New Moon in Pisces 13th March 2021 - 4 Lessons on How To Be a Fish

Mar 09, 2021

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

This month, you are the fish.

Whether you are a Pisces or not, you are in very fishy water, and if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. Hold your breath and take a deep dive into unknown waters. And I get it, maybe you aren’t a fish, you can’t swim, or if you can you can’t swim under water. I couldn’t swim until my mid thirties, when my husband taught me.

And you know what we realised my problem was?

Far from my fear of drowning, I am just too buoyant!

Thing is, he’s stick thin and loves to swim underwater, where he wanted me to join him, and he thought my “I can’t” was my “fear” talking, so after watching me look like a duck that puts it’s head under and it’s bum in the air repeatedly (that’s my buoyancy device) he called the lifeguards over to teach me, when they just confirmed that I did have a built in buoyancy device in my butt.

How embarrassing.

I’m not that good in water, my unfounded fear of drowning has been replaced with a reality check of how easily it’s going to take me places I have no control over.

A few years ago in Spain I was in the sea chatting away with my good friend Natalie, (the co-founder of the AstroTarotFlamenco Goddess in Granada Retreat) when a wave came and somersaulted me onto the beach in a crumpled heap. Natalie was in exactly the same spot in the sea but now she was talking to the concerned Spaniards explaining that I was fine, just buoyant.

Or, the time I went snorkelling off a boat in Mexico, they made me put a life jacket on despite me saying it would be more of a risk with it.

Sure enough I got caught in the slightest current that I couldn’t get out of - the rest of the group shouting “just swim!” but the more I swam the more I went in the other direction.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pisces!

A dual sign that goes in two directions at once and makes no sense to anyone!

But as it’s the most mystical sign it’s time to have a lesson on how to be a fish!

    • 1. Don’t expect anything to work out the way you expect.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, in the Tarot Neptune is the Hanged Man, he is pictured hanging by his foot (the body part of Pisces) looking at the world upside down his message to us is that if we change our perspective the magic unlocks.

    • 2. Let go of logic.

The Hanged Man is far from logical, and it’s not the only illogical card in the Tarot, that is ruled by Pisces - the other one is The Moon, the Tarot card that pictures a crayfish trying to get up on land but never quite managing it, it always slips back to its natural habitat, there’s no escaping that he is a fish. We can’t see clearly when the moon is out, it’s not the time for a logical progression, it’s time to….

    • 3. Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream.

If ever there was a month to dream, it’s this month. The land beneath our feet is hard to get a grasp on, the clarity around us is not there, it’s not time for either. It’s time to go within and dream the big picture. Channel what wants to come through, and let it birth.

With Pisces we are reaching the end cycle of the yearly zodiac cycle, the waters of the universe are about to break and our new life delivered, but first we must embrace being The Hanged Man crayfish in the waters of the belly of The Empress (the birth card pair of the Tarot).

A birth card pair is the double number it reduces to:

For instance The Hanged Man is card 12, 1+2=3 the number of The Empress, so if you birth number (add up the digits of your birth) is a 12 or a 3 this time is particularly pertinent for you.

What fascinates me is that if you hold The Hanged Man under The Empress you can see the birthing, but the umbilical cord has got wrapped around the Hanged Man’s foot.

If we see the Moon next to it, you can also see the waters about to break

Our challenge is to let go of the world we once knew in order to embrace the world anew

  • 4. Love is all you need.

I was thinking the other day about how security/money etc manifests for my clients, sometimes in the way of hundreds of thousands of pounds in what feels like an instant, and it’s because in that instant they got The Hanged Man.

When you have a Hanged Man moment it feels like a sudden moment in time where everything is in alignment which transcends you to a place of pure bliss and the magic just happens.

But in truth there’s always a somewhat painfully slow transition beforehand. One where they spent months learning how to love themselves, let go of control and ask for what in a direction of truth and love that allows the magic in.

This month the magic of success relies not on a structure or plan but in....

But in how well you can free yourself from fear and come from love.

On the day of the New Moon in Pisces, the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune will all be having a pool party in Pisces and LOVE is the theme.

Neptune is the higher octave of the Venus that rules the mother Archetype of The Empress. Venus is all about love, but the shadow side is manipulation and dependency.

When Neptune comes into play the love becomes less “bassy” and crazily spiritually aligned, but it’s shadow side is that it looks at everything and everyone through rose-tinted glasses. Still, there’s a reason for that, and it’s all to do with being able to listen and hear your still voice within.

Love is the way, but it has to be a spiritually aligned love, not one motivated by fear, people, pleasing or dependency, but one that’s motivated by a true alignment to the heart.

So what can you do this month to love yourself first and foremost, and then beam love out to everyone you come into contact with?

This is the million dollar question.

Our success is directly proportional to our ability to do the above.

And our ability to let go of a logical plan and hang out in meditation instead but that does not mean we can’t make huge breakthroughs - in fact, the biggest come when we drop into the belly (of The Empress) then birth.

Fish are fast, and fluid, the twist, turn, pivot and survive in a world of feeling rather than seeing, just like we are becoming adapted survivor swimmers in.

Things may happen all of a sudden, you thought you were following a plan for the long term, and suddenly something has brought it to an end, it may not make much sense but you know something has changed and you are being taken by the flow.

Especially because Mercury finally comes out of storm after it’s recent retrograde on the same day, and then moves into Aries a couple of days later. This time is pertinent, a message from your intuition breaks through and has the ability to birth you on to the land of your dreams.

All you need to do is stay aligned, sounds easy right?! Lol!

That’s why, this New Moon I’m doing a 10 day journey through the cups (water).

If you’d like to join me we will activate your internal world , through working with the deepest most intuitive suit of The Cups in the Tarot.

Each day you will journey into the world of the cups and receive a daily activation that will help you hear any hidden messages and breakthrough obstacles that have felt immovable with ease.

Meet with yourself through the divine and activate a very deep and powerful intuitive process to help you clear out stagnant blocks, so you can receive new gifts and live life to your fullest potential.

Honour your still voice within is a deep emotional cleanse clearing out any old stagnant energies clogging up your channel, so you can clearly birth anew.

Honour your still voice within is NOT a TAROT course, it’s an enlightening inspirational Transformational Personal Development Course, that works with Transformational Tarot to get there.

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