Aquarius Full Moon 23rd/24th July 2021 - Rise Up Graceful Star.

Jul 21, 2021

The first Aquarius Full Moon of 2021 peaks at 3:36am BST on 24th July. Notice I said the first Aquarius full moon.

Aquarius is a bit odd in itself (no bad thing - quirky individuality I salute you!), and it’s a bit odd that we have more than one full moon in a sign a year.

But hey ho this year we do!

And it feels fitting with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

I’m going to give you my channelled intuitive read of this Moon because as ever, before I write this blog I read other Astrologers interpretations and whilst there are always nuggets, I always return back to my own internal messages and I urge you to do the same.

Listen to what I say (and what you tell yourself too) skeptically!

It's the 5th Agreement of Don Miguel Ruiz!

I’d be interested to know how much it does or doesn’t resonate with you! Two Full Moons in the same sign in the same calendar month means the next one (August 22nd) is a blue moon. “Once in a blue moon” as they say, and it may be that we don’t get the sudden “pop” of clarity that can happen at the climax of the full Moon this month, but whatever is going on, is tied to the blue moon on 22nd.

That being said I do intuitively feel that the more we can step into the higher aspects of Aquarius at this time, the better. Whether you are an Aquarius or not you have Aquarius somewhere, and if you don’t know how to find it I’ll show you how later in the blog but for now what do I mean by “higher aspects” of Aquarius?

All signs have a karmic wound and for Aquarius it's “exile”.

So maybe you feel that playing out in your life somewhere right now?

Being that the spotlight is Full Moon in Aquarius and the Moon is our past, our Mother etc, any feeling of exile from the mother and the Mother wound could be powerfully activated, so stay conscious.

That is the trick and what we have to work with.

For the next month intensely.

My feeling is that we are to plug into The Star energy of Aquarius - rather than The Fool (Aquarius is both these signs in Tarot) not that The Fool is lesser than The Star, he is still a genius, and he is a genius because he is unattached - just like The Star. But my feeling is we need to be done with the concerns of looking like a Fool because that keeps us attached, and that if we embody The Star we may find that easier.

We also have The Fool stepping off a cliff, and The Star rising high.

The energies lately have been very much about ascension - it’s time.

To do that we need to rise above anything that has triggered our wounds, any petty squabbles, any ego battles, any giving your energy away to the daily nitty gritty and getting caught up in things that squander your energy resources and don’t serve you to evolve.

It’s time to do a life audit - starting with you.

Where is your exile wound and ego holding you back?

This Moon really does tune into the water bearer side of Aquarius (e.g. The Star again) because it’s conjunct the asteroid Chariklo. Chariklo is Chiron’s wife. Chiron is the divine masculine wounded healer, she is the divine feminine wounded healer.

We are moving forward at the rate of knots even though everything seems to be painfully slow going, and to move with the times the Divine Feminine and Masculine have nothing to do with bodily gender and everything to do with the Yin and Yang of life that is powering up to come together.

This in the millennials who are bringing body positive and non-binary to the fore,

It’s the age of Aquarius and evolution!

But our evolution depends entirely on the ability to unite rather than separate, and that’s why it’s so important we don’t come from exile or ego/identity that keeps us separate. It’s now imperative that we deeply embody and understand that we all have a perfect part to play exactly as we are. If we stay apart from the whole we can never heal and ascend as a whole. You can be an individual and be a part of the collective.

All it takes is a deep love and respect for yourself, so it ripples out to others from there (that’s all?! Lol!) however you won’t find that in trying to protect your individuality through exile.

We are all imperfect humans who paradoxically are perfectly how we are meant to be at this time and playing a perfect role, however we are, wherever we find ourselves so it’s time to play it.

As long as you practice The Five Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

You won’t go far wrong!

It is time to leave behind whatever has been building up, maybe it will remain unresolved for you for another month, or two, forever even, but you cannot let that hold you back any longer.

Over the past month or two there’s an agreement or two that arose in my groups (that I regulate by The 5 Agreements) and we’ve started to call them Agreement 6 and 7 - they are still evolving but here they are…

Agreement 6 - You cannot be behind yourself.

This arose because of the frequency people are saying they are behind, not only in my groups, I see my own mentors not allowing this speak either (and I’m talking business not spiritual groups here). We have created a culture of feeling the need to be further along than we are. Overwhelm and comparison, two diseases of the modern age, and a sure-fire way to take sacredness out of your life in one fell swoop! It is a complete invalidation of where you are now, and says you don’t trust the divine - sacrilege!

If you are suffering from feeling behind, awaken to the story you are telling yourself

A story that is not true - it’s the exile/ego playing out.

I see so many people are so much closer than they think they are but ego doesn’t want them to take the next leap because it’s the BIG one! Instead they dive into the feeling of overwhelm and comparison and land in exile and ego. I do it myself too! And I get it…. And I know it’s soooooo hard to get yourself out of it. So gently does it. Practicing huge radical self acceptance and self love along the way. Know that you belong, have gentle patience with yourself and trust grace.

Because you cannot be behind yourself, you are only ever in yourself.

Watch out for the shadow you are casting - you aren’t really there!

If you find yourself comparing or triggered when you see someone achieving it’s time for you to have more self belief, see them as a star rising and activating you through their ascension.

Choose evolution rather than exile, and stay awake to the ego. One of the most attractive qualities I have ever seen in a friend is one that looks like a shaken bottle of pop whenever someone achieves! So lovely :) I remarked on it to him, and he said, I get SO excited because if it’s happening to them it can happen for me too!

You are closer than you think, but in order to get there make a decision to let go of overwhelm, comparison or other people’s stuff.

You’ll feel sooo much better when you do because…

Agreement Number 7 - You are only responsible for YOU!

This one also has also been a somewhat controversial trigger, no man is an island right? Covid has taught us that, and that we all have a social responsibility to each other - heck even this blog is about uniting and being part of a whole to ascend. But it’s also about knowing your individuality isn’t under threat by doing so.

Taking the pandemic as an example (whatever you do or don’t believe about it in the spirit of the 5th agreement there’s room for it all to be respected) the generalistic teaching is that when we put a mask on we are protecting ourselves AND each other. However if we were going around maskless trying to put a mask on others as we do how would that be received? Yet we do it! All the time! Unsolicited advice is one such way, as is trying to get something from another person you know ultimately you won’t get.

There’s only one place it’s going to come from.

And of course that place is you.

This is what I mean by some things will just remain unresolved, and the only responsibility you have is to yourself. You owe it to yourself to take yourself out of other people’s stuff. You owe it to them too. Yes there are times we have to be responsible for the care of others, but be awake to how much of yourself you give to that and how.

A lot of mother wounding is being felt currently. And what is the core of that?

The mother who doesn’t know how to care for herself, thus passes it down the line.

Without sounding cheesy and full of regurgitated clichés - we are the only ones who can be the change we wish to see, and this Full Moon gifts us the opportunity to heal and ascend because Chariklo is conjunct the Full Moon in Aquarius.

To feel her energy just slowly chant her name 3 times “Chariklo, Chariklo, Chariklo”

Sit with the energy in silence and tune into how you feel.

I know when I do that I feel a deep sense of healing, compassion and grace. Chariklo is a shaman that morphs from Centaur to water nymph and carries the energies of Justice and The Hanged Man in the Tarot. She softens the lower self warrior energy of Justice and transmutes it into grace as she transcends Justice into The Hanged Man - the card of the mystical masters that know that all that can ever be controlled is oneself - and in that finds ascension.

The Dalai Lama has Chari in his second house of possessions (ruled by Leo - royalty) but he has had to give up all his possessions, right down to the land he called home, and he has not lost his grace, or his joy, that makes him even more honourable and remarkable.

To find where the Chariklo star is in your chart:

  1. Go to and visit their extended chart selection
  2. Enter your birth details and click continue
  3. On the next page, go down to “Additional Objects”
  4. In the manual entry box enter 10199 (or just search for Chariklo)
  5. Click “click here to show the chart”
  6. Chariklo will appear as “Chari” on your chart

Also take note of where Aquarius is in your chart! And if all that Astrology is enough to make your head spin…

Come back to ground with Tarot! Lol!

I’ve chosen three cards in alignment with this Moon so If you'd like a card read on.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out and then allow yourself to be drawn to 1, 2, or 3 then read the write up below:

Got number 1? You got "The Fool!"...

There’s no doubt you are on the ascension ride of a lifetime!

This Full Moon in Aquarius has the power to have you stepping off the cliff and starting you on a complete rebirthing journey of who you have been until now. Aquarius is the sign of freedom and rebellion that rules The Fool, but if it gets out of balance then you may have recently pushed the self-destruct button, and if you did forgive yourself, because tomorrow is always another day. The Fool learns by falling flat on his face, his young hearted naivety is his saving grace as he picks himself up and carries on his way, as he does he develops more and more.

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Got number 2? You got “The Star"

The Moon in Aquarius is delving deep within our ego and exile.

The things that stay deep within. But when we bring those parts of ourselves out into the light that’s the beginning of true freedom.

Take heart to be authentically you, a beautiful you, because you can’t be anyone else - thank God!

It’s okay if you are quirky, it’s okay if you are awkward. It’s okay if you are different - you are deliciously meant to be!

Believe in yourself, back yourself, know you are okay, unhook from the small stuff and aim high. Let yourself be seen, step out of the shadows and shine and be divine, the divine feminine is calling you.

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Number 3? You got “The Hanged Man!”

It’s incubation time; some things just need a bit more patience.

If you’ve been feeling like everything is messy, forgive yourself, love yourself, give yourself a hug and let go of the judgment.

Maybe the blue moon on 22nd August will have some resolution for you, maybe it won’t.

The serenity prayer is going through my head as I type…

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

But right now there’s one thing you can do… if you like the sound of firing up your divine feminine courage catalyst through an AstroTarotFlamenco class where we will activate the archetypal energies of fire and transformation then register on the waiting list here!

And let’s ascend!

Wishing you a wonder full moon :)


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