stay off my back or I will attack and you don't want that”

“I've got the power!”

It's getting, it's getting, it's getting kinda hectic”!

Darkstar Astrology has entitled her piece for this Moon as “Fight or Flight” and The Astrology King “The Phoenix”

If we can learn not to fight or flight we can be the Phoenix.

And okay somethings you might have to take flight from or fight for, but rise like the phoenix, rise above fighting with.

That’s going to take some effort this Full Moon.

There's a sense of overstretched and on the receiving end of some crazy emotional explosions flying through the air, but you can do this!

Here’s how:

Switch your self - esteem on!

Most people think self - esteem is an ongoing deep emotional journey on a spectrum. It isn’t.

At any one time you are either functioning from self - esteem or you aren’t.

Your self - esteem switch is either on or it’s not.

When you switch your self- esteem on:
1. You have gentle, kind, flexible but firm boundaries.
2. You know what you need and what you want and…
3.You can communicate clearly, truthfully and respectfully.
4. You can face your reality with maturity - meaning without having to escape it, feel shame about it or blame or hurt someone else for it.

So how do you switch your self - esteem on?

It’s a decision. That’s all. A decision that you no longer deserve to give yourself a hard time. It’s as simple as that. Flick the switch.

Things that have helped me flick the switch are:
1. Pia Mellody’s work
2. Brene Brown’s work
3. Russell Brand’s work
4. Don Miguel’s Four Agreements:


And last but not least - Awareness of Immaturity.

You know what it’s like. When someone says or does something that triggers your inner child and ego (to me they are one and the same). And you revert back to the age they triggered and the need to be right feels like a matter of life or death? So much so you don’t care about anything else other than your own “justice”?

That’s immaturity.

I was caught in an onslaught of immaturity the other night.

Someone I had hired was communicating with me with their self - esteem switched off. I was on the receiving end of some crazy arse anger late in the evening demanding I come online right there and then.

I did, but just to say “This doesn’t feel good at all, you seem so stressed out about it I think we should leave it. I am sympathetic to your situation so won’t be responding or engaging any further.”

It took a ton of self - control. My ego and inner were raging inside. I wanted to stick up for myself but I could see that would have ended up in a nasty childish argument where we would have torn one another apart.

It ended with her wishing me a goodnight and saying in future she needed more time.

But I was sure there was no future for us.

This is what happens when steps 1-4 for self- esteem aren’t in place at first and you communicate your needs too late in an explosive manner.

There can be no future. 

Know when to take flight, or fight for but not with…

The very next morning I got online to find a client was going through a similar explosion and in my direction, calling me a couple of things!

This is a valued client and has been for many years, so there was no way I was going to take flight, nor was I going to fight with.

I was going to fight for.

I messaged them and we got on a call and what did I see?

That the attack wasn’t about me at all (Agreement number 2). We processed it together and it had a profound impact for them, for me and for the group we are part of.

We rose like phoenixes from the ashes together and it was beautiful.

Of course, it could have been very different!

I could have shamed them by removing their post in the group.

I could have kicked them out of the group as a message to others that I won't tolerate that.

If my self - esteem wasn’t on I may have done - but when your self - esteem is on you know that you are a valuable person in your own right. You worth is an inherent part of you and doesn't come from anything external.

This outcome was the best all round, it was truly transformational for all involved.

The most supportive aspect to this month's Pisces Moon is a sextile with Pluto (the shadow). Don’t fear reality and switch your esteem on, because what comes out of that can be truly transformational and transcendental.

If you’d like some help with your ability to do so you can apply to come on to my program The Transformational Truth of Tarot below:

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Wishing you a wonder full moon!

Tiffany x



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