This Halloween Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio!

Oh my word! In Layman’s terms you couldn’t get a more powerful time for personal transformation, here’s why:


  • 1. Samhain is the original name for “Halloween” the time when the veil between this world and the otherworld is at it’s thinnest.

  • 2. When Mercury goes retrograde it’s great for any type of internal work for the psyche: anything with “re” in the title, retreat, reassess, regress.

  • 3. The last time Mercury went Retrograde in Scorpio (Lord of the Underworld: shadow and psyche) at Halloween was in 2013 - and even then it didn’t go retrograde on the day itself. Marking this as a unique time for delving into the depth of your psyche and emerging with powerful insight.


Welcome to The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression!


A 10 day journey beginning on Halloween guiding you through the underworld of your psyche and past lives so you emerge aligned to your soul’s evolutionary purpose with clarity on your path ahead.


Made for intuitives like you so you can:


  • 1. Integrate your shadow so it no longer runs (or ruins) your life.
  • 2. Lay to rest ghosts of the past that have kept you wondering what's true for you in reality.
  • 3. Release any skeletons stuck in the closet so you can be free to move on and bring new life into your new space.
  • 4. Face the dark night of the soul and transform symptoms of escape such as "S.A.D" or "SCARED" into "SACRED"
  • 5. Turn the misunderstanding of pain and confusion into peace and compassion through seeing the bigger picture.
  • 6. Experience what it feels like when true forgiveness for yourself and others' happens.
  • 7. See where you have been and where you are going with vast clarity.
  • 8. Release repetitive cycles through illumination of your psyche and path ahead.
  • 9. Identify and fast track your soul's evolutionary path and purpose.
  • 10. Connect and heal yourself, your ancestors, your life and others in a deep and meaningful (but also magical and fun!) way :)
Do you feel the call of this year’s particularly potent Halloween?


Shed light on your karmic patterns and within 10 days you will no longer experience the pain of wondering why things are the way they are or what to do about it.


A grand claim but true! Here’s How:

Day 1: Thurs 31st - Past Life Halloween Party.


Through Zoom we lift the veil between our “living” rooms! No dressing up required though! It’s important that we see you truly as who you are now (at the start ;) )

Tonight we:


  • 1. Meet each other as we are now.
  • 2. Share what we see in each other.
  • 3. Clarify your intention and best practices for the journey ahead.
  • 4. Discover thee past life that has the key to unlock and transform your current situation.
  • 5. Honour our guides and ancestors.


You will need to have an undisturbed place for the call and a journal . At the end of the call I will show you how to work with your dreams to get further clarity on your past lives and share with you best practices for journaling your way through.

Day 2: Fri 1st - All Saints Day: Oomph your spiritual connection.


All Saint's day honours the powerful bond we have with the higher realms of spirit. Today is a sacred day to connect with our guides. There will be meditation audios available for you if you feel you need need more guidance to connect with their guides.


We also look at why Astrology is a powerful key for your past lives, and how to do your own chart,  plus a debrief for you to complete to help you process last night’s past life regression.

Day 3: Sat 2nd: All Souls Day: Ancestral healing with karmic astrology.


All soul’s day honours the bond we have with every soul. Emphasis is on the souls that are more “human” and affect our lineage through unresolved trauma. This is the day for ancestral healing.

Today we focus on the parental Sun and Moon in your chart as well as Lilith. All point to your ancestral healing challenge. We end with a meditation to assist any struggling souls in your lineage to transcend to the light, setting them and yourself free.

Day 4: Sun 3rd. Day of rest, reintegration and reflection.

Day 5: Mon 4th Your Moon’s Nodes. Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?


Nodes are two opposing points on your natal Moon which unlock the knowledge of your past and future lives. Today get clarity on how you might be stuck in your south node (past) and how to transfer your focus to your north node (future) propelling yourself forward with your soul's evolution.

Day 6: Tues 5th Chiron - The arrow of your Karmic wound.


Today we focus on where the karmic wound is for you, because it’s here that your power ignites for your own healing and healing of others. To do this we look at where Chiron (the wounded healer) is in your chart and also what’s ruling and occupying your twelfth house (karma). You will come out of this session clear on what is the healing key for you in this life , and how your healing ability where others are concerned.

Day 7 : Wed 6th: Day of rest, reintegration and reflection.


Day 8: Thurs 7th: Divine Your Karma.


Today we look at the aspects in your charts shedding light on so called “good” and “bad” karma. Of course there is no such thing as good and bad karma - each aspect has a positive and a challenge and today is about getting clear on what they are for you. After this session you will know what your blessings and challenges are and how to apply them to move you forward with your soul’s evolution.

Day 9: Fri 8th Your Sun (Present) and Ascendant (Past) Persona and purpose.


Today we turn to your Sun and your ascendant to shed light on you purpose in this life. The ascendant is a key to what you are shedding and your Sun is a key for your current purpose. After today's session you will feel more "yourself". We will have cleared much past life and ancestral karma and we will end with a meditation to anchor you into your present self.

Day 10: Sat 9th: Your AstroTarotMandala - See Your Soul Through Tarot.


The final piece of the big picture! You will see your soul through deciphering your birth chart with Tarot! Leaving you with a clear visual of your soul’s power, plus a mandala you can revisit anytime you wish to work through any karmic aspect and transform it.
PLUS, THREE Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Aftercare week:

In the first 10 days we will have learnt a lot of keys to unlock the door and at a very powerful time. I will keep the group open for an extra week and respond to any requests to make sure you get any aftercare needed.

BONUS #2: 1:2:1 with Tiffany - a private 1:2:1 session (worth £250)

There will be a rare opportunity to have a 1:2:1 with me. Here we sort out anything you may be struggling with, and identify anything that might be standing in the way of your final transformation. We get crystal clear on what this has been about for you and how to put that into action in your present life so you no longer repeat the same cycles.

BONUS #3: Access to extra video lessons on past lives and astrology posted in the group in the last week.

In aftercare week I will share with you my most valued classes from my prized library of Astrological and Past Life learnings. Helping you to you embed your esoteric understanding of all you have recently learnt.



Few intuitives have friends and family who truly understand us, heck! It can be hard to understand ourselves at times! Finding the people that get you, can feel like a minefield.

One of the things I am known for is safe groups that feel like soul family, because oh my gosh! It’s full of people just like you!


The Transformational Truth of AstroTarotRegression is an immersive experience amongst like-minded intuitives. Under my extensive experience as an accredited teacher of Past Life Regression Therapy, Tarot, Astrology, Channeling and Transformative Coaching you will journey safely through your psyche at it’s most potent time for transformation. Bringing to light the deepest insights about your path, your purpose and your evolution in order to be able to truly live it out in your world.


What’s the commitment?


One of the reasons my group programs have this reputation is that we follow Don Miguel Ruiz's Five Agreements:


Speak with, love, truth and integrity and say only what you mean, no gossip!


What someone says or does is about them, when you truly understand this you no longer become the victim of needless suffering.

The Third Agreement – DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.

Find the courage to ASK questions, get clarity and ask for what you need.

The Fourth Agreement – ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST.

To live a life free of regret simply do your best in any given circumstance, knowing it will be different at different times - e.g from when you are sick to when you are healthy.


Open your ears and your mind. Don't take what is presented by yourself or another as gospel - replace Judgment with "what if" playful curiousity!

Anyone accepted into any of my programs is in automatic agreement of practicing the agreements throughout.



There is no such thing as behind! This program is all about seeing the divine timing and understanding that everything happens exactly when it's meant to.



    Day 1: Thurs 31st: Past Life Zoom Halloween Party!
    7pm -9pm UK. ( Live attendance recommended)

    Day 2: Fri 1st: All Saints Day: Oomph your spiritual and soul connection through channelling and past life astrology:
    ZOOM: 12 -1:30 UK (option to watch on replay)
    MEDITATION: 1HR (optional)
    REVIEW: 30 mins (optional but recommended)

    Day 3: Sat 2nd: All Souls Day: See your soul clearly with karmic astrology
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

    DAY 4: Break

    Day 5: Mon 4th Your Moon’s Nodes. Where Have You Been and Where Are You Going?
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

    Day 6: Tues 5th Chiron - The arrow of your Karmic wound
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

    Day 7: Break

    Day 8: Thurs 7th: Your Astrological Karmic Aspects: Quincunxes, Yods, Squares and Trines.
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

    Day 9: Fri 8th Your Sun (Present) and Ascendant (Past) Persona and purpose.
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

    Day 10: Sat 9th: Build Your Own AstroTarotMandala - See Your Past Lives Through Tarot.
    ZOOM: 12 -1pm UK (option to watch on replay)

All live classes via Zoom online, so you can attend from anywhere and are recorded with lifetime access.



 £197 for the next 10, and then £297 after where are you in the joining order?

See here:

When you enrol you will get Lisa Sterle's Modern Witches Deck compliments of Liminal 11!