11 Great Reasons to go from Zero To Hero on The Lion’s Gate!

Jul 27, 2019

1. There is soul evolutionary map in the Tarot - it’s called The Fool’s Journey and it has the same order of 22 archetypal steps of evolution as found in The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell.

2. As Joseph Campbell says every journey starts with the call to adventure and next up is “denial of the call” this is where we get stuck thinking we are searching for a meaningful life, when really we are wanting to live a meaningful life.

3. Most often we need to meet a mentor (ahem! :) to cross the threshold into living a meaningful life - think Frodo when you look at the chart below The Hobbit (Fool =0) that met Gandalf (The number 1 card of The Magician) and came back a Hero.

4. Your mentor is there for a reason they are the helper ( 3. Empress, 4. Emperor, 5. High Priest) that gets you through your trials and failures ( 6. The Lovers, 7. The Chariot) to help you grow and develop new skills (8. Strength, 9. Hermit).

5. As this happens you change, and as you change your life changes ( 10 The Wheel of Fortune)

6. Revelation! As the change happens you suddenly get the reason why things were the way they were in the past (11. Justice 12. The Hanged Man )

7. As the revelation sinks in your resolve to allow the person you were to die in order to be born to the person you are becoming grows in resolve (13. Death, 14. Temperance)

8. Which means your ability to do what is necessary to make things good grows in the strength to put things right in atonement. ( 15. The Devil, 16.The Tower, 17. The Moon)

9. As you atone your strength grows, you feel yourself become more whole, more confident, more in alignment to your soul’s purpose and as you do everything gets better in your life, you get your gift. (19.The Sun, 20.The Star, 21. Judgment)

10. Finally life returns you back to whatever situation activated the call, and now you can live the life you were destined to because of the journey you’ve been on, The Hero’s Journey.

11. We start on New Moon in Leo on 1st of August the heart of The Lion’s Gate and the first day of Mercury going direct - a time full courage to hear the call of love and life and embark on whatever is necessary to get the gift.

The first 10 out the gate get it for £97 instead of £197! 

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