2 Eclipses, 7 Shifts, 2 Blocks, 5 Illusions and The Answer

Saturday, August 05, 2017

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The Magic of August 2017

The eclipse season is upon us once again, as it is every six months.

Eclipses are great markers of information coming to light, so that the changes we need to make can start to happen, which is why if you look back in your life in six month chunks you should be able to see a chapter opening and a chapter closing. It may not be big, it might be a change within a dynamic, rather than of a relationship, or a change to the way you live, rather than where you live, but nevertheless, six months is the most powerful period for changes to happen in. And here we are again, about to close a chapter, and open anew, so what’s this all about for you?

The eclipse season kicks off with the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius happening on 7th August at 7:20pm (UK time) ten minutes after the Full Moon occurs by the Moon Opposing the Sun in Leo. It can’t be seen (at least not in the UK) but it most definitely can be felt!

Let’s see how many of the 7 shifts you might be feeling..

Are you…

1. Becoming acutely aware of your own human-ness, particularly when it comes to your friends and community?

2. Feeling the need to be a better contributor to your friends and community?

3. Placing more importance on your personal evolution and helping the evolution of others?

4. Placing less importance on the confines and illusions of society?

5. Digging deep to find your hero?

6. Thinking out of the box?

7. Getting strikes of inspirational genius!?

Or, if you are still feeling the dark side of the moon, you could be feeling misunderstood and exiled.

My guess is that if you are feeling the blessings above then you’ve already gone through the dark side of the moon, looked at your attitude and found a way to turn it around in the last week or so.

Maybe you aren’t there yet, you are working on it, or you need some help or reminding on how to support yourself with this?

So here goes it:

This partial eclipse is a pre-cursor to the second eclipse we have in Leo this year — taking place on 21st August at 7:30pm UK time, this one is visible but only in the USA and that says it loud and proud just like Leo! It likes to make sure it’s seen on the biggest platform, if it can’t show the world — said with love Leos! I am one btw :)

There is SO much emphasis on Leo this year, what with two eclipses in the sign in a year (rarer than how Leo likes it’s steak) AND two new moons in the sign within the same month too? My gosh that could have us roaring rather than howling.

And I am talking everyone here by the way, not just Leo’s. We all have Leo somewhere in our birth chart, so find out where yours is at, because whatever house Leo rules for you is being activated BIG TIME this year, and this month is the height of it. If you don’t know how to find where Leo rules for you, or even if you do but you still don’t know how to interpret it, then read on to the bottom where I will tell you how you can get this information.

Of course, those with a Leo Sun, Moon or Rising Sign are likely to feel it more acutely, but this is a whole big thing for humanity, so what’s it about?

Well, Leo is all about knowing and being the magical and talented creator that you are, and doing that justice. In other words the best way to find oneself is to be of service.

The dark side of Leo can get grandiose and full of it’s own importance, it can easily start to feel like it is the creator of everything, or like the world should revolve around it, especially when there is so much going on in Leo, and I don’t just mean the two eclipses and two new moons.

I mean, the Sun (self), Mars (will) and the North Node (soul evolution) and by the end of the month Mercury (which will be retrograding so massive internal messages), and Venus, which a good sign that we can absolutely stay aligned to the fantastical blessings of Leo whilst being able to steer away from any massive ego problems. This is what and how the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is helping us to start right.

Leo is about what the self has to create and bring forth to shine in the world and Aquarius is about being of service to the world. So the quote below sums it all up really:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” — Gandhi.

I couldn’t agree more, and being a Leo that has suffered from some rather big illusions of grandioseness, below is what I have found to be the best ways of doing so.

This might sound like a very pompous Leo roar to start with, but it comes down to this:

Ready, I’m going to open my jaw and roar….

“Get over yourself”……. Okay I said it in a meek squeak!

And why?

Because I obviously haven’t got over myself completely either and put quite bluntly, there’s a bit of worry that I’ll piss you off! But, hey, I’ve used the Leonine courage to do it anyway, and this is how Leo gets over itself — but still can be seen to be pompous!

Whatever is blocking you from being of service, unblock it.

That’s what this whole year is about! The universe is working so flipping goddamn hard to clean you down so you can go out there and shine, it’s opened the doors for you, but if you are still hiding in the shadows then well, what a “might have been” this year is likely to be for you.

I’m sure you don’t want to pass up the support the universe is offering you right now to step forth into who you really are and be the best you can be. I bet you’ve been praying for it, and not seeing it’s here? Well it is. But to see it, you have to get out of your own shadow.

So here’s my Leonine Guide To Getting Out There and GETTING OVER YOURSELF. Said with a ROAR!

The 2 Blocks:

1. Playing small comes from the ego. Once upon a time I had a call with a prospective client. This client had blocked herself from doing her dream wish with her life (which was going out to Africa to help educate children that desperately needed it) because she had this tape running in her head “Who am I to do that? What if that is just coming from my ego?”

What she didn’t realise is that the last question “what if that is just coming from my ego?” was actually a question being asked to her block “who am I to do that?” rather than her purpose (going out to Africa to help educate children that desperately needed it). We looked at how her ego had done it’s job so well that it HAD effectively stopped her being of service to the people she wanted to serve — for yeeeeeaaars!

It was such an epiphany for her that right then she signed up for my course…until the next morning, when she back-tracked by saying that she had it all sorted now (I hope she did, but I have a sneaky pompous Leo feeling that it was more likely to be that the ego just changed it’s tape). Which brings me to point number 2.

2. Invest in yourself. You can only take others as far as you have gone yourself. I’ve recently had some experiences in psychotherapy with my husband that showed us this so acutely. It’s a shame because my husband, who had an arising desire to train in psychology, decided he no longer wished to because he would be sharing his limitations with the world. Very true. And also, if we hadn’t had that experience we may not have found our own power and managed to save our marriage. It may not have helped us “in the way it should have” but we ABSOLUTELY needed that experience as a mirror for us to see how much we actually understood our own situation. Without the investment you don’t have the structure to find your way — even if the way wasn’t the way you though it was, the way becomes clear through the structure.

So the answer is a blend of the 2 blocks — Get out there and serve, whilst continually investing in you so you can continually evolve and help others to grow past you.

How much of that are you doing right now?

If your answer is not a lot, then I would bet my bottom dollar that it’s these 5 illusion tapes that are the issue:

1. I don’t have enough money.

2. I don’t have enough time.

3. I have a family to support.

4. I have bills to pay.

5. My rent must come first.

And on we go, and may I just explain something please? Before I get cast aside as an even more pompous prat than before…

Those 5 reasons are very real. They are not the illusions. When I am talking illusions, I am talking about the illusion that those reasons have enough power to stop you.

Do you think a Leo stays in it’s lair, with it’s family, making it live on a budget?


It gets out there and just f***ing does whatever it takes to be of service to it’s family AND it’s community.

Are you in your comfort zone? If nothing is changing, nothing is growing, you feel stuck, bored and unfulfilled then - yup! And now is the time to do something big, bold and courageous to turn it around, and believe it or not…

You know what that is, even if you are shaking your head at the screen and professing that you don’t.

I’ve NEVER come off a call with someone that professed at the beginning that they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their life, who still had that illusion at the end. But if you are still feeling your under that illusion, or even the illusion that you don’t know the steps to take to get out of your shadowy comfort lair, then book in for a call with me and lets get it shifted right now. Click here to go through and make the magic happen:


I’ve started charging a fee for my calls because people were booking in and not showing up, this obviously doesn’t serve you or me. So now there’s a fee of £47. It’s the first step to investing in yourself, and if you decide you want to continue investing in yourself with me, then I’ll give it back to you. If you don’t then you’ll have paid £47 for a session that will leave you with a tailor-made personal and clear 3 step plan to get you out of that shadowy comfort lair.

Click here to start finding yourself by losing yourself in service, and I’ll help you find where your Leo is on the call, and give you my take on what the eclipse is doing personally for you. Click here.

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