10 great reasons to do a Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat.

Apr 25, 2019

Retreats! Why do one?

Let’s face it, it means...
1. Needing to take at least four days out of the diary - whose got time for that?
2. Needing to travel, maybe fly, and alone - comfort zone alert!
3. The money it takes for something you hope but don’t know will be valuable - risk.
4. All the things that could go wrong! Not getting on with the people, sickness, getting lost or things getting lost, just to name a few! Eek!

WHY on earth would anyone other than an adventurous soul book on a retreat?

Until this year the only way (bar once) I held retreats was as a part of my Transformational Truth of Tarot program. Doing it that way worked WONDERFULLY well, fully booked retreats with people that were on the same path - perfect.

There was one time I didn’t…. And it was a disaster!

1. I splashed out on a high-end venue for 20 people and only had four booked on - on budget prices.
2. I didn’t know two of the four people, didn’t have a call with them to check they were right and they clashed - big time, and with such a small number it was painful.
3. I came down with a virus the night before and didn’t have adequate support so the space wasn’t held and whole thing fell to pieces.
4. Heck! Even the house was falling down! The upside of that was I got half the spend back and broke even - but it left me totally and utterly broke for days, promising I would never do it again.

Oh how the universe loves to prove our mindsets wrong!

 2019 hit and The Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat was on an all-time low for attendance.

I knew I had to open it up to the public - but this time, not just anyone, I had to know they would be a fit. There was no way I was going to let anyone on it without talking to them first.

The result?

Four people again, two of which already on TTT and two others I had worked with for years so I knew they were a fit.

And sure enough, it was one of the best feeling retreats I'd ever held ( you will see from the stories below that’s saying something).

There was such a nice feeling of freshness. A nice balance of old and new.

And the two people that weren’t already on The Transformational Truth of Tarot signed up at the end :)

Around the same time…

I got invited to go to Canada to speak in September. As I have clients across the pond it made complete sense to put on a retreat for them whilst I’m over there too! So there I am getting my credit card out to book another high-end swanky venue and thinking oh heck! Here we go again!


My best friend who lives in Spain messages me last month and tells me she is getting married in August, am I coming?

This triggers a head full of night dreams and day visions of our retreat, so I have to ask …

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! I know it's crazy to ask if you would like to run a retreat the weekend before your wedding, but are up for running a “Transformational Truth of AstroTarot Flamenco Retreat?!’

(My friend is one of the top ten flamenco teachers as named by The Times).

Her reply?

“Flamenco? You? Retreat? Hell Yeah!”

So now  I have gone from not being up for doing any, to having three in my diary over the next ten months! And do you know what?

Instead of being super anxious I am super excited!


Because I’ve learnt.
1. That it’s great to have retreats as part of a package, and it’s also important not to shut out the world. As long as you connect with people first and assess their suitability then let it open up all worlds! After all that’s what the magic of a retreat is about!
2. The importance of having adequate support with you that knows how to hold space is ESSENTIAL!
3. To help people know the value they will get by adding in courses and certificates.
4. To help people allay their travel fears by helping them to hook up with others also travelling.
5. To help people spread the cost over the months, so the quicker they book the less they pay a month making it ultra-affordable.

10 Things a Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat is GREAT for:
1. To break out of the mundane hamster wheel of life that is keeping you asleep.
2. Reconnect with yourself, that’s buried under day to day life.
3. Find the magic in yourself and your life again.
4. Get yourself crystal clear about what you want to be, do and have when you return.
5. Create some great new friendships.
6. Do some truly deep transformational work shifting long-held patterns - and through fun, joy, magic and connection.
7. Deepen your understanding of yourself, the tarot and your relationships.
8. Have an incredible experience in some of the most magical places in the world.
9. Learn from some of the top teachers in their craft - both Tiffany (and Natalie - the flamenco teacher on the Spanish retreat) have been named as such.
10. Create fantastic memories, after all who wants to get to their death bed and look back wishing they’d taken time to make life happen?

What is it you remember the most when you think back?

Is it the monotonous days, or the days where you broke out and travelled?

You know I love The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell right?

Joseph Cambell says that we are not searching for the meaning of life, we want to “experience” life.

But a lot get stuck at the call to adventure point. It is known as ‘refusal of the call” In fact it’s only 5% that manage to get past that refusal of the call.

That could be showing up for you now in your home life, love life, family life, work life, and a decision to attend a retreat with me this year or not. 

The more we refuse a call, the smaller and more fear filled our life gets.

The more we heed it the more we grow, find strength, confidence and the more our lives fill with magical opportunities.

And that’s the grand be all and end-all of why you might want to do a retreat...

To attend a retreat with me in Cornwall or Canada check it out here:

Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat - Canada - Autumn 2019

Transformational Truth of Tarot Retreat - Cornwall - Spring 2020


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