3 Reasons Why This Full Moon is "Super" And 3 Ways You Can Harness The Superness!

Friday, October 27, 2017

3 Reasons Why This Full Moon is "Super" And 3 Ways You Can Harness The Superness! - blog post image

Welcome to the “almost” Super Full Moon in Taurus happening at 05:22am on 4th November 2017.

Yup, this moon is “almost” a Super Full Moon - but not quite!

Next months will be though, just in time to conclude the year nicely, but back to the present, and really every full Moon is super to me! This is no less, it’s just not quite close enough to earth's orbit to make the term “Super”.


So what’s so "SUPER" about this Full Moon?

  • Being linked to both Venus and Neptune it’s really well placed for some real good ol' fashioned lovin'.
  • The Neptune link also makes it great for being able to tune into and get others and feel the deep psychic connection.
  • The Moon is most comfortable in the earthiness of Taurus, channeling its energy into the maternal side of its nature, helping you to nurture, grow and mature yourself and others whilst keeping your feet on the ground at the same time.       


Just how awesome does all this sound? It sounds like the Full Moon of Soul Mates come true! So have a look and see what the universe is presenting you with at this time. 


For Instance:

My husband and I live in separate countries, and we had planned for him to be here the week before this Full Moon. But it didn't happen. I felt disappointed that we had to go three weeks again before seeing each other, but it was clear actually, that life was demanding for us to work that weekend. Many things happened that weekend to show me it wasn't the right time - neither of us were "together enough to be together". 

So instead he arrives on the Full Moon in Taurus! As I have my ascendant in Taurus and my husband has his ascendant and Moon in Taurus this is particularly strong for us. 

This is the time for us to make the most of being together. Not the time we thought it was.

So who is showing up for you at this time and how can you make the most of it?

 4 Ways To Enjoy The Present In The Present :

1. If You Can't Be With The One You Love, Love The One You Are With:

It may be that it's not the right time for you to be with the one you love if so it's time to accept that gracefully. See who is around you and honour whatever that connection wants to bring into your life. Whether it is friend, family or another. If you don't have anyone then it's time to do something about that, how can you connect with who is in your environment somehow? This Moon is GREAT for love and nurturing relationships, have a get together with those you love and feed them! Cook them beautiful home made food imbuing it with love in every part of the cooking process. If your get together has to be online, then send them love and nurture through the wifi!

2. Treat Yourself Like a Goddess:

This is a Venusian Full Moon, it's time to lavish yourself with beautiful (and comfortable) decor, adorn yourself, decorate your home, surround yourself with sensuality. Have a spa, declutter, cleanse yourself and your environment, get decadent new fabrics that feel gorgeous to sit on, lay down on or wrap yourself in, fill your place with gorgeous scents, fruits and spices. Go on, treat yourself! You deserve it! What can you do to make your home feel like a Venusian temple, and yourself feel like a Goddess?

3. Enhance Your Ability To Love Spiritually:

 This Moon makes a positive link to Neptune, as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus this is fantastic for being able to love from our higher selves, bringing forth whatever we were seeding at the time of the new moon on 19th, that is if you are able to ride the storms you might have felt along the way with patience and adaptability (e.g see the story about what happened to my husband and me between the new and full moon) then you can expect to be rewarded by being able to see and feel deeply connected to another soul - whoever is around you and whatever shape or form that relationship takes. 

4. Enhance Your Psychic Connection:

 The Moon in Taurus is a fantastic placement for gorgeous, earthy, grounded, connected intuitive growth and nurture, as this moon is so concentrated on relationships practice being in tune with others, simple techniques such as conscious listening, eye contact, body language,  matching your breathing and use and tone of words etc, can all help to get you in deep sync with another being, as long as it's done subtly and not like you are a crazy copycat that is! Also, it's important that your intention comes from the right place with it, rather than to get them to like you, it should be about being totally present for another being. When that happens you can be astounded at the psychic connection that sparks off between you, crazy synchronicities and telepathy ahoy!

All in all this Moon is a SUPER moon for putting you deeply in contact with your connection to your body, the earth and those that occupy it with you, allow your roots to mingle together and run deep, allow your bodies to become one, and allow your branches to reach to the heavens. 

If this deep earthy intuitive call is stirring you for more of this feeling in daily life, then you may want to take a look here and see if one of the last remaining places is for you.

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