6 Symptoms of The Pisces Full Moon! How Many Do You Have?

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

6 Symptoms of The Pisces Full Moon! How Many Do You Have? - blog post image

The Moon in Pisces has a strong pull, can you feel the change in the air as the bold, passionate excitement of ventures new, give way to more doubt, insecurity and confusion?

I have been feeling this rapidly increasing for a few days now and I am writing this a week before the Moon actually goes full on 6th September at 8:02am BST.

After the Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21st it's as if Leo and Pisces are jostling for the position of King in the Sky, and Virgo is being caught as the referee! What with Virgo's ruler Mercury just coming out of retrograde, and the ruler of Pisces, The God of the Sea - Neptune, also being retrograde, and Leo never being one to step down from a Royal position, no wonder we can't work out which way is up! Is that the sea in the sky and the sky in the sea, I see?! They both look blue to me!

Our inner tides are strong, and clashing, pulling us this way and that right now, we are caught in a cosmic washing machine! It will do us well to remember this before we come down hard on ourselves for not being able to focus, see clearly, or make a decision, even one as trivial as "what do I want to eat?!"

This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune retrograding - woah! It's really not a time for being able to see what's real guys! In fact, I guess the way to describe waking life right now, is to imagine you're in a dream. You don't try to wake yourself up, you know it's confusing, if you take the time to try and work out the dreams meanings you might get some interesting insights to ponder - not attach to.

Mercury has just turned direct, but won't come out of it's shadow period until 19th, this means that we have a double dollop of added confusion in the mix!

Are you suffering the 6 side effects of The Full Moon in Pisces?

Let's give you the once over and an antidote to see you through :)

  1. Confusion - From the tiny daily decisions of what to eat and what to drink and wear and do with your day, to the bigger life changing ones.
    The smaller ones have the power to do your head in enough at the moment, let alone trying to work out the bigger ones. This is making me laugh because I realised I asked the universe for a clear answer on something by 5th! Looks like I am being reminded (once again) that the universe is in charge of the timing, not me! I'm now practicing being okay with being confused. There can be a sense of panic in the air, that we must get clear now! (Like me!) If you are feeling this, do yourself a favour and practice accepting or even welcoming in confusion, allowing space for it to reside, practice sitting in confusion without needing to fix it. Confusion is part of the process and part of progress, the more we can allow it to arise, the more powerful the clearing will be when the universe decides it's time. Release, let go and let God.
  2. Vulnerability - This release of control can lead us into extreme vulnerability.
    Like being on a boat that's rapidly heading for a waterfall and I'm telling you to let go and let God?! Yes, I am. Even if the boat goes over the waterfall? Yes, I am! (Speaking metaphorically of course!) What?! Why on earth would I advocate such craziness? Well, what's the alternative? Paddling like mad and prolonging the inevitable? It's only your fear of the unknown that keeps you in this place, you'll never know what's on the other side of the waterfall, it could be all you've dreamed of - even if it's slightly different to what you've dreamed of, even if it's so different to what you dreamed of that you never even realised you were dreaming of it. Whatever it is - positive or negative, this too shall come to pass, if you will only but let it, and then you will no longer be holding yourself back.
  3. Deception - Of oneself first and foremost.
    So it really isn't a good time to be making any long-term decisions, if you can help it, but if you have to then trust the waterfall.
  4. Synchronicity - Prepare for daily life to get, well, just plain weird!
    So weird 'deja vu' seems as everyday as brushing your teeth. Psychic impressions, crazy dreams, random connections from the past, spontaneous past life recalls, what the heck!? Journal it, get it out of your head and on to paper, forget about it, and look back at it in a couple of weeks when we have the New Moon in Virgo and the consciousness is supported in it's analysis - don't hold back! This is the time for the subconscious to reign supreme, and the consciousness loves to analysis, so the more you can give your subconscious creative free licence, the more the consciousness will have to analysis!
  5. Hedonism - As daily life becomes crazier, the temptation to escape gets stronger. Almost like a self defeatist f*** it moment! Or, I can't beat it so let's join it! What's the point? Everything is crazy right now anyway!!! Thing is we are at our most vulnerable at this time, our defences are low on every horizon, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. So if you feel the need for a crazy night out arising, go to bed instead!

You might think this sounds simplistic, and it kind of is. In Astrology the Moon is ruled by Cancer, but in the Tarot the Moon is ruled by Pisces. It's a full on emotional crisis of lunatic madness, confusion, extreme psychic-ness, and vulnerability. But, what's the card after it? The Sun :) That's when we can see clearly the path ahead. Don't set out to find your way in the dark, go to bed, rest and recuperate, surrender, let the subconscious come up with the madness, let it come through your dreams, let the natural rhythm of time do the job, and arise anew when The Sun comes up.


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